Douche bag being douchie

| November 19, 2012

Meet Lindsey Stone, a self-proclaimed douchebag. See that picture? She thinks it’s hilarious because she’s being her douche bag self. Of course, she’s at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, and she thinks that doing what she’s doing is like smoking under a “No Smoking” sign.

This is just us, being the douchebags that we are, challenging authority in general

Whose authority, Lindsey? The folks enforcing the “Silence & Respect” are soldiers. The Tomb is property of the Army, more accurately, the soldiers who are interred there. Of course, the sign is just supposed to remind you of your own proper conduct, the proper conduct you were not taught by your parents, apparently. There is no authority to challenge, really, well, except your upbringing, which by the looks of things is lacking.

Of course, the reason that you think this is funny is because popular culture tells you that the more outrageous you are, the more popular you’ll be. I believe your generation calls it “pushing the envelope” or something. Congratulations, Lindsey, you found the outer edge of the envelope, outside the limits of what we as a civilized society will accept.

Of course, Lindsey’s friends told her that she was wrong, but she left the picture up on her Facebook thingie – right through Veterans’ Day, so she wasn’t chastised quite enough to make her feel any measure of shame for her behavior.

Thanks to JP for the link.

Edit by NSOM:

Pending a follow up from Jonn, do not post home contact information for anyone you think may be Stone. It may not actually be her, innocent third parties may live there and just because YOU’RE mentally stable doesn’t mean the next person to read her home address is too. Her workplace and work number are fine, home addresses are not.

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  1. CBSenior says:

    Master Chief are in the Mess, becuase if we are I would pour you big cup of your legs are not broken.

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Rog that .. Senior!

  3. CSE CSC says:

    I’m with CBSenior on this one. Some of the threats and rantings about this picture are a little out of hand and it looks like a witch hunt. At this point, I think her employer has no choice but to fire her and, because she now has this hanging over her head, she might not find it too easy to get another job. So, does that mean that all of these comments and so forth have created one more member of the unemployed? Two, counting the photographer. (OTOH, I guess it also means the comments have created two job openings…)

    Granted, the woman in question has proven that she is thoughtless, rude, silly, not funny, and, by not removing the FaceBook post a long time ago when her friends called her on it, she has also proven that she’s not overly bright. But all of us who have served in the military swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, including that bit about free speech. I was never told that I would necessarily like or agree with the free speech and freedom of expression that I was defending, and I doubt anyone else was ever told that either.

  4. Hondo says:

    CSE CSC: This was a perfect example of freedom of speech/expression in action. Twit One and Twit Two exercised their rights to express an objectionable opinion, publicly and stupidly. Others disagreed, and subsequently exercised their freedom of expression, by bringing the Twit Twins’ idiocy to their employers’ attention. As a result, their idiocy may well cost the Twit Twins their jobs.

    The government was not involved whatsoever in this matter. And I must point out that the US Constitution only prohibits unnecessary governmental infringement on free speech – e.g., “Congress shall make no law . . . .” Private individuals and employers are not covered by those restrictions. In particular, private employers may impose restrictions to permissible speech and actions as a condition of employment – and may impose sanctions for violating those conditions. Speak ill of your employer, or do something in public that brings your employer bad publicity, and you could well be toast.

    As hard as it is for some people to “get”: a private-sector employer does in general have the right to fire you if you do something stupid, on or off the job, that reflects badly on your employer or violates their policies. The two twits in question are possibly about to find that out the hard way.

    Actions have consequences. Freedom of speech does not mean there will never be consequences for speaking one’s mind.

  5. Harpo says:

    Here is the Executive Director’s E-mail.

    Diane Enochs, Executive Director


  6. Ima Jerkoff says:

    You’re all insane.

    (name edited above to remove false identity and potentially malicious site reference)

  7. CSE CSC says:

    @354: Hondo, yes, I agree that a company has every right to fire people for stupidity, etc., and that is right and good that companies can do that. I also agree that this whole thing has been an example of free speech in action. I was trying to make the point that some of the free speech might have gone a little too far. I was specifically thinking of the posts that I saw on the now apparently deleted FaceBook thread that were just plain out of bounds, not so much most of the posts here on TAH (except for that whole weird fake name thing that was going on, those were incomprehensible.)

    Just because someone has the right to say something, either face to face or on the internet, doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea to say it. (Much like taking a stupid picture of one’s self throwing the bird at Arlington isn’t a good idea, even if one has the right to do so.) Maybe that’s a better way of saying what I’m trying to get across. For instance, even here on TAH, there are the edited posts where her (possible) home address was deleted. Those are the sorts of posts that go too far, and good on TAH for taking care of those posts.

    My point is that if her employer is going to fire her, they should do so because she violated company policy and because of her idiotic acts, etc, not because a bunch of people on the internet are going to fill the company’s inboxes full of outrageous hate mail and choke the Facebook comments with death threats and name calling. That way, in the end, if she gets her silly ass fired, she only has herself to blame. Does that make sense?

  8. DaveO says:

    With all the discussion of free speech, and appropriate snorts from the Goat Locker, think there is something missing.

    Ms. Stone likely violated her contract. Usually one finds an extremely legal-sounding clause that says an employee may not embarrass the company, or violate a morals clause. Violators of these clauses are subject to termination.

    Ms. Stone’s poor judgement (at best) demonstrates she is not willing to “…enable [LIFE] residents to achieve their maximum capabilities with a nurturing and caring environment.” (

    If you break the rules about smoking in a no-smoking area when you’re away from work, will she also break the rules while she’s at work? A stray spark around some of those gas bottles some residents require for life support and now you’ve got a lot of dead carcasses-formerly-known-as-residents laying about.

    And, if you’re flipping the bird at the dead, what wouldn’t you do to the living when one’s supervisor isn’t present?

    What company wants to employ a wannabe Nurse Ratchit?

    She should have stuck to blaming Johnson and the war, and the Progosphere would have given her a pass.

  9. DaveO says:

    More bleating from the Goat Locker.

    Quick! Get him a recruiting brochure for the Marines! stat!

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    Someone columnist on made the valid point that whatever you post on social websites like Facebook and Twitter sticks with you, and that employers do look at your Facebook and Twitter pages (if you have them) to find out what kind of person you are in a public setting.

    What you post there can literally kill off any job prospects or destroy what you may already have. It is no different from being photographed at an office party, dancing drunk on your backside with your shirt off. And yes, if you are already employed, it can very well take you out of the lineup for promotions and more responsibility, and damage or destroy whatever career plans/prospects you might have. It’s not a joke, it is a fact.

    In this digital age, once something is published on the internet, it gets copied over and over again and NEVER GOES AWAY. If it’s good stuff, it works in your favor. If it’s brain-dead stupid like this, you will NEVER LIVE IT DOWN. It’s going to follow her around for the rest of her life.

    Ms. Stone will be, for a very long time, the very stupid young woman who let the entire world know, in her own words, that she is a social moron, she can’t be trusted, and she has no respect for rules or regard for other people’s feelings. She has made it blatantly clear that she just does not give a crap about anything, especially if she can get a picture of herself demonstrating her low opinion.

    Eddie Murphy in “Raw” is funny as hell. Ms. Stone in her self-portrait is not.

    I wouldn’t hire her to take out the trash. I don’t think she could be trusted to do it without leaving half of it behind, and she’d complain about the half she had to clean up — meaning doing the job twice.

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    And you boys with comparison issues — don’t get me started.

  12. Sean says:

    Have you guys seen the level of hate this has generated? People have lost their goddamn minds. They have posted her personal info all over FB. one page is offering a free beer mug for her personal info. they have driven by her house, they have emailed her boss and her friends and neighbors. Most of the comments on the various non governmental military pages are over the top, one guy says she should be sent to Egypt and raped, most of the other actively call for her death or beating. I have been in the Navy then Army for 18 years and i have seen Soldiers and Sailors do more despicable things than this, and i know most of you have too. If one of my Soldiers did this i would hem them up good because they are a Soldier and should know better. She is basically just a kid. She is just trying to be funny in a moronic way about the SIGN not about Arlington. Why has everyone rounded up a lynch mob for a stupid young woman, who has no other anti military stuff on her FB page. WTF, are we getting to the point that silly pictures like this are enough to ruin someone’s life? Is this really Westboro Baptist Church level desecration? In the future, think about how this young woman’s life is ruined for at least the next six months and maybe in danger; due to her acting like we all have done at one point or another drunk or sober, like a dipshit. I used to love this blog and stayed up way too late some nights reading everything on it, but geez guys. I repeat, because of this her personal info, home address is on Army WTF Moments, Stolen Valor and a couple of other sites, and she has lost her job.

  13. NHSparky says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things, people.

  14. JP says:


    was that your debut, or are you a veteran of those kinds of movies?

    I’m guessing you’re a pro.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    @371, she is NOT JUST A KID. Where do you get that? She’s a grown woman working in a facility for people who require assisted care and constant supervision, people who have a lot of physical and other challenges. What part of that do you not get?

    If your mother were in that facility, would you really want someone this irresponsible anywhere near her?

    She’s done this before, according to other reports. What makes you think it’s okay for anyone who is physically adult to act like a 12-year-old spoiled brat?

    She brought this public anger on herself. What part of that do you not understand?

  16. marinewm86 says:

    @371 I am sorry no woman is a kid at age 30. I agree no one should post her personal information. If she were my employee I would have fired her for such a disrespectful action on company time. She needs to accept responsibilty for her disrespectful behavior. There are consquences with actions. She and her friend have no one to blame but themselves. And one of the lessons should be stay off social media….It can bite you and effect long term relationships and future employment.

  17. Ex-PH2 says:

    359, 360, 361, 362, 363, 365, 368, 369 – don’t have enough to do, huh? How about chipping some paint off the bulkheads where you are? How about making them there vinyl floor tiles shine? How about you morons get a life?

    I’m going to the club. And none of you can come with me. Geez, I’d rather lose a poker game for beer with Squirrel than spend one more second of my time in this room with you bunch of maroons. Get your own damn coffee from now on!

    What a bunch of pissants…..

  18. marinewm86 says:

    @377 But your missing the point she was not on her own time. I read above she had her residents with her. Even if she had personal time she was on company money. I will repeat if she were my employee she would be fired. As an employer how could you trust her if she is so willing be blantly offensive to such a Important Location that means so much too so many of us? She showed a lack of maturity and personal dignity. I would fire her.. No question

  19. Jonn Lilyea says:

    #367, Those were all troll comments from the same troll. He’s been dealt with.

  20. malclave says:

    getting her fired looks more like revenge.

    What’s wrong with that? This country just had an election two weeks ago, and the incumbent President during his reelection campaign told people to vote for “revenge”.

    So, I guess not going after revenge has got to be unamerican or racist or something.

  21. exhibit #A says:

    Lindsey Stone is exhibit – A,
    as to what is wrong with this country now.

  22. Snowcrash says:

    Let the group outrage stand as a stark reminder to any future douchebags of what not to do.

    In fact, she has provided a very valuable service to the douchebag community.

  23. OldSchoolMan says:

    It’s her protected Constitutional Right to do this – however, it is also our protected Constitutional Right to call her an Idiot.

  24. Really says:

    So she works for a company that provides help to people with mental disabilities. Doing what she did would be the equivalent of someone walking into her office and screaming RETARD! Samething Ms. Stone samething.

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    Note: due to troll infestation, please disregard my comment @367 above, except for the part about going to the club.

  26. CBSenior says:

    @370 You really do not know me at all do you. I see that quote by the President has not effected you in the least.

    @359 Dave O Jealousy is an ugly thing, I know just being handed stripes and kissed on the lips for a major promotion has a lasting effect. We can walk you off the chest thumping ledge if you need help.

  27. DaveO says:

    #376 CBSenior,

    No jealousy here. Especially of SeaBees. Y’all make mighty fine sh*tters. Best ones I’ve ever used. Kohler should be so proud. I rate them 1 star.

  28. CBSenior says:

    Dave O why thank you, and you even spelled SeaBees correctly. Here I was worried that no one noticed all the FOBs, COPs, Main Bases and thousands of miles of roads we worked on. Of course doing lots of Convoy Security for the MEF was the easy part.

  29. D.B. says:

    I hope her parents are proud. She did not only disrespect all those serving and those that have died in the middle east.. but in the 1st world war 2nd world war, korean war and Viet Nam. She should go and live with Jane Fonda after her parents disown her. I can not imagine one American family that did not suffer or know someone that suffered the loss of a loved one in all the wars The USA fought in. I am Canadian and I lost two friends in Viet Nam. Yes go join the Jane Fonda camp.

  30. MAJ Mike says:

    Wowzers! Lots of effort over some worthless scrunt who will probably never understand real sacrifice.

    Everyone participating on this thread had something to say. Whether we agreed or disagreed, it was good to air the opinions and emotions generated by Ms. Stone’s thoughtless act. However, think this dead horse has been beaten enough?

    Allow karma to complete Ms. Stone’s payback.

  31. Hack Stone says:

    Well, more than likely, Lindsey Stone, no relation to Hack, is now part of the unemployed. I think it would be beneficial for us to now take the high road and offer her some career advice. Well, she likes working with the mentally challenged, enjoys disrupting military ceremonies, loves to challenge authority, and has an unwarranted feeling of superiority. Maybe she can be appointed the activities director for Code Pink. Speaking of Code Pink, did they ever make it back from their drone protest in Pakistan a few months back?

  32. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here is an article from about the effects of social networking on the workplace:

  33. Ex-PH2 says:

    @382 was just in case anyone thinks I was kidding about what I posted in @360 above.

    Bad behavior can get you fired and also not hired or rehired.

  34. GMG1 (SW/AW) Ret says:

    Lindsey…Do you like take lessons from Jane Hanoi Fonda?

  35. tanya says:

    I see no point as to why your ass was not made
    to.leave …. You are what you eat and dish out …

  36. Hack Stone says:

    Her father will be appearing on the Today Show in a few minutes. Matt Lauer just played the teaser. I am expecting the standard “Poor judgment on her part, we have always supported the military, her grandfather served in WWII, blah, blah, blah…..” It looks like I will be leaving for work a few minutes later than planned. I just hope that they don’t drag it out past 07:30.

  37. rb325th says:

    I have already lost several “friends” over this, as I have had the audacity to not defend her actions but to speak out against the outlandish and over the top reaction to that picture.
    A. It was not her INTENT to insult anyone living, dead or Arlington itself.. that happened of course but was not her intent. Kind of like running someone over in your car because you weren’t paying attention to where you were. not quite the same as killing someone intentionally though. End result is the same, but the law treats it differently for a reason… that Intent thing most have ignored here.
    B. She has had her life threatened, had people drive by her house to harass her, call her house to harass her, had her removed from her job after harassing her there as well as her employer,
    C. Her name and image have been dragged through the mud by people who have no clue what happened other than they have been told she is the second coming of Hanoi Jane, that this was an intentional insult to our Military and our Fallen. That she intentionally posted this and kept it out there…. it was not in her pictures that I know of it was in the person who took the pictures photos on facebook.
    People say her apology was “not enough” or not sincere enough because she called herself a douche bag… She was talking to her friends, not us. I doubt she ever expected that photo or her words to he4r friends to go out there like this.
    Honestly, what she did was stupid and deserving of a verbal reprimand, but the Lynch Mob went way too far on this. The punishment does not come close to fitting the crime as the INTENT was never ever there. I have seen her stupidity compared to that of those who intentionally pretend to be in the Military… WTF?? Not even close. A stupid and immature photo with zero intent to injure anyone is not the same. This is not the same as Hanoi Jane by any measure either.
    Anyhow, to all those who actively harassed, threatened, went after this person in any way shape or form… Good job guys!! You got the evil bitch huh? Seriously, throw yourselves a party.

  38. OWB says:

    My understanding of the term pushing the envelope must be in error if doing something to push the envelope does not include an intent to insult.

    Intent? Uhm, it was exactly her intent to insult!

  39. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Listen … she got what she deserved. Period. As the saying goes, “play stupid games … ah … get idiot rewards”. The death threats and the like are not right and need to stop!

  40. rb325th says:

    @388 and on what proof do you base your assertion that she “intended to insult”? Is it a statement she made to that effect? Eyewitness testimony of people there who heard her make statements to that effect? Seriously, what are you basing your conclusion that she fully intended to insult the Fallen of this Nation? That this was nothing more than a very poor lapse in judgment in the choice of location for her photo?
    I will go on the fact that she immediately apologized to her friends over a month ago, long before anyone of us knew about the photo or her ver existence.
    So please tell me how this kid deserves to have her liffe threatened and ruined… Come on I am waiting for the evicence of her crime you have convicted her of. A photo itself does not prove intent, it only proves an action took place. Tell me how you know her intent…

  41. NHSparky says:

    RB–this dumb twat decided to piss off EVERYONE. Smoking under “No Smoking” signs. Flipping off and being disrespectful at the entrance to the military’s (hell, America’s) most hallowed grounds. Not taking it down when her friends told her that it was offensive and that she should not keep it up. I’d say that’s pretty much the definition of intentional.

    Two words: Attention whore. Well, she got it.

    And while I don’t condone the threats, I certainly don’t feel sorry for all the derision heaped upon her as long as it doesn’t turn violent against her, her loved ones, or God forbid, innocents caught in the crossfire.

  42. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ CB: I love the SeeBeas!

    Just a thought: I wonder how the parents of a young warrior would have felt, if on the day they buried their child at Arlington, they stumbled upon that stunt that was not intended to insult.

  43. MAJ Mike says:

    Seeing as she was on a company-sponsored event, I think she should be fired for bringing negative publicity to her employer and for not properly performing her responsibilities regarding her LIFE clients. First Amend rights, IMO, have nothing to do with this.

    Once you’ve been seperated from your current employeer, Ms. Stone may fully exercise her concept of free speech anytime, anywhere.

    I hope this was a learning moment for her and her cohort and the the effects follow her forever. I know poor decisions I’ve made continue to follow me.

  44. rb325th says:

    @391.. She deserves a verbal beatdown for being stupid, ignorant, and innapropriate. It does not rise to the level of what has been heaped upon her. The INTENT was not there that has been ascribed to her actions here and elsewhere.
    She was not doing it intentionally to insult or degrade in any way shape or form the US Military or our Fallen.
    It is completely dishonest for anyone to continue to say that is what she was doing. It is completely reprehensible to me that people would take it to the level that they have.
    It gives me so little faith in this Nation and our Soceity where we so easily allow something to be turned into something entirely different than what it was, detroy someons life over it, and think we are doing the right thing??
    This could very easily happen to someone anyone of us knows. The situation could be different, but a photogrpah out of context can be a powerful thing. Especially with how fast things go “viral” today…
    No, she did not get what she deserved. Making her famous.. group think at its finest on display. Be careful what you post folks, because someone somewhere will take it wrong.

  45. Hondo says:

    rb325th: here’s the definition of “pushing the envelope”

    push (the edge of) the envelope
    to move beyond the limit of what has usually been done or was the accepted standard TV shows are really pushing the envelope by showing so much sex and violence.

    When used in a social setting, inherent in this definition is explicit intent to cause raised eyebrows; to shock; or to offend. Doing so often causes insult, whether or not insult was the intended result.

    Serrano’s “Piss Christ” is an example; ditto Mapplethorpe’s famous bullwhip photo. Those two didn’t give a damn who might be offended by their “art”. Stone was doing exactly the same thing without the requisite artistic skill – though some might say she’s at least as skilled as Serrano, and that the only skill involved in Mapplethorpe’s bullwhip photo was in setting the timer on the camera.

    Death threats and harassing phone-calls/drive-by visits to her residence are indeed IMO going way too far. But getting her the public attention she so desperately seemed to crave? Apropos IMO. Ditto bringing this display of poor judgement to the attention of her employer, who apparently was paying her to work at the time.

    “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” That’s especially true if you’re stupid enough to have someone photograph you doing so, then personally post the incriminating photo on the Internet.

  46. NHSparky says:

    RB…I just came across this. Might want to read it. Says it far better than could I.

    Like I said–she did it for attention. Well, now she has it. She could have either been famous or notorious, but for one bad choice she’s going to be the latter for a long, long time.

  47. Anonymous says:

    @ 396 Sparky … Great article out of Bean Town’s WAAF you referenced. “Dumbest person in the world” … ouch!

  48. Anonymous says:

    397 —> MCPO

  49. Ex-PH2 says:

    @RB325 – Apparently, you do not fully comprehend the power of the internet in regard to applying for jobs and getting hired.

    This statement from comment #396 says exactly what I’ve said previously:
    “This photo will follow her for the rest of her life. Every time she applies for a job, or applies for a loan it will come up. When her kids Google their Mom, that will be the first picture they see. Her name will be remembered, and she’ll be treated differently by anyone who remembers… forever.”

    That photo, no matter what her intent was or what her disclaimer is now or has been, will follow her for the rest of her life. Period. Any employer who sees something like that online, taken during a company-sponsored outing, which she was paid to attend and supervise people who require monitoring — EVERY EMPLOYER EVERYWHERE will see that image, no matter where it is now or in the future, and turn her down for a job that has any career possibility.

    What part of that do you NOT understand? I really want to know just how completely dense you are.

    And quit defending her (yourself, Lindsey. Yeah, I know it’s you. It’s too obvious.) behavior.

    Either you’re faking it or you are so completely dense that you refuse to understand plain English. Forever means exactly that. I said it, other writers said it. She did the damage herself. No one did it to her.

    She has destroyed any possibility of getting any job other than maybe bussing tables in a greasy spoon diner or picking tomatoes and cutting celery as a migrant worker.

    Oh, yeah –you’re stupid — bussing tables means clearing them of everything — all the dirty dishes, used flatware, glasses, grungy coffee cups, napkins and kleenex that people have sneezed into, spills and crumbs and half-eaten food — and guess what! Busboys don’t get tips unless the waitresses are feeling generous today.

    What part of SHE DESTROYED HER OWN CAREER do you not understand?

    And just what does RB stand for, anyway? Rat bastard? Royal bitch? Raging bully? Or is it “REALLY BRAIN-DEAD”?

    Try to get this into that DORMANT ORGAN you have for a brain: