Todd Michael Hamilton; another phony heading a vet charity

| November 25, 2012

Someone dropped me a line this weekend about Todd M. Hamilton, a guy he’d met at a MedHold Company at Fort Lewis several years back. It seems that Hamilton somehow became a president of an organization called the Shadow 6 Foundation which they claimed was in the business of helping veterans. On a road march across Washington State, ostensibly to help veterans, they took this picture of Hamilton;

The picture was on their Facebook page on Saturday, but when I took some shots across their bow, the picture suddenly disappeared, but not before I save my own personal copy. When I told Todd that I’d saved a copy, he, of course, became very remorseful that he’d been caught. He told me that he’d worn the triple stack to “honor veterans”, yeah, we’ve never heard that one before have we? So, here’s the apology to folks on Facebook;

Although, in the past, Hamilton had told people that his DD214 was heavily redacted, he immediately sent me his DD214 without extending that proviso;

01aTodd Hamilton DD214

Folks who happened to be on the road march with Hamilton say that he told them that they could never be like him because he was “SF”, so his little excuse about honoring veterans rings hollow a little bit. So, anyway, Hamilton changed his profile on the organization’s website and put up the apology on Facebook.

Folks say that Todd showed up at the airport for the trip in a Captain’s uniform with the triple stack and a pile of medals pinned to it. I guess that was to honor all vets, too. Unfortunately, no one got pictures of that, so it’s pretty much hearsay at this point.

I went to the organization’s “About” page and ran the board through AKO and none of them came up, although some of them claim to still be on active duty, or in the active Guard, so I’ve asked for their DD214s, too, and they’ve all sent me their discharge records and they all seem to be who they say they are. Hamilton has removed himself from the website, ostensibly resigning his position in the organization. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t they call off all the FBI and swat in Boston and send in Todd Hamilton? He’s a one man delta force

  2. Green Thumb says:

    Another queef.

  3. Green Thumb says:

    A queefy turd.


  4. 11-Bravo says:

    Just read this whole story. It makes me sick. This guy needs an ole fashioned blanket party.

  5. Otis69 says:

    I have a good buddy who works there to and I have verified with him that Hamilton works there. I hope this doesn’t get any body in trouble but the jerk that deserves it

  6. stuart says:

    hey otis69, my name is stuart McKenzie. I was on the road march with todd and was the one who turned him over to sgt aq. Do u have that places number. since the story broke todd has deleted his life and I haven’t found a way to get ahold of him or his current employers…needless to say I would like to inform them of their current employe

  7. Green Thumb says:


    I hope this slimeball is in a lot of pain.

  8. 88MLady says:

    “Triple Stack Scamiliton”

  9. Green Thumb says:

    3 x shitbag = TH

  10. Triple Stack? of pancakes maybe. says:

    The Shadow 6 Foundation, an advocacy organization for returning veterans. Each had their share of injuries – McKenzie suffered hypothermia made worse by his poor circulation due to an injury from an IED blast suffered in combat, and Hamilton was nursing a broken foot among other things. Hamilton founded Shadow 6 and McKenzie serves on the board. They met and became close friends in 2006 when they were in medical holding for wounds they sustained in combat. “When you’ve got 18 guys eating their pistols each day, something’s wrong,” lamented Hamilton about the high rate of suicide and emotional wounds in returning veterans. Shadow 6 Foundation’s goal is to build a ‘Soldier’s Sanctuary’ in Ellensburg for returning veterans to spend time in their transition from combat back to civilian life. Hamilton talked of having a working farm, classrooms, housing facilities and counseling services, and maybe someday even a brewery to make it a self-sustaining place. ‘Shadow’ was the name of McKenzie’s old sniper unit, and the saying “I’ve got your six” is Army slang for ‘”I’ve got your back,” which is where the name came from. “That we’re behind you, you know we’re there,” said Hamilton.

    Hamilton is a tool.

  11. Triple Stack? of pancakes maybe. says:

    More Bull$&#* from the fake SF war hero

    “It’s gonna be a place for guys like us to come back and heal, with brotherhood and all the things that we need as soldiers that we’re kind of lacking in the civilian world that we’re thrust back into so quickly.” Todd Hamilton said.

    “We don’t want to be some foundation that puts T-shirts on people and says, ‘It’s gonna be okay.'” he said. “We’re out here doing the real thing.”

    The men say the support and kind words they’ve received along the way keeps them going.

  12. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if this shithead is still up to his old tricks?