Todd Michael Hamilton; another phony heading a vet charity

| November 25, 2012

Someone dropped me a line this weekend about Todd M. Hamilton, a guy he’d met at a MedHold Company at Fort Lewis several years back. It seems that Hamilton somehow became a president of an organization called the Shadow 6 Foundation which they claimed was in the business of helping veterans. On a road march across Washington State, ostensibly to help veterans, they took this picture of Hamilton;

The picture was on their Facebook page on Saturday, but when I took some shots across their bow, the picture suddenly disappeared, but not before I save my own personal copy. When I told Todd that I’d saved a copy, he, of course, became very remorseful that he’d been caught. He told me that he’d worn the triple stack to “honor veterans”, yeah, we’ve never heard that one before have we? So, here’s the apology to folks on Facebook;

Although, in the past, Hamilton had told people that his DD214 was heavily redacted, he immediately sent me his DD214 without extending that proviso;

01aTodd Hamilton DD214

Folks who happened to be on the road march with Hamilton say that he told them that they could never be like him because he was “SF”, so his little excuse about honoring veterans rings hollow a little bit. So, anyway, Hamilton changed his profile on the organization’s website and put up the apology on Facebook.

Folks say that Todd showed up at the airport for the trip in a Captain’s uniform with the triple stack and a pile of medals pinned to it. I guess that was to honor all vets, too. Unfortunately, no one got pictures of that, so it’s pretty much hearsay at this point.

I went to the organization’s “About” page and ran the board through AKO and none of them came up, although some of them claim to still be on active duty, or in the active Guard, so I’ve asked for their DD214s, too, and they’ve all sent me their discharge records and they all seem to be who they say they are. Hamilton has removed himself from the website, ostensibly resigning his position in the organization. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

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  1. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Fellas, I’m gonna contact a friend of mine who’s a columnist for our local newspaper, the Arizona Republic, and see if she can’t find out more about this douche. She totally respects HONEST veterans to a fault. We’ve been to lunch and when I’ve reached for my wallet, she’s said, “Don’t you dare!” Her husband, unfortunately an Air Farce veteran, so she knows about veterans, she loves us!?

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ EVERYONE …

    “He called Stew and said “please don’t contact the media”.

    This is code word for:

    EVERYONE … call every known media contact you have … including the editor of the high school newspaper (or whatever the fu8k they call it now … we printed newspapaers), that this POS attended, and tell everyone everything about this mollusk!

  3. Charles says:

    Wow the level of daytime drama is rising here. Who is who? I think I am going to need a program just to keep their this all straight.


  5. Eric says:

    “Anonymous Says:
    This article is based on nothing but hearsay. At least they intend to do something good! And he walked 370 miles for awareness but you did nothing”

    “Sgt George Aquiningoc Says:
    He is also getting 70% from what he told Stew and I for his bumm leg. (That he said was shot six times)”

    Okay wait, so he’s potentially getting 70% disability, but he can ruck 370 miles without any issues? WTF, Over…

    From what I read on his DD214, I would’ve thought that he got a lump sum payment for being in so short, but if this is the case, that’s just further concern about Toddiekins. Not to mention, he’s wearing a multi-cam combat shirt as if he was a triple-tab in OEF or something.

    Todd’s wife: if he’s lying about all this, “Whatelse” is he lying about at home? Just a thought for you to ponder, if you haven’t already.

  6. RandomNCO says:


    Todd’s wife, you say “I have been with him the whole time while he suffers the wounds from service mentally and physically as most deployed Vets..”

    His DD214 clearly states that he was never deployed. He was stationed in Korea, not deployed. He never served any time in a Imminent Danger Pay Area, he was never awarded campaign medals for either OIF or OEF. He never even served in a Combat Arms position.

    The only “wounds” he suffers mentally are brought on my his obvious lack of situation awareness, self serving attitude, and stupidity in thinking he could con the news, the public, and other REAL combat veterans who are actually suffering with mental and physical disorders brought on by COMBAT.

    He’s a fraud, and if you’re actually his wife, you need to realize that he’s leading you on. He has no reason to have mental “wounds” because of the Army. He is a fraud, and deserves to be called out of it. There are PLENTY of real charities doing a lot more with less that could have used any of the money he raised by lying.

  7. I hope Stew gets online and reads all the support he is getting from you guys. He needs to be brought back up after being on a “high” from helping his brothers with this road march and now being brought back down because what this clown has put him through. Stew should have never put his body through this but he did it for all of us. It makes me so mad cause that’s Stew he would give his life to save yours. I think about Todd be little him with his “Ya keep going in Delta this was nothing” It makes me so mad and upset. Stew needed this non-profit to be real we all did…

  8. AW1 Tim says:

    Man, I take off for a day and miss all the excitement. 🙂

    Folks ought to just be proud of who they are and what they did. Some folks pulled triggers, and others pulled files. It was all good, and everything was needed to accomplish the unit’s mission.

    If you raised your right hand and took the oath, and you came out with a discharge that was anything but dishonorable, then you are my brother or sister. There ain’t no need to embellish, there ain’t no need to tell tall tales (other than TINS.. of course…)

    I guess I still don’t get it. I’m gonna pour another glass of rum and listen to some music.

    I hope Todd has learned a valuable lesson. Just be yourself. be proud that you served. You’re part of an exclusive club. There ain’t no need to add to the story.


  9. RandomNCO says:

    Just so everyone knows. If you post anything exposing the TRUTH on their Facebook page for the “charity” they will delete it and block you from being able to comment. The scumbags didn’t take kindly to me posting the FACTS of how Hamilton is a lying cheat and a phony using his phony status to try and get more money for the charity.

    I have proof of them censoring me, as well. I screen grabbed my posts, which had no reason to be deleted, and if you go to the site now, they are gone. They left a guy who say “Hayden, explain yourself or GTFO” but deleted my two posts. Apparently, they don’t want people who have supported their cause knowing the truth about how they let Hamilton scam everyone into believing he was a combat wounded veteran.


    Proof of their censorship in light of trying to save face. This isn’t over. This is going getting a nice article on my blog in “honor” of their buddy and the people who run this scam of a charity.

    I wounder if Todd runs multiple cons to support his company? Just a thought…

  12. RandomNCO says:

    Keep up the good work John and SGT A. From one SGT to another, these kinds of frauds need to be outed for what they are. They are using the false claims to benefit financially and he knows, the “charity” knows, and hopefully soon…everyone will know it.

  13. Charles says:

    Hey guys of TAH,
    Just screamed by Shadow 6 FB’s page and they are calling out all of you for being the stolen valour types. Starting to look like Mike Yawn’s bs fight with you all.

  14. RandomNCO says:

    I’m starting to think that everyone in that “Charity” are of the scumbag type, if they are truly the ones operating that Facebook page and not Todd himself.

  15. RandomNCO says:

    If anyone cares to read it, my blog post about this stooge and his “charity” group is up on my site:

    I hope that some of Hamilton’s lackeys read it as well. Let’s do what everyone on this site does well and out these kinds of phonies and frauds for what they truly are. For every lie they tell, they chip away at the legacy of the REAL veterans who we are all proud of.

  16. Beretverde says:

    Folks who happened to be on the road march with Hamilton say that he told them that they could never be like him because he was “SF.”

    Fuck him.

  17. streetsweeper says:

    @ #61- Thanks for serving and continuing to serve our veterans. Went to the youtube link. Watched, then went to company website he gives out and drew a blank page…..

    Or is it on my end? Maybe my eyesight has diminished so much I’d better report to sick call, lol. Grabbed a shot anyway. Random, good start to your blog there. Keep working on it.

  18. NHSparky says:

    Dear “Todd’s Wife”:

    Because he served, he should know that impersonating an officer is a HUGE no-no, to the point it’s against Federal law.

    Please, try to explain that, if you can. His injuries didn’t cause him to do that. PTSD didn’t cause him to do that. I got a pretty good idea what might cause him to do that, and frankly, your defense of him falls short on that account.

  19. OWB says:

    Until we discover that the DD-214 is inaccurate, I will respect this clown’s service because evidently it was good enough for an honorable discharge. But to have served means that he definitely learned how the uniform should be properly worn and the implications of claiming, in any form, honors, rank, or qualifications he had not earned.

    He has earned our scorn for violating standards which he knew, and we know that he knew. He also has earned some jail time if it is found that he violated any laws with his antics.

    So sick of this kind of nonsense. The “but my intentions were good” just does not fly when you know going in that you are doing something wrong.

    Liars and cheats. Here’s a clue – when discovered, it really tends not to end well for you.

  20. Scotty says:

    Why wasn’t he wearing a cooks cover also. They deserve to be recognized just the same as the Rangers & S/F’s. I know. He didn’t want to overkill. Don’t piss the cooks off huh ?

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    I could have posted this before, but didn’t, so I am now. And I say this from the perspective of 5 (count ’em) boyfriends who tried the same kind of crap on me.

    Hamilton is taking advantage of the fact that he’s a good-looking boy to con people. This happens to women a lot. It happens to a lot of people.

    How many time have you heard about some guy who conned 3 or 4 different women into giving him their life savings, and then took off? How many stories about “investment” cons have we been subjected to since Charles Ponzi was arrested for it? Bernie Madoff is the worst of the bunch. You don’t even have to be good-looking. You only need a persuasive manner.

    So this guy is conning people and — until now — getting away with it. The link to gaveltek has several addresses on it, including this address in Chandler, AZ: Chandler AZ Office: 3800 West Chandler BLVD Chandler AZ 85226.

    You’d have to ask, logically, since Hamilton is the apparent starter of this effort, why does he need so many addresses? Attorneys usually have paralegals to do their leg work for them. This seems like another attempt at a ripoff — caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware of the salesman.

    So let’s treat it for what it is: a con job and not much else. The con got caught. Maybe someone should check to see if he’s actually paying back the money for the T-shirts people ordered, which apparently were not delivered.

    I see no harm in busting the guy. I see no harm in digging up any other con jobs he’s pulled. There may be an extensive list. The charity con maybe only the tip of the iceberg.

    He is NOT, however, worth getting your undies in a bunch, because this seems to be an ongoing deal with him, from one con job to another. Conning people out of money is fraud. Fraud is a felony. Time to stop him in his tracks, right?

    From tiny acorns….. go for it.

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    Ha! I went to the gaveltex link and it no longer works.

    Anyone else think Todd-boy is now pulling back, regrouping and starting something else?

  23. Twist says:

    I’d also like to point out that he is wearing a combat shirt and it is unauthorized for wear CONUS. If memory serves me right, that is.

  24. Armyguy says:

    They guy is a Liar and Fraud, if he did spend more than one day in the Army, which it seems he did, he would know, and did know, that wearing Tabs Badges or anything your not intitiled (Authorized) to wear is “one” wrong as two boy f@#K&*g! Two it’s still a crime, due to the fact he knowingly did this to gain Monies for Such Act…We need to fry his ass before he pop’s up somewhere else…as for the Wife I hope that is a Nice bridge you live under in AZ, because he sure is singing you a George Straight Song..

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    Yeah, I’m still on this. So I went to the search block on Bing and typed in the name and got the website.

    Here are the addresses listed at the bottom of the front page:

    Boston MA Office: 161 Worcester Road, Suite 200, Framingham MA 01702 617.517.4188

    West Palm Beach FL Office: 301 Clematis Street, Suite 3000, West Palm Beach, FL 33458 561.899.0507

    Chandler AZ Office: 3800 West Chandler BLVD, Chandler AZ 85226

    There were only two phone numbers listed anywhere that I could see, for Boston and West Palm Beach. While the site says it’s still under construction, the high number of misspelled words (industries instead of industry’s, etc.) is a giveaway.

    This smells more and more like a company that I worked for for two years, a legitimate company called Agristar AGS which was a front for a low-key scam to get money out of people so that the owner could enjoy an expensive lifestyle. He even had a housing scam running in Mexico under the name Mexico Home Capital. It is all gone, now, out of business. He pissed off too many people, too many times. I wonder what he’s up to now.

  26. Ex-PH2 says:

    And here is a link to a website warning people about why you should NOT go into business with the Ganschow family:

    And the Ganschows are being pursued by the Illinois AG’s office for fraud.

  27. Armyguy says:

    Now lets bust his ass before he pop’s up somewhere else, also Todd, we will most likely call the VA, talk to them about your 70% you claim,uh get that revoked. Condsidering you recieved that Lump Sum payment for you “Wound” in Korea, where you most likely slipped on a “Soju Bottle” coming out of the “Queen” Club on Hooker Hill’s Tranny Bar Section, of Itaewon!! You just might have to pay that Lump some back as well…Dirt Bag…Mr. I didn’t know, it was a mistake..Yes Hamilton it was a Huge Mistake..Let all of this be a waring to all the fraud’s an Fakers out there, if your a “embellisher” comitting fraud, there is always somebody watching even when you think they aren’t…You will be the example you will make the papers Hamilton, this time it won’t be about Marching across Washington State, this time it will be the Bubba here I come Bitch March to the Clink…

  28. jill says:

    I’ve known two of the board members for this charity since kindergarten. I myself was an Army wife for 8 years, married to a vet of both Iraq and Afghanistan who had a combat MOS and was a drill sgt before getting picked up for the q course.
    I know how pissed off (rightly so) everyone gets when they think they’ve been one-overed. Seriously though, you have the 2-14s of two of the board members, both of whom I’ve known for almost 3 decades. Please emphasize that they are EXACTLY who they say they are. Just because they don’t have AKO’s doesn’t mean they didn’t serve. My ex was medically discharged in March and no longer has an AKO. Please make sure you don’t bring down the service records of everyone, especially if you have proof they are who they say they are

  29. RandomNCO says:


    Why is it the charity is censoring anything on their Facebook page in regards to the FRAUD committed by one of their leading board members?

    Is that really what a responsible, trust worthy charity does? They are playing the victim in this, when I highly doubt they had no clue that Hamilton was BSing everyone.

    The people who run the Facebook page are still trying to keep the wool pulled over their supporters eyes in regards to the untruthful practices the charity has allowed to happen. Whether or not they served honorably in the military is not the question in regards to the charity…it’s the willingness to play the “dumb” card and act as though nothing happened. They are using the whole “cry us a river, we were just helping” card by offering to refund donations and closing down the charity.

    They seriously need to ACT like Soldiers. Ask them about that whole Army Core Values thing….you know, the part about Honor and Integrity. They all seem to be lacking in those two….

  30. jill says:

    @randomNCO I KNOW they weren’t aware. We all love across the country from eachother at this point. Todd lives in AZ, and the rest of us are spread all over. I just planned an event to support this charity, unaware that any of this was going on. In fact, I had no idea Todd was being accused of Fraud until i got up this morning. People just wanted to help. They have normal lives AND vet stuff to deal with, and were attempting this on the side from thousands of miles away. The problem with being a good person who served this country is that you learn to trust other soldiers with your life, so trusting that they’d want the best for other soldiers isn’t as silly as you’re making it sound, particularly when you’ve known the other soldiers on a personal level throughout your childhood.
    Refunding the money is probably the best option. I mean, what would you be saying if they kept it? Likely accusing them of stealing. Look, I can’t provide you with evidence regarding their integrity, although i wish I could, as I’ve seen it, but i can tell you that evidence of their service exists and it shouldn’t be called into question.

  31. RandomNCO says:

    I don’t see John or anyone else questioning their service. So at least you don’t have to worry about that.

    I still have to wonder about why they refuse to allow anyone to voice anything on their Facebook page in regards to what happened without deleting it and blocking the user. Especially if they are didn’t know that Hamilton was a phony wannabee scammer.

    You’d think they’d want to try to clear their name and dissociate themselves from Todd’s actions. But so far, all they have done is play the victim, call out John and everyone else on this site for being “after them” and phonies ourselves, and censoring anything else negative that their supporters who have donated money should have the right to know.

    Not very helpful or honest of them. Don’t ya think?

  32. martinjmpr says:

    @77: Dammit, you stole my thunder! I was just going to post about how common it was for GIs to experience PTSD after a night in a soju tent or up on Hooker Hill.

    Also, I love the excuse of “I was wearing these unearned badges as a way of showing respect to those who earned them.”

    How long before other criminals start using the same excuse: “Well, your honor, I was robbing that liquor store as a way of showing my respect for all the hard working people out there who make an honest living.”

  33. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @80. Jill. I would check with the donors, if possible, and ask whether another organization, such as Wounded Warriors or Soldiers Angels would be okay. If donors cannot be identified and reached, I would put the money in an escrow account and speak to a local attorney about these developments. Good luck.

  34. Armyguy says:

    Considering it’s really not a National Non’ Profit, there is a huge issue, I’m wondering if the Donator’s were made aware of this fact before they donated. If not well we shall soon find out..Wondering if they are expecting that tax break, that they won’t recieve..

  35. @Jill Todd stole the non-profit idea from me and just changed the winery to a brewery. I was the one who brought up the idea with Stew. When Todd got onboard he told Stew that I was to “crazy of a vet” to be working with them and I’m a loose cannon. (I’m a service officer for the VFW) I told Stew that I would take a back seat and let them go forth because the cause was more important than my “penis size”. Todd continued to say I could have never have worked with SF and continued to down play my service to my country in order to build his fake service up. After the road march Stew called me and I ask “so do you think he is Delta?” He ^$$& no hes not his stories don’t and up and the whole road march all he wanted to do was cheat. (Stew made him road march the whole way) As for the board members ounce we busted his a$$ Stew and I talked to Todd and he wanted us to lie so he could keep running the show. As true NCOs and Infantrymen our honor and integrity is never waved for no one. Stew backed out but the rest of the members decided to spin this like we where the a$$ holes and Todd and his mission are the victim but the real victim is Stew. If your husband was SF then honor those who fell in combat wearing the SF tab not some “kid” who bought one. And if any one at “Shadow Six” wants to call me a fake vet you can watch this I lost my wife do to my PTSD I’m glad Todd still has his after being deployed as a “Delta Operator”

  36. RandomNCO says:

    Look what I found:

    Todd’s blog. Specifically, a post bragging with some friends of his during ruck about how “hard” he is. Also bragging about being on the media and getting attention for the foundation. Also saying that some Hollywood types are making something out of the footage.

    Then goes on to talk about how those “civilian types” treat combat veterans like they’re IEDs or something. As if he would have any clue about any of that.

    And other posts on the blog talk about his experience with the VA hospitals, how terrible they are, and how they don’t understand soldiers and our issues.

    Get real, dude. You have serious issues.

  37. Wow RandomNCO just Wow?! What dimension is this guy from, we have all seen the PX Ranger but this guy just goes above and beyond the call. Maybe he just hates the Army and wanted to rip off vets to get back at them some how? I don’t know the more we dig the more we will know but I don’t think we have found the real Todd yet.

  38. RandomNCO says:

    After reading through some of his blog posts, I’d say he’s on a completely other planet. One in which he can say and do whatever he wants with no worry about the people he leaves in his wake.

    PX Special Forces. Makes me wonder what sort of lies he told the Army Doctors in order to get out of his contract early….

  39. @ RandomNCO He would walk around Med-Hold with a cane and a limp but like most guys who pulled that there he would walk just fine off base. I do think he con the Army and the VA into giving him money we will just have to see if we our right.

  40. FatCircles says:

    Sounds like he should of put a picture of a guy in a shop flipping a pencil instead of Marine infantry fireman carrying each other and SMAW rounds on the home page.

    lol @ broke dick pog status though. These guys are such clowns it’s surprising that supposed professionals that promote these people don’t bother to check into their claims at all.

  41. RandomNCO says:

    Well just the fact that he got discharged for a “Disability” and not a “Condition” makes me wonder how he can go on 270 mile walks now. I am pretty sure that if he can do that now, he could have done it while still in the Army, right?

    His Quora profile for his Gaveltek thing shows that he says he has education from no less than 6 different institutions. I wonder if he just took a walk over to the campus and then added it to his profile.

  42. Wow now Todd is trying to scare Stew by saying he can get in trouble for being on the Bank account (that he con Stew into opening) and if he does not get me to lay off he can get in trouble too. We need to push this even harder because he is STILL TRYING TO CON VETS!

  43. I think Todd just put his foot in his mouth with this one.

  44. RandomNCO says:

    Seems like it’s always been all about Todd and how “awesome” Todd is and all the “great” work he does for Veterans.

    And yet, all he’s done so far is dress up like a Special Forces soldier, claim to be a wounded veteran to the media for promotion of the charity, and who knows what else.

  45. Armyguy says:

    Damn Straight RandomNCO, maybe it was the PTSD, that is what he gets his check for,PTSD for excessive Soju..your a Terd Todd…Todd the Terd…I like it…

    …This is whats wrong with the system today, and people wonder why you get such a hassel at the VA…They should dig deeper into backgrounds before giving out a rating.People like this is why the VA is such a Hassel, you should be ashamed of yourself, but i’m sure your not. I’m sure you will pop up somewhere else and just like the little Goffers at the Carnival Games we will be there to Smack you back down in your Hole..

  46. Ex-PH2 says:

    SGT George, if Todd is really faking it, get some footage of Todd walking around with no limp and no cane, as sound as a four-legged pit bull. Then publish it as a rebuttal to his claims.

    I used to know this AirForce guy who claimed a disability and wore a brace when he went to the VA, but when he was not at the VA — when he was at work where I worked — he never wore his brace. That was a long time ago and I don’t remember his name any more, but it’s annoying when someone blatantly lies about these things.

    Get some footage of Todd when he doesn’t know he’s being watched.

  47. jill says:

    @ sgtgeorgeaquiningoc get at me on youtube

  48. Retta says:

    @Sgt George Aquiningoc…can you contact me, please. A good friend of mine (Active Duty Poser Hunter) would like to talk with you about this guy. Thanks.