Todd Michael Hamilton; another phony heading a vet charity

| November 25, 2012

Someone dropped me a line this weekend about Todd M. Hamilton, a guy he’d met at a MedHold Company at Fort Lewis several years back. It seems that Hamilton somehow became a president of an organization called the Shadow 6 Foundation which they claimed was in the business of helping veterans. On a road march across Washington State, ostensibly to help veterans, they took this picture of Hamilton;

The picture was on their Facebook page on Saturday, but when I took some shots across their bow, the picture suddenly disappeared, but not before I save my own personal copy. When I told Todd that I’d saved a copy, he, of course, became very remorseful that he’d been caught. He told me that he’d worn the triple stack to “honor veterans”, yeah, we’ve never heard that one before have we? So, here’s the apology to folks on Facebook;

Although, in the past, Hamilton had told people that his DD214 was heavily redacted, he immediately sent me his DD214 without extending that proviso;

01aTodd Hamilton DD214

Folks who happened to be on the road march with Hamilton say that he told them that they could never be like him because he was “SF”, so his little excuse about honoring veterans rings hollow a little bit. So, anyway, Hamilton changed his profile on the organization’s website and put up the apology on Facebook.

Folks say that Todd showed up at the airport for the trip in a Captain’s uniform with the triple stack and a pile of medals pinned to it. I guess that was to honor all vets, too. Unfortunately, no one got pictures of that, so it’s pretty much hearsay at this point.

I went to the organization’s “About” page and ran the board through AKO and none of them came up, although some of them claim to still be on active duty, or in the active Guard, so I’ve asked for their DD214s, too, and they’ve all sent me their discharge records and they all seem to be who they say they are. Hamilton has removed himself from the website, ostensibly resigning his position in the organization. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

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  1. I hope his next book ant “How to fake SF”

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Todd specifically fits my description of the Ultimate Asshole.

    Is there an award for that?

  3. Jeff says:

    I will start off by saying that I am not in the Military and have never pretended to be. I have much respect for all that have served past present or future. It pisses me off to know what Tood would so boldly tell these lies to get peoples hard earned money. I followed them on facebook and believed that they where honest I am glad that I had not made a donation yet as I was a little sceptical on an organization that new and after the last couple days of Tood stepping down then they say that they have found the land for the sanctuary and 9hrs later a statement that they are done! Kind of tellstells Where their heart was …….

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    I finally figured it out.

    Toodd has massage envy.

    He rubs people the wrong way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just to let people know it was all Todd , the other board members are victims of his delusion . I know that Stew fred and Mickey where real vets who got con into this by Todds lies.

  6. RandomNCO says:


    If that is the case, why did the rest of the board members personally attack TAH and block anyone with negative things to say about the situation on their now defunct Facebook page?

    Smells like they knew all about him and his lies to me.

  7. NHSparky says:

    Random–ever heard of the higher ups playing CYA?

    Sounds like a prime case of it here.

  8. RandomNCO says:


    At least their closed down. Though, I doubt it will be long before Todd moves on to some other scam.

  9. RandomNCO says:

    “Todd is a scientist who spends most of his leisure time studying things that keep his huge brain at work.”

    What a cheese dick…

  10. NHSparky says:

    If he was such a friggin “soooopppperrrr genius” you’d think he would have found a way to get past Specialist while he was in.

  11. RandomNCO says:

    Well, he was only in for a little over 2 years…so never had the time in service to make E-5. And he was probably playing the “Ouch, my leg/foot hurts Sarge, I need to get out of the Army so I can claim to be wounded veteran and do 200 miles road marches” before he ever got back from Korea.

  12. Na Stew, Fred and Mickey are just victims of this fraud. I know this to be fact. Two of these guys have TBI its easy to scam them because they have memory and other problems from it. So lets not bring our heroes down just Todd the fraud. Here learn more about how much of a hero Stew is and why what Todd did is so wrong.

  13. Videos linked at #93, #94 have been “taken down by owner”.
    Acording to the poser profile, this is a sure admission that he has just increased his pucker factor. What’s next? Will he come here and threaten to beat us up, or tell Jonn that he will be sued? But we haven’t even gotten to where he has his girlfriend comment to try to either defend him or further threaten us.

  14. Well he was “Delta” he could kill us with his thumb so I’m scared.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    Someone said one of his posts said that Toooddd had been eddicated at six (count ’em) different education institutions. Do not remember who said that, but was there a list?

    It’s easy enough to contact the alumni association and ask if so-and-so ever attended classes there. You don’t have to ask for transcripts, which you’d have to pay for and probably wouldn’t get, anyway.

    If Toodd went to six different schools, why so many? That’s a red flag right there. Was he put on scholastic probation for poor grades? Did he not pay his tuition? Was he caught altering his grades? That alone would get him kicked out on his ear.

    Geez, guys, even doctors and attorneys only attend two, or at most three, universities in pursuit of advanced degrees.

    Let’s get some real answers on these things and see what can be done to expose this bass assterd for what he is: a complete fraud who is running scams and cons to get money out of people for his own personal use. What he’s doing is at least as bad a what Bernie Madoff did to his clients, people who trusted him completely, and depending on how far Toodd has taken it, blatantly illegal.

  16. Good point Ex-PH2! Who knows how many victims are out there that he has left in his path.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I would first like to say that I have the utmost respect and admiration for anyone who serves our country in any capacity. I am not military but I did donate to the Shadow 6 Foundation because I believe it to be a good cause. I have to say though that I am taken a back with the crucifixion of Todd. It seems to me that this is more of a personal vendetta against Todd than any actual proven serious wrongdoing. The only thing I see here is that he wore some badges that he should not have worn while ruck marching to raise awareness. For which he publicly apologized and took responsibility for. Should he have known not to wear them? Maybe. Was it poor judgment? Perhaps. Intentional? I think not. This reminds me of high school where a rumor starts and runs rampant and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. @ Sgt George, thank you for your service. However, you obviously do not like the guy. You stated that you had been on Delta Todd for years and took months before he slipped up and you could pounce. And all you have is a picture of him wearing some badges? Now, you make all kinds of accusations of fraud, attack his military record and disability not to mention him personally and professionally. Yet there is nothing to back up your accusations other than one picture of him wearing some badges that he apparently shouldn’t have worn. I haven’t seen anything to show that he claimed the badges were his, or that he was a decorated officer, or used the badges to get people to donate to the foundation, or that people relied on that one picture to make donations, or that he mismanaged the foundation funds for his personal use. It is all conjecture. He gave his DD214 record for which he was under no obligation for which you published. Would someone give that information if there was something to hide? You attack his disability but have you seen his medical records? You attack his education, but have not verified it. A lot of this sounds defamatory. You also claim he stole your idea for the foundation. Is it really an idea that can be stolen? Where did you get the idea? Why had you not done anything to create a foundation? I don’t see anything wrong with more than one foundation trying to help veterans. It’s a big country and a good cause. I, for one, do not like to jump to conclusions especially when there hasn’t been any real evidence to support the conclusion. I realize that I am in the minority here and am not going to battle on this. You have the right to your opinions, as do I. But I think this crucifixion without substantiating evidence is appalling.

  18. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @119. Yeah, and he’s awfully cute, too, ain’t he Stephanie?

  19. OWB says:

    Oh, goody. A defender. She admits that she is not military and therefore has no way of knowing what we know about the obvious problems with what he said and what he earned.

    Evidently this is exactly the sort scumbags like this are trying to impress (as he obviously did) and probably why they keep doing it.

    Good luck with those rosy glasses, Steph. Meanwhile, please let those of us who actually know what the DD-214 means respond to what is rather than what we wish it were.

  20. Stephanie says:

    @120 That’s your best response. I must have a “thing” for him. Now you are just showing your ignorance. God forbid someone doesn’t want to jump to conclusions without evidence supporting them. I realize this is a biased forum. You already decided to be judge, jury and executioner with getting all the answers.

  21. OWB says:

    Well, Steph, we DID get the answers to the questions – all the answers prove that he is a douch, and probably needs to be incarcerated for his crimes.

    You probably were asking very different questions. And, yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but perhaps you should leave this to the folks who actually know the requirements about military uniform wear, disability claims, and such things.

  22. Stephanie says:

    @121. you know nothing of me nor my intelligence. I may not be military but I am quite aware of what a DD-214 means. You can attack me all you want because that appears to be what you are good at. I will not respond further.

  23. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Well, yeah, but that’s just me. If he looked like Jay Jay from Good Times, my guess is that we wouldn’t be hearing from you. Owb has another take. And there will be others responding soon enough.

  24. OWB says:

    That didn’t take long did it? Where did I question her intelligence? Where did I attack her??

    What? Is this third grade?? (That, in case anyone might not be sure, really WAS intended as an insult.)

  25. Virtual Insanity says:


    This forum, based on a preponderance of the evidence, has determined that Todd has, indeed, worked to make people believe he is A) Former SF and B) Combat wounded.

    Further, we have found him to be an inveterate d-bag who takes advantage of others, and that a likelihood exists that he is defrauding the VA.

    Read the comments, look at the links. May not be enough to convict in court (yet), but we don’t require that.

    Grand Jury complete.

  26. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Well, that’s the first time we’ve had a woman come in here to defend a phony. Well, maybe not. Totally part of the pattern we see every time.

    By the way, I did an interview earlier with a Seattle TV station about Todd. The reporter wanted to interview Todd and I emailed him, so we’ll see if he makes an appearance.

  27. Ex-PH2 says:

    Yeah, well Bernie Madoff’s clients were in denial until the forensic evidence was plonked down right in front of them, too.

    This individual has a website for a search engine for attorneys, something that is completely unnecessary for several reasons:
    A) any lawyer in the country has access to Lexis/Nexis, which is the legitimate search engine for attorneys and law firms. I worked for Foley & Lardner, a rather large law firm, for 12 years, and I can prove that. I think I know what the hell I’m talking about.
    B) He’s not up and running for business just yet, but he has offices in three different cities, posted on his website: Framingham, MA; West Palm Beach, FL; and Chandler, AZ. That’s a red flag right there.

    And for your information, 301 Clematis Street, Suite #3000, West Palm Beach, FL, is a restaurant.

    Galleria International Inc.
    301 Clematis Street, Suite 3000, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    Rental Rate: N/A
    Property Type:Retail Property
    Additional Sub-types:Restaurant
    Building Size:45,000 SF
    Year Built: 1937
    Anchor Tenant 1:ReMaxAnchor Tenant
    2:Sunglass Hut

    Still think he’s legit?

  28. Ex-PH2 says:

    I left the other search engine, Westlaw, out of the search engine listing above. Both Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis are available to and used by law firms and attorneys in private practice.

    Anyone have any questions about this?

  29. Joe Williams says:

    At #122,young Lady,reading is your friend.The article at the top of this page explains everything that is wrong with Todd. Almost everyone commenting on this site are Military. A lot of us are combat Vets. Have you heard the phease, Stolen Valor? Please read the comments, starting with #1and so fourth. Joe

  30. At #115, I lamented that the girlfriend had not yet shown. Then at #119, there she is. How many of our posers have had the pleasure of a female standing between them and their outing? How many more comments before we hear from a family member defending his “mental struggle”.
    Do these posers have a playbook? They pretty much run the same routes.

  31. Jeff says:

    I have seen enough evidence on this site and from searching his name to come to the conclusion that he is a scam artist! I hope some can verify how much was donated and whrere the money went. Stephanie open your eyes do some reading you will see it too!

  32. Amber says:

    Im a women, and I served. Todd is an asshole and should get whats coming to him.

    Feel sorry for his wife she should dump that chump.

  33. Ex-PH2 says:

    Keep an eye on this guy. If charity scams don’t work, he may take up investment scams. I’ve seen this before. So have many of you. I don’t think it ends with this.

  34. RandomNCO says:

    @117 The link at #109 has his profile, which includes his “education” with six different places. (And a terrible picture of him)

    And “Stephanie” you sure do type and sound a lot like the “Danielle” that posted on my site. Only, that person met “Mr. Stand-up-Guy” Todd after his phony ruck march. Weird, huh? Makes me wonder who you ACTUALLY are.

    Either someone who’s been scammed by him and you’re too dumb to realize it, or you’re actually just Todd.

  35. Hondo says:

    Stephanie, perhaps you can explain the following:

    1. Hamilton has claimed his “bum leg” was due to getting shot in the leg 6 times. His records show he was never deployed to a combat zone.
    2. Hamilton claimed to be SF, and wore multiple other qualification badges. His records demonstrate he was never SF and did not earn those qualification badges.
    3. Hamilton claimed to have worn those badges “as a tribute” and to have made an error. He had served 2+ years in the military and knew (or should have known) that it is never OK to wear a badge or medal you don’t rate legitimately.
    4. He was discharged for “disability”. He’s now rucksack marching 200+ miles.

    I’d love to her an explanation for the above that doesn’t include Hamilton being a liar and a fraud. But I’m not gonna hold my breath.

  36. RandomNCO says:

    Hey Todd,

    How come you password protected your blog? I was enjoying reading all of your phony BS about how cool you are and how every woman you meet wants to sleep with you. And how you want to sleep in your buddies Foxhole. And how the VA just doesn’t “Get it” when it comes to wounded vets.

    You can run, and hide, but I have a feeling pretty sure you’re going to see that any time anyone ever searches Todd M. Hamilton they are going to be met with news articles about how you’re a fake and blogs how you’re a fraud.

    How’s that going to work when it comes to finding employment or more people to scam? Going to change your name? Breanna Hamilton sounds nice…

  37. Ex-PH2 says:

    @136 – the Quora account has been deactivated.

    How odd is it (not) that when Toodd’s claims are questioned, he tries to take away all evidence of them?

    But he forgets that the internet is a savage beast, and guards its prey ferociously.

    Also, I was pointing out that someone who claims an education from six different universities is either a professional student (someone who is afraid to leave academia), has been dismissed for cause from most of them, or is just plain lying about it.

    He lists General Dynamics as a school. General Dynamics is an aviation tech development company, not a school, so even if GenD paid his tuition under a tuition reimbursement employee benefit, it is invalid to list it in that category. Employer on his resume, yes. Education, no.

    I also question his claims that he attended NYU and Penn State. They are tough schools to get into and academically, even tougher to complete. Note that he does not SAY that he graduated from any of those schools or that he even completed the cooking school curriculum.

    The Culinary Institute is also a very tough school; you are required to pass tests on food chemistry to graduate. All culinary schools require that. Alton Brown is an expert on defninf food chemistry. Even if you do graduate, the best you can hope for on finishing is a sous-chef position, and you don’t go to that kind of school to just take a cooking class unless you are auditing only.

    Granted, most colleges and universities have what is referred to as “open education”, which allows people to take classes that interest them without pursuing a degree, and you can always audit a class if you pay the tuition. I did that at the American Academy of Art, every Saturday morning for four years. I enjoyed the living daylights out of it. However, I don’t list the American Academy of Art on my education line because I was not pursuing a degree in fine art from AAofA.

    While Todd may have taken classes at the universities he listed, he does not say anywhere that he has a degree from any of them, including the Culinary Institute, nor does he provide any kind of backup. There’s nothing wrong with having a degree from Palm Beach State, for example, but why does he not specify that he was an undergrad student, what his degree was, and what his major was?

    When did he, or did he even, graduate from any of those schools?

    So am I impinging/disputing/snarking at his claims? Oh, you betcha!!!

    My response to his education claims is ‘Cough up your transcripts, clown dog, or shut the frak up.’

    I sure hope he’s better at sex that he is at lying and conning people, because “Stephanie” sounds awfully disapointed that anyone would pick on her ‘boy’.

    Like I said previously, this story doesn’t end here. Let’s keep an eye on Toodd and see where he pops up next.

  38. Hondo says:

    The Quora account may be disabled, but the pages are still posted. And captured. (smile)

  39. RandomNCO says:

    Good stuff #139

    Like I mentioned before, he probably road marched through those campuses and figured he could go ahead and claim that he “went” to the school. He probably did not know that you can’t say you’ve been to a college when you haven’t. His mistake. :p

  40. Hondo says:

    Interestingly enough, Toddy-boy lists “Boston” as what appears to be a geographical location in which he’s lived or has business interests.

    Want to guess the general area from which “Stephanie” is posting?

  41. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, “she” didn’t.

    Wait…does this mean Toooddd is having sex with himself?

  42. Hondo says:

    While many here have invited him to do so, Ex-Ph2 – I kinda doubt it. Hamilton reputedly lives in Chandler, AZ, these days.

    I’m thinking that’s an admirer from a past visit to Boston. One his current wife – who posted above from Chandler, AZ – may well not know about.

  43. RandomNCO says:

    Just like the “Danielle” from my site. Another one of Todd’s girlfriends I’m sure.

  44. Hondo: Jerry Lee has friended me on FB. Check my comment #105 at the post here:

  45. Ex-PH2 says:

    Okay, well, since he’s in Chandler, maybe YatYas could pay him a visit, eh? The address is listed in one of my posts above, but I’m adding it here, just so it doesn’t go away.

    Chandler AZ Office: 3800 West Chandler BLVD, Chandler AZ 85226

    It occurred to me that Toodd was let go from General Dynamics, maybe as part of a RIF in the recession, because he does not actually have a resume. All he has is poorly written marketing babble on any of the sites he’s cooked up.

    If you worked for someone and you had a good relationship with your employer, you’d keep that as a reference for a job hunt. Is there anyone here who has NOT put a resume together?

    So Toodd may have been ‘disemployed’ by GenD and couldn’t find a real job anywhere, and turned to scamming people in the name of charity.

    “Charity” has a nicer ring to it than “investments”, doesn’t it?

    This just gets better and better all the time.

  46. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 124 Stephanie … wrong.

    Let me be clear, you will respond again. You and those like you can not help themselves. In fact, my response to your claim that you will not respond again, will as stated, cause you to respond. It is a cycle that we are used to and as we watch the unravelling of claims and stories … defenders like you only support our positions about posers, fakers, liers, con-artists, and the like …

    So Steph .. you don’t have to respond … but I betcha you do!

  47. Ex-PH2 says:

    I just checked out the “office” address listed as 3800 West Chandler Boulevard, Chandler, AZ.

    It’s an apartment complex. Here’s the link.

    Did anyone call those phone numbers at the other addresses?

  48. RandomNCO says:

    You’d think a former Special Forces Captain could land a better job than “Phony Marketing Company from my Apartment”…