Duff predicts “nuclear Christmas”

| November 30, 2012

TSO sends a link to Veterans Today‘s senior editor Gordon Duff and his latest drooling on his keyboard predicting a nuclear detonation in the US by “groups within the Pentagon, several government agencies and wealthy and powerful extremist backers of Netanyahu and, in particular, the “Gulf Cartel” operating from Mexico that has penetrated nearly all levels of government, law enforcement and the military across the country.” Of course, they got the idea from watching the post-apocalyptic TV show “Jericho”. And Duff’s choice for president, Obama, is in on it for some odd reason.

Six days ago, the President of the United States, on his official public website, issued a warning about “government insiders” who were planning “violent acts” against the “government and the nation.”

Despite the public nature and seriousness of this announcement and the draconian measures alluded to in order to “mitigate” the threat, no member of the opposition party which usually jumps on any and every word the president says has mentioned anything.

Moreover, there has been a total press blackout on this press release, which is prominently displayed on the White House website. Those we have spoken with at the highest levels of the military and key intelligence and law enforcement agencies indicate they have never seen a statement of this kind and find it shocking.

Apparently, some unnammed group stole some nuclear weapons back in 1990 and they’ve been hidden somewhere, probably in Prescott Bush’s mausoleum, and now someone is going to detonate them to create, whatelse, a false flag attack that will implicate Iran so we can retaliate against them.

And, oh, by the way, the war that we’ve been embroiled in for the last decade was all invented;

Historical record will prove that the US Department of Justice did, in fact, invent “Al Qaeda” in order to bring “conspiracy” charges against Osama bin Laden where there was absolutely no evidence of his involvement. We are speaking of the East Africa embassy bombings.

President Obama, in his November 21, 2012 press release has, after all these years, finally admitted that the American government is deeply infiltrated with militant extremists who have used false flag terror to push their political agenda.

In fact, the Bush 43 administration was almost entirely made up of militant extremists and, were it not for the political defeats of both McCain and Romney; organized crime would have had the military forces of the US as their “private army” for eight more years.

Of course, Duff doesn’t provide any links to these supposed revelations by President Obama, mostly likely because his links would prove him to be the conspiracy nutcase that he is.

So, when the predicted nuclear detonation doesn’t happen, it will be because Duff exposed it. By the way, Duff’s source for all of this lunacy is PressTV, the Iran government’s official mouthpiece.

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  1. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    It is all true. Just wait and see. Duff is pure genious … singularly brilliant!

  2. TSO says:

    This will be what, like the 15th Nuclear attack on the US this year alone according to Duff, right?

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Damn! Those nukes are all hidden in my gardening shed.

    I told him not to say anything about it!

    What is WRONG with him?

  4. Twist says:

    Shhhhh…I’ve been hiding the nukes in my downstairs bathtub. I am just waiting on orders from my evil overlord to activate them.


  5. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Once the nuke goes off … we will be shipping all the citizens to FEMA Camps. Duff and Ventura should start a Government Conspiracy Consulting Firm.

    They can call it: Duff and Duffer, LLC.

  6. PintoNag says:

    He keeps wishing this on us like he’s immune to fallout or something. Lunatic.

  7. Just an Old Dog says:

    Wow,,, somehow I have a strange feeling that this guy’s keyboard is powered by a crack pipe.

  8. Just Plain Jason says:

    Well good thing he exposed this, because he just prevented the entire thing from happening. I think he deserves an award.

    Wonk Wonk Wonk….

  9. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    The total press blackout on the draconian measure, as described by Dufus, is tacit recognition by the media that there was no news in the story. And there wasn’t. The matter he describes was a memo calling attention to a not-yet-released security policy, likely prompted by the WikiLeaks ugliness. He really can go places, that Duffster. He’s kind of funny, in a Helen Keller joke sort of way.

    If you would like to see the actual, bona fide, properly signed, dated, and stamped, really, really legitimate and real McCoy official memo from the–dare I say it?–White House, go here:

  10. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    FOR SALE: One (1) Bomb Shelter. Never used. Good condition. Built 1958. Comfortably accomodates two adults or one adult and a dog.

  11. NHSparky says:

    @ 2 TSO–IX-NAY on the EAPONS-WAY!

    Yeah, he only has to be right once, and who’ll be laughing then? Huh? HUH???

  12. Flagwaver says:

    I think the only thing he was right about was that his mama didn’t have any kids that lived. Otherwise, he’s not even right in the head.

  13. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Never watched Jericho. Looked kinda cool and was thinking of maybe trying to find the series on DVD, but I’ll pass now that I know the nuke strike turns out to be ‘false flag’ attack by our own government.

  14. BCousins says:

    Not saying he did but if Obummer did talk about inside conspirators, he was probably referring to the hundreds of retired general and flag officers who signed on supporting Romney.

  15. Chip@NASA says:

    For you OLD FARTS out there…..


    For you Kids in the Room


    / just like in M*A*S*H, just use one of those standard S-1798s and write in “Nukular Bomb” where it says “Volcano.”

  16. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Wait, this guy Duff is not writing satire?

  17. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @15. I liked both. Many years after I learned, in school, to “duck and cover” the US Army taught me the exact same thing. “You see a bright light. What do you do?” Amid a small chorous of bend over and kiss it goodbye, came the correct answer: duck and cover. As I recall, we used ponchos for cover. I kid you not.

  18. DaveO says:

    I thought the world was ending on 12/21/12. So I’m worried about nukes that can’t be fired 4 days later?

    Given the laws of academic stupidity, sometime 500 years in the future Duff’s hysterics will be the only source of history to have survived, and our descendents (whomever survives the Great Mayan Calendar Ending) will have to watch shows about “Duff: Twentyfirst Century Nostrodamus.”

    Maybe by that time our descendents will have finished paying off our debt.

  19. Reaperman says:

    Peter Sellers is expected to play half the roles in the movie version.

  20. Old Trooper says:

    Yeah, I checked out the Whitehouse website and there is no press release for Nov. 21st that states anything like Duff is describing. I guess they must have pulled it because Gordy called them out.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    (Palm smacks forward.) No, no, no, DaveO!

    Everyone has that date wrong.

    The end of the world is 12/20/2012 as 12:20 (AM) or 20:12 (PM).

    It’s an anagram. Reads the same forwards and backwards.

  22. Mr. Blue says:

    But what if the end of the world happens on the Julian calendar? Then its either today, or on the 7th (hows that for irony?).

  23. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @20. The link to the memo that Dufus is referring to is in cmt 9.

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    @22, you just had to go and spoil my surprise, didn’t you?


  25. CC Senor says:

    @17 Just be glad you weren’t part of a Davy Crockett crew. Step 1, dig a deep hole……

    And is Duff a consultant for Ventura’s TV show?

  26. streetsweeper says:

    Gordo was saying it just to draw some attention his way because he feels relegated to the back of the bus. He is waiting to hear from Janos’s management team as to whether or not, he will be hired on as a co-conspirator.

  27. OWB says:

    For the one or two indiviuals left on Earth who were not already aware that Gordo is nuts, this should eliminate all doubt.

  28. Ex-PH2 says:

    There’s a guy in Indiana who sees crows roosting in large numbers (which they do, as social animals) in town and thinks the world is coming to an end, when they’re really only looking for food. He also thinks that sundogs, which he’s never seen — he claims he’s 38 — indicate that not only is the world coming to an end, but there is also an extra sun in the sky. He thinks that the local mil-reserve exercises. which have a Blackhawk flying over his house, mean he’s being spied on and passenger jets flying with their fuselages lit by spotlights are UFOs.

    There’s room for everyone in this world. Gordo is just one of the everyones.

  29. The Duffoon is still writing for the masses? Well at least for all 2 of his readers, (one of which is his personal “man in the mirror”). I thought he was certifiable when I first read one of his drooling diatribes in ’05 or ’06. It is unflippinbelieveable but he has descended even lower in IQ since then.

  30. I rarely click over to his “Looneytoons Today” site, but did today. His commenters are as wacky as he is. I am glad they don’t drop by here. They would embarrass Joe from ever coming here again for us to poke n jab at him.
    Noticed that the Duffoon has blond hair and blue eyes. There are many reasons for one to have that makeup, but the leading one by far is inbredization, which is known to cause offspring to have diminished mental capacity. H’mmmm, I wonder if his momma and uncle conspired to create him?

  31. The Dead Man says:

    Is this the same Gordon from LGF? Dude was fruitloops.

    On a side note, I’m getting tired of having to calmly explain that the world isn’t ending because a bunch of sun worshipers didn’t finish most of their calenders. If it weren’t Utah I’d think they were joking.

  32. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Gordon Dufus is out of his mind. Psychosis is a terrible thing and Gordy is the poster child.

  33. Arby says:

    It looks like Duff mistook Weird Al Yankovic’s 1986 classic “It’s Christmas at Ground Zero” for the real thing… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t039p6xqutU&sns=em

  34. bartdp says:

    My first exposure to Gordon Duff……….and I thought Info Wars was bad. I need to stay outside and keep busy…..!

  35. DaveO says:

    #21 Ex-PH2: I’ve never been so goodly with annagrammar. But her sister’s cute.

    So when do I die? I’m trying to use up my life savings partying before we all go out. I started with $10.

  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    Haha! Let’s see — well, sometime between yesterday and the rest of our lives, no matter what we do, we’re still gonna die, so go have a whale of a good time, and while you’re at it, have one for me, too!

  37. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here it is. This NASA scientist assures us that the world is NOT going to end, no matter what crackpot ideas are floating around about it.


    DaveO, enjoy your partying. It’s the weekend!!!