Breanna admits suicidal behavior

| November 30, 2012

Remember how we all speculated that Breanna Manning has probably given his jailers reason to believe he was suicidal and that’s why they treated him like they did? Like wrapping him in scratchy blankets, and taking away everything that he could kill himself with? Well, according to a link from the Associated Press, sent to us by TSO, that’s exactly what he did.

The Army private charged with handing over reams of classified material to WikiLeaks acknowledged Friday that he tied a bedsheet into a noose and contemplated suicide shortly after his arrest.

The pretrial testimony appeared to support the military’s argument that it was trying to protect Pfc. Bradley Manning from harming himself by keeping him in strict isolation, taking away his clothes and shackling him when he was outside his cell.

Yeah, so trying to make a noose out of your bed clothes and threatening to hang yourself with your Lion King Underoos gets uncomfortable when people don’t want you to kill yourself. I guess this revelation makes his lawyer and the Code Pink/VFP folks look pretty stupid for all of their hand-wringing about torture.

“I certainly made a noose,” the former intelligence analyst said. “The sheet noose in particular.”

When he was transferred to the brig at Quantico in July 2010, he said, he wrote on his intake form that he was “always planning and never acting” upon suicidal thoughts. He was classified a suicide risk for eight days, then was upgraded to the less-restrictive “prevention of injury” status.


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  1. I’d suggest that once they’re done with the trial, let the little cocksucking turd into the general prison population and let things get sorted out naturally.

  2. Athena says:

    I offer my rope tying services for the little twit.

  3. WhiteOneAlpha says:

    Too bad he didn’t do it. Save us all the time and money of prosecuting him. Nothing says innocence like suicide.

  4. Nik says:

    @2, 3

    While I agree with the sentiment, that could be detrimental to a serviceman’s career and if you’re going to get your career fucked over for something this penis-wrinkle isn’t worth it.

  5. Just Plain Jason says:

    He won’t last long in general population at the detention barracks. I wonder if they will protest him being at Leavenworth because hippies won’t know where to find it.

  6. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    C’mon…does anyone really think this PoS has the guts to do it?! I’ll wager my next retirement check I could give him my k-bar and instruct IT on how to do it and IT would sh1t IT’S panties.

  7. DaveO says:

    Regardless of the truth, the folks guarding the accused are going to take it in their shorts.

    Manning craves attention – negative as much, or maybe more, than positive. It was the attention given him by his own personal Madame Butterfly that inspired Manning to allegedly steal and then give away all those secrets.

    Committing suicide cuts Manning off from attention, and he won’t suffer that.

  8. Joe Williams says:

    Agreed with Dave O Joe

  9. Nik says:


    I suspect Manning is going to find himself at the center of more attention than he wants and will be crying “suicide” just so he can get back to the style of custody he’s bitching about now.

  10. MAJ Mike says:

    Little poofta is an attention whore and is setting up an insanity plea. Guess he/she is also hoping for some sympathy from Amnesty International.

    Not that I really care, but has the “gay community” come to this little fart-knocker’s defense?