Unintended Consequences

| December 8, 2012

Well, it looks like there might well be some additional fallout from our support for those “Arab Spring” uprisings.  As in a resurgence of al Qaeda in North Africa – complete with the establishment of safe havens and training grounds.

As reported here,  it appears that al Qaeda is making deliberate attempts to set up shop in Libya.  It also appears they’re well along the way to succeeding.

The article lists 3 factors that, taken together, show strong evidence of an overall plan by al Qaeda to set up shop in Libya.  Those factors are

  • the dispatch of two leaders (Abu Anas al Libi and Abd al Baset Azzouz) who report to al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan;
  • the presence of affilaited groups, in particular al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM); and
  • close support by sympathetic local militias, in particular those led by ex-Guantanamo inmate Abu Sufian Ben Qumu.

The article goes on to provide evidence indicating al Qaeda is likely moving to set up safe haven and training areas in southern Libya.

I think we’ve seen this movie before – a bit over a decade ago.  As well as around 20 years before that.  And it sucked the first two times around.

The thesis gets support from the USAFRICOM commander, GEN Carter Ham.  GEN Ham has indicated his concern over “a growing linkage, growing network and collaboration and synchronization amongst various extremist organizations which I think pose the greatest threat to regional stability more broadly across Africa, certainly into Europe, United States as well.”

Gee, the Arab Spring being organized or (more likely) exploited by al Qaeda for their own benefit.  Yeah, I know – that’s so obvious Stevie Wonder could have seen it coming.

You’ll have to ask the current Administration why they didn’t, and chose to provide support to the Arab Spring uprisings anyway.

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  1. FltMedic says:

    “You’ll have to ask the current Administration why they didn’t, and chose to provide support to the Arab Spring uprisings anyway.”

    Redundant question is redundant….

  2. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Of course, the only thing that succeeds is extreme and unihibited violence against these guys. Anything else is a distant second and is altogether ineffective and carries a short shelf life. It’s a matter of when, not if, the civilized world decides to meet these purveyors of evil and harm on their own terms. From the ashes good can arise. Until then, we’re all just whistlin’ Dixie.

  3. Devtun says:

    BO’s reaction to Al Qaeda resurgence, fiscal cliff and hurricane Sandy FEMA impotence? Screw you all, I’m going on 3 week $4M Hawaiian vacay. BO has the MSM issued deluxe extra thick teflon armor…he’s untouchable and he knows it. Promise of transparency and accountability? Phew, what of it? I’m the President – go pound sand.

  4. LZ says:

    It’s very frustrating that this administration (and sometimes I think every administration) refuses to read a history book. We’re not even talking about ancient history. Shit, you don’t have to look back much farther than the shelf life of the milk in your fridge to learn this lesson.

  5. UpNorth says:

    But, Al Qaeda is on the run. Didn’t Baracka and Joe Bite-Me tell us that? How can this be?
    But, as Devtun said, can’t let this, or the fiscal cliff or incompetence far above what FEMA showed after Katrina interfere with the vacation. Just have to blow that $4 million.

  6. NHSparky says:

    I’m just curious how many TLAM-D missiles you can buy on what the pres__ent spends on golf and vacations.

  7. DaveO says:

    Wonder who’s master thesis became the basic plan for the Arab Spring?

    Betting there’s only one degree of separation from Obama.