Sergeant Stubby

| December 10, 2012

So, this is from an email from my Dad. It sounded a little weird, but I Googled SGT Stubby and he was a real dog, according to the Smithsonian Institute. It may be an old story, but it’s news to me.

It looks like he was a stray that attached himself to a soldier, Private J. Robert Conroy, in the 102nd Infantry, 26th Yankee Division while the unit was on Yale Field in New Haven, Connecticut in 1917. Conroy smuggled him to France with the unit when they went to war. Conroy taught Stubby to salute the commanding officers, which saved him from being exiled from the unit.

Stubby excelled at finding wounded troops on the battlefield. After he himself was gassed and nearly died, Stubby could warn the troops of gas attacks. He also warned them of incoming artillery.

According to the Smithsonian;

Stubby was awarded many medals for his heroism, including a medal from the Humane Society which was presented by General John Pershing, the Commanding General of the United States Armies. He was awarded a membership in the American Legion and the Y.M.C.A.

When Private Conroy left the Army and went to law school, Stubby accompanied him. The dog died in 1926.

ADDED: TSO sent this link to Badass of the Week.

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    Here is a similar story, with a horse during the Korean War. never heard about it until my brother asked me. It would make a great movie, as long as the can get the unforms right.

  2. Just Plain Jason says:

    I remember reading about him when I was a kid. It was in some book about dogs in war.

  3. pete says:

    ol stubby was just Chesty incognito! lol

  4. TSO says:

    Hack- I read an article about Reckless in a Texas Cowboy magazine at my wife’s grandfathers house last year. I’m trying to see if he was also an honorary Legionnaire.

  5. USMCE8Ret says:

    Hats off to Sgt Stumpy! I must admit, our Corps’ own mascot can’t measure to the exploits of this fine animal. Just reading both articles made me proud to know that such an animal once existed, and served honorably as well.

  6. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    How DoD a dog that bad-a$$ ever wind up in the…Army?!? He has Marine written all over him! 🙂 Sgt Stumpy, I’m proud to have shared the rank with you.

  7. TSO says:

    Now adays I get shit from a CSM because I wrote about how one of his men picked up a turtle. I shit you not.

  8. This dog has a larger stack than I do!

  9. MCPO on Taxidermy says:

    I went to the museum web site. Seems like Stumby was well … stuffed. I prefer dignified burials myself.

    Great story about SGTs Stubby and Reckless!

  10. Thunderstixx says:

    Great story !!!!!

  11. Mr Wolf, non-Esq says:

    If Stubby could swim, he’d have been a SEAL

    Hell, he’d have put half a Ranger regiment to shame.

    SF wishes they could be Stubby.

    Stubby was no FOBBIT…

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Speak of the Dogs of War!

    Well, if you all did not know about this before, there is an option to adopt a retired or injured military working dog:

    And they need homes to go to just like any other retired/disabled vet, especially if they are overseas when they are injured.

  13. Mr Wolf, non-Esq says:

    Chuck Norris’ dog was named Stubby…

  14. Tom Huxton says:

    A bear named Wojtek was enlisted in the Polish army and served in combat. (ISYN)

  15. Greetings:

    I love dogs – – – , especially when they’re on a bun, with mustard, chili, and cheese!

    Here is the URL for some stories about MY canine companion (now deceased) way back when I was guarding a cattle ranch out in Utah, many aeons ago.

    Merry Christmas, y’all!

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507


    “A bear named Wojtek was enlisted in the Polish army and served in combat.”

    Tom Huxton, Et Alii:

    Here is the URL for a song I composed about Theodore Edward Bair (i.e., “Ted E. Bair”), which was a Christmas gift given to me by a girl in Idaho.

    Nollaig Chridheil!
    (i.e., pronounced “Noll-Yeek-Kree-Yell”, that means “Merry Christmas!” in Scottish gaelic.)

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

  17. Julius says:

    sgt. stubby has the makings of a marine, through and through