Up to no good

| December 12, 2012

Up to no good
So I’m going to the range this afternoon. I’m dressed in Multicam (in CONUS, Sergeant Major), I have my scary-looking assault rifles, one of which I modified to add a pistol grip and flash suppressor during the Clinton-era assault weapon ban, the other I bought at a gun show. All of my ammunition was bought on the internet and it’s high capacity ammunition, too, just like the magazines (that’s “clips” for you media guys). I have a Glock with a 27-round magazine with me, too. And I’m not wearing a PT belt or Eye-Pro. I plan on shooting targets that are the silhouette of people.

So, are there any anti-gun nuts or Sergeant Majors I haven’t pissed off? Just want to cover all of my bases.

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  1. Nik says:

    Reading this thread…I’m thinking one song.

    Note: NSFW language. You have been advised.

  2. M. Oleman says:

    I got out of the army as an 11B in ’88 and reupped in the Reserves in ’07 thinking maybe I could ride a desk and free up someone else to do the real work. Anyway, the PT belt and the Pre PT safety briefing fed my ulcer and enlarged my prostate. I tried to explain to the youngsters that we used to run on the hardtop and the uniform was take off your fatigue shirt and cap. and no one ever got kilt. IT’s tough getting old.

  3. Joe Williams says:

    Uncle Jimbo said you liked hand cannons.Are your ARs .223 caliber? I have a Armalite A-10 in .308. Did you get to the range Today? I am still hunting Deer with my crossbow. Joe

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