Patrick Haab; Anti-immigrant phony

| December 14, 2012

A few years ago, you might have heard about Patrick Haab who held seven illegal immigrants at gun point in Arizona’s Maricopa County. He claimed he was an Army Reservist sergeant who had just come back from an Iraq deployment and, of course, suffered from PTS. He was featured on Fox News’ old Hannity & Colmes Show at the time.

Well, you know the story already because he’s showing up on TAH. Scotty did the research and chased down his records.


Yup, a couple of months in the Guard and a few months in the Reserves. He did rocket up to PV2, which almost like a sergeant, right?  (SEE UPDATE BELOW, WAS A SGT)  And who hasn’t suffered from combat stress after counting bullets as an ammo handler? From his records, it doesn’t look like he even went to basic training (HE DID, AGAIN, SEE UPDATE), yet somehow he finagled a job training young cadets in Kentucky and wearing Sergeant rank.

Patrick Haab

So, whatever line he’s using works. He fooled the media then and now some military school.

UPDATE: OK, here’s the DD214 he sent me. It looks like he was a sergeant, but I don’t see any service in Iraq or Kuwait. He has a Kosovo Campaign Medal and a UN Medal, but it looks like his OEF Support was pulled from Michigan. In the comments, you can see that he said “I mistakenly said Iraq when I meant Kuwait and said Special Forces when I meant Special Operations” because those six (or seven) illegal aliens had him all discombobulated. Like he was on drugs for his PTS when he was arrested, even though it looks like he only deployed to Kosovo. Anyway, judge for yourself;

Haab DD214
I altered some of the addresses and his birth date.

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  1. Really???? says:

    Yes I realize from your comments you have no idea what the definition of “Educated outlook” is and how it applies. As SGT Haab noted we are on the same wireless network.

  2. Scotty says:

    Let me know if you need the links & e-mails on where to report Really ???? .

  3. Hondo says:

    Actually, “Really????” . . . it was you who noted the point about the same wireless network sharing an IP address.

    But since you say that was “SGT HAAB” who made that observation, I guess that must mean . . . . you’ve just exposed yourself as being the sock puppet.

    Thanks for playing.

  4. Really???? says:

    No that was SGT Haab. I am Pamela K. Asbury. Would you like to google me sir?

  5. SGT HAAB says:

    Ok, just e-mailed my DD214 to John, who I didn’t realize was the admin I e-mailed. A friend called me and told me about this website so I’m not familiar with it and just tried posting my records myself but either you can’t or I can’t figure it out

  6. Hondo says:

    Really???? – you might want to check comment 45 above. That’s the one that mentions a common IP address for the same wireless network. It appears to be yours.

    Not even a nice try.

  7. Scotty says:

    Snappy Salute 2-17 Air Cav………LMAOOOoooooo

  8. Really???? says:

    Is that your best defense? Calling me a sock puppet? I bet if I was supporting your tirade we would not be having this conversation but since I am supporting SGT Haab it is a different story and I am a sock puppet. I like when you were unable to intelligently debate this issue you resorted to infantile name calling. Enough said about his opposition don’t you think?

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Pamela? With a nastier mouth than mine? Geez, what’s the world coming to?

  10. Hondo says:

    Really???? – no, I’m referring to you as a “sock puppet” because that’s the accepted vernacular for using a fake persona to support a point of view in an on-line discussion in order to make others falsely believe you have supporters. We see it here at TAH fairly often.

    If I were going to call you names, I’d probably start off with something like “asshole”, “jackass”, or “shithead”. But I haven’t done that.


    Any time you want to engage in an intelligent discussion regarding the fact that your records don’t match your claims, Haab – we’re ready to do exactly that.

  11. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @53. “Educated outlook” Sorry. Can’t find it in the dictionary. I may not be as well educated as you so why don’t you take this opportunity and school me on that term?

  12. Really???? says:

    Nasty mouth? I did not resort to name calling or profanity. Why is an intelligent comment nasty. Is it because when I called you out you could not comment? You just resort to high school tactics?

  13. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Hondo: You’re a bright and learned fellow. Can you tell me what an “educated outlook” is? I find it terribly disconcerting that I am at a loss on this but I am not too proud to request assistance.

  14. Really???? says:

    Sorry boys but I made my point that maybe you aren’t the source people who want to form an educated opinion of SGT Haab should be listening too. And you did that all by yourselves…Good job!!!

  15. JBS says:

    @64 read comment #47.

  16. Virtual Insanity says:

    #66–I’m educated. May I, then, engage you?

    The preponderance of the evidence here and at Scotty’s tells me SGT Haab isn’t telling the unvarnished truth.

    I stand ready to see the documents from him that show the NPRC request fulfillment was incomplete, even though it was requested with SGT Haab’s full name and SSN.

    Although it means little (as SGT Haab claims to have left the service in 2007), there is only one Haab in AKO, also…a civilian who works in New Orleans.

    Oh, and Pamela? Haab hasn’t friended you on Facebook, if you’ve asked him to.

  17. Mustang says:

    There are indications that the records Scotty got from the FOIA are incomplete. Not that I’m passing any judgement yet, but when he was arrested in April 2005, the Sheriff’s office obtained his records and discovered that he was removed from his unit in Kuwait in Feb 2004. Without going into all the details around it, that piece shows that his service did extend to at least past the point of what the FOIA has.

  18. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I saw a study recently regarding folks who use multiple question marks and exclamation points to end sentences. If I recall correctly, the researcher found those who abuse punctuation to be compensating for writings largely devoid of meaningful content, tend to have limited cognitive facilities, and are usually drawn to self-absorbed mates. Hmmm.

  19. Scotty says:

    Still waiting on that paperwork from you Really???? stupid…PV2 Haab !

  20. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @69. Well, now, that begins to make sense, at least to me. Prior service. Was that too tough to explan? How many freakin’ times did I ask numbnuts and his girly spokesman that question? Two? Three?

  21. Scotty says:

    # 69, I saw that also & we’ve been investigating that claim to be certain that it is legit.

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    #64 Did not resort to name-calling or profanity? What? Do you read your own posts? Seriously. This is yours on post 47 above: Hey Scotty, haven’t you already been told to SHUT THE FUCK UP??? You’ll be reported to the FBI for defamation, dumb fuck

    If that isn’t profanity, then I’m the President of the USA.

  23. Jonn Lilyea says:

    OK, the DD214 has been posted. but it still looks like he did some lying to the media, although he was an E-5. I see him going to an OEF support unit in Michigan, but there are only seven months of foreign service which would have been the Kosovo deployment. No mention of a deployment to OEF except to Michigan.

  24. SGT HAAB says:

    2-17 Air Cav- I’m waiting on John, the admin, to post my DD214 since I can’t post it. Let me add it to my facebook, that’s Patrick Theodore Haab

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    AirCav, isn’t there something in that study about people who use multiple identities — something like that — as a means of misdirecting people?

  26. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Well, good. I am happy to hear that this thing is settling down. If Haab was an E-5, honorably discharged from military service without claims of awards or honors not earned, he is–at least to me–good to go.

  27. SGT HAAB says:

    Yes, I had attempted suicide while in Kuwait, days from going into Iraq. Spent a long time at Fort Bragg in a med hold detachment trying tons of meds. A med board was started but then I was returned to my unit where I was basically blackballed and honorably discharged. Been on meds ever since, any more questions?

  28. Scotty says:

    Jonn , Will you send me his dd-214 via e-mail please. I am requesting another sf-180 form to be submitted with the NPRC. We may send his dd-214 along with the request form. Too many WTF’s at the moment with this case.

  29. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, you said you were in Iraq for nine months and that wasn’t true was it? You were feeding the myth that Iraq War veterans are all on drugs and crazy and that pisses me off. How does one get “blackballed” from an Army unit?

  30. Scotty says:

    Nothing submitted on this dd-214 is showing up on his FOIA & 2-1 file other than his prior AD service which was actually reserve service. Plus I’m with Jonn. Nothing at all on either form shows that he was in Kuwait or Iraq.Plus did we have any Reserve units deployed to Kosovo?This shit stinks big time !

  31. TSO says:

    Notice the lack of an Expeditionary Medal.

  32. TSO says:

    OK, screw it, I’ll bite. When were you in Kuwait?

  33. SGT HAAB says:

    My unit, the 415th CA Bn was deployed to Iraq. Days before entering Iraq, while being prepped in Kuwait is when I attempted suicide and was stopped by fellow soldiers, hence the ‘pulled a knife on fellow soldiers’ false news story. Once again, ask the person involved, please!

  34. Ex-PH2 says:

    No one said anything about pulling a knife on fellow soldiers until now. How much more fiction are you planning to generate?

    Try writing books instead. You’re making yourself more and more ridiculous.

  35. TSO says:

    Really dude? You tried to play the hero card on that bullshit?

  36. TSO says:

    BTW shitdick, when you want to sue for us for “defamation” based on the legal advice of the moron across the room who looks like a sock, just email us and I will send you the info you will need to do so.

  37. NHSparky says:

    Remind me why I never believe anyone’s bullshit stories in any bar…including AmLegion/VFW ones.

  38. TSO says:

    Trust but verify.

  39. NHSparky says:

    It’s why half the people from the local sports bar are surprised when I walk into the local AmLegion Post, TSO.

    And most think I’m part of SAL.

  40. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Haab: I’m not sure what your experiences actually were or what prompted whatever false or mistaken accounts you may have provided to others about yourself. I am quite sincere when I say that if I were you I’d just let this matter close and move on to whatever legitimate and licit pleasures you have in life. If the fight is worthwhile, flail away. Otherwise, go in peace.

  41. Scotty says:

    Na, This shit ain’t right at all. Even after sending us his dd-214, He comments about shit that isn’t even listed on the dd-214 that he sent us.This case needs to go to a higher authority in order to find the actual truth behind this case. Question for you Mr Haab . Do you have a VA ID card ?

  42. SGT HAAB says:

    I apologize if I had mistakenly said I spent 9 months in Kuwait, supposed to be Kosovo.

    The reason I brought up the knife incident is that it’s on the web and I figured I might as well squash that incorrect news story before it was brought up.

    For the last time, question the source! What is so hard about that?

    SGT Patrick Haab (Honorably discharged)

    Heading out for a bit, question away but please question before bashing/accusing

  43. SGT HAAB says:

    Yes, I’ll take a picture or scan my VA ID card, which would you prefer?

  44. SGT HAAB says:

    This was my DD-214 that was provided to me after my second deployment, there are others and I can look for them if requested

  45. NIN says:

    #14: JA, pop me an email and I’ll answer any questions you have: I’ll leave the lively debate here to others.

  46. SGT HAAB says:

    Thank you Mr Ninness (prior co-worker at USAC). Hopefully you haven’t drank Mr Land’s cool-aid

  47. Scotty says:

    Please send any and all paper work that you have to Jonn. If you prove to be legit. Than the NPRC needs to update your file.Never had to write an apology letter before. But will if need be. You know what is recorded now with them.So it’s your call to straighten this cluster fuck out.You help us & we shall use ore resources to help you. Your BoS will remain open until the NPRC proves otherwise.

  48. SGT HAAB says:

    I just sent a picture of my VA ID card to John. When I get back I’ll send more documents. Be back in a few hours since I have to run to town and live out in the sticks. Thank you Scotty

  49. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Scotty. I’m buying it and by “it” I mean the E-5 and the honorable discharge. I know he’s no choir boy but there are how many featured guests at TAH who do what he has done and said in cmt 94?

  50. NIN says:

    #98 – Patrick: I’m just going to answer questions about the USAC’s program and history. I have ZERO knowledge of anything of this. Haven’t heard a peep, nobody’s said a thing to me. (I tend to try to stay out of personnel matters.. its not my lane)