Kickstarter; Chosin – a 3D Animated Movie

| December 15, 2012

You may remember that I wrote a brief review of the documentary “Chosin” several months ago. The producers wrote to us today as a result about their latest project – a 3D animated war film about the battle centered around the real life participants.

Marine Brian Iglesias, one of the producers, tells you about the project;

To me this means a whole new generation will learn of the exploits and sacrifice of the folks who fought “The Forgotten War” with this unique presentation. And this is an opportunity for us to help get the word out and a way to remember our bothers. We’ve helped other projects get “kickstarted” and I thought you should have the opportunity to support this one, too. As always, I’m leading the way.

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  1. WBG says:

    My platoon commander in Ramadi 2004/2005 (2/5 Marines). We would have followed him straight in to hell if he told us to. Best officer I ever knew.

  2. Randy Mathew says:

    As always, Marine Brian Iglesias gives me the scenes that I was expecting and give me even more interesting scenes regarding with his new 3D animated movie