Marine recruiter’s car shot in CA

| December 20, 2012


Art sends us the story and the above picture from an incident that happened on South Highway 85 in California when a recruiter was out driving and his government car was struck by bullets. From a local ABC News station;

A close-up look at his vehicle shows three bullet holes in the left rear passenger side of the government issued Pontiac, along with two shattered windows. Sheriff’s investigators are not sure if the shooter was in an adjacent lane or possibly in the opposite lanes of the busy freeway.

It was in the parking lot that the victim called 911 to report the shooting. This triggered a massive response by the California Highway Patrol and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. The southbound lanes of Highway 85 were immediately shut down while a phalanx of deputies combed the three lanes and shoulders for cases from the bullets.

The report says that it’s unlikely that someone shot at him because he’s a Marine, but you have to wonder why him out of all of the vehicles on any highway in California. It could have been the government plates that triggered the incident.

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  1. RunPatRun says:

    I dunno, Marine recruiter cars have Gov’t plates, and those folks are bumper sticker happy. Usually not hard to spot a USMC G-jet.

  2. Hack Stone says:

    I know quite a few people that would have like to take a few shots at the Career Recruiter at my RSS, and that list would include me. Biggest dick I ever met in my entire Marine Corps career. Needle-Dick looked like Mr. Burns from The simpsons, and he drove a Yugo. Who the ef drives a Yugo? Yeah, the 1986 Yugo is a real chick magnet. Had it all tricked out. AM radio, a windshield, it even had four tires.

  3. Redacted1775 says:

    8412’s are PURE EVIL. You cannot kill that which is already (brain)dead.

  4. USMCE8Ret says:

    I found that most 8412’s were great at recruiting, but had terribly social skills, militarily speaking. Yeah, they could market and sell, but beyond protection at the MCRD schoolhouse (Recruiting School), most I ran in to would never have survived a day in the fleet because of the attitude.

    When I actually attended Recruiter School, most of the instructors were VERY young GySgt’s, with impressive records in recruiting circles but not very impressive to the rest of us, but they didn’t know anything about the Marine Corps beyond their little world. Kinda wierd.