Phony Marine guarding school (UPDATED)

| December 20, 2012

Preston sends us a link to Business Insider who checked out the background of Sgt. Craig Pusley, a marine who the Associated Press and Huffington Post among others featured in an article about how Pusley volunteered to guard a local school in his Marpats.

Well Business Insider found out that Pusley hadn’t even made it out of training during his stint;

Craig R. Pusley served for not even a year, from 17 July 2007 to 8 April 2008, never earned a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS – a job designation), and never left Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, according to the report.

He left the Corps as a basic Marine (8000 MOS designation), no reserve status.

His rank was never more than Private First Class, he never deployed, and his only award was for the National Defense Service Medal.

I’ve got a Facebook conversation about Staff Sgt. Jordan Pritchard that isn’t very flattering either. So, while I think some of these guys hearts are in the right places, they need to keep the phony shit out of it.

UPDATE: Our buddy, Jeff Schogol at the Air Force Times sends us a link to the Marine Corps Times interview with Pusley;

“There’s a lot of fabrication to this story that didn’t come out of my mouth,” Pusley said. “All I know is that I talked to a Modesto Bee lady, and everything went crazy.”

Photographs show him wearing the rank insignia of a sergeant, however. Asked about that, he said he didn’t realize what was on the uniform and borrowed it from someone else.

“I feel horrible about this,” he said. “My intention was for the kids. I don’t understand why everyone has to find a negative in every situation.”

Pusley didn’t have an explanation why Austin would have reported that he went to Iraq and Afghanistan, or why it was repeated in subsequent news coverage. However, he said he is “deeply sorry” if standing in front of the school in uniform if it offended anyone, and has written an email to the White House apologizing. He wasn’t anticipating a blast of negativity after appearing at the school, he said.

“I cannot emphasize enough how sorry I am that all of this has happened,” he said. “These were not my intentions. This was never supposed to happen.”

Yeah, funny how that happens – you tell lies and when you get caught, it’s hardly your fault.

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  1. Green Thumb says:

    Jesus F’ing H. Christ.

    Give me a break.

  2. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    No excuse. Thank him and kick him dead in the ass if it’s true.

  3. Cajun says:

    Somehow, I wasn’t shocked by that

  4. Loach says:

    Sometimes I wish my instincts were wrong.

  5. Whitey_wingnut says:

    Not too big of a shocker, heart was in the right place, but he didn’t need to be wearing a uniform to do it.

  6. The Sniper says:

    No real Marine would say some bullshit like “I don’t need a weapon” because every real grunt knows that you don’t bring fists to a gun fight. Fucking stupid.

  7. PAO SSG says:

    I saw that on the news and said to my wife, “Just please don’t let it be another Stolen Valor idiot trying to look cool and get on TV.”

    So yeah, once again a phoney trying to look good.

  8. Hack Stone says:

    Maybe we can get the wrold’s fourth most dangerous man to guard a school or two. Shouldn’t be a probelm, unless numbers one through three decide to show up and kick his ass.

  9. Green Thumb says:


    Heard that. “Ranger” Burrell leads the way…

    Oh wait. He might be on a secret mission…

  10. FatCircles0311 says:

    Told you. Marines know who these asshole phonies are instantly.

  11. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @8 Well the way Burrell ranks people you are either a 1,2,3 or 4….it’s more like percentile than actual standings. Thus, 75% of the population can kick his sorry 4ss….

  12. This Guy says:

    #7: I said the same thing. I saw that photo of that Marine and thought “hmmmm, no Marine I know who was in recently enough to have MARPAT would be caught dead looking like that.” Sad.

  13. NavyE9r says:

    Well he’s famous now; hero of the stupid!

  14. Green Thumb says:

    Just shot Burrell an email asking if he would be game. He will probably threaten me and my family, but worth a try….

  15. Chip@NASA says:

    It does make the good intentions of Staff Sgt. Jordan Pritchard now look like a dumbassed thing to do.
    If I was unemployed then I’d have done the same thing and then would have armed myself with *SOMETHING* other than bare hands (Aluminum bat?) and I’d have not worn any insignia on my uniform except my name. Is that Legal?
    I have old style (2007) BDUs.
    Oh and I have a pink DD2AF Res in my pocket as I’m a *RETIREE*.
    That does make a difference. I can prove my service in about 3 seconds.

  16. Tx gunne says:

    Yea I had a feeling something wasn’t right when I saw the news story. Kind of explains what he was doing in Nashville. Not to many marine bases there.

  17. Hack Stone says:

    On my post @8, I either need to proofread before posting, or stop multi-tasking while I am updating a paper on encryption devices. There are a few words in that comment that appear to be misspelled, but in the interest of security, they were encrypted.

  18. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Just exercising his 1st Amendment rights, eh Supreme Court? No one gets hurt by his actions, right?

  19. Hack Stone says:

    Maybe all of the posers can provide security for the on-line high school that Skyler Whalen is attending.

  20. Hack Stone says:

    Shades of Baby Blue Marine.

  21. Tequila says:

    Well I guess this is progress. Somebody in journalism didn’t take a guys claims at face value, so we got that going for us. Silver lining and all that.

  22. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    OK … I was wrong … I do see a problem with it now!

    ONCE an almost, who did not serve very long, did not obtain MOS, never deployed, but got a NDSM and the rank of PFC MARINE …

    ALWAYS an almost, who did not serve very long, did not obtain MOS, never deployed, but got a NDSM and the rank of PFC MARINE …

  23. Angel says:

    I think the point is so the children feel safer. It’s for the children’s.

  24. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Just so everyone is clear on this, this guy, Craig Pusley (don’t do it!) is a copycat and not the fellowwho was featured in the other post here. Staff Sgt. Jordan Pritchard is the real Marine who, I understand, had the regs pulled on him and was told to desist from wearing the uniform at school. Fancy that.

  25. USMCE8Ret says:

    8000 MOS? Even “Basic Marine” is questionable, and so is his rank until I/we see a DD214 or something.

    One of 2 things happened at MCRD:

    (1) Injured during training and medically processed out, or;

    (2) Administratively separated from MCRD for failure to train, post enlistment issue (i.e. fraudulent enlistment), or any other possibility.

    Saving this, Of course, if he went through recruit training during ’07, then he would have endured the ‘Crucible’, where you earn your Eagle, Globe and Anchor – hence the title “Marine”.

    (When I went through and graduated recruit training during October 86, I wasn’t considered or called a Marine until graduation day.)

  26. Hack Stone says:

    Nine months at MCRD? He must have been a serious medical hold. Marine Times had an article a few months ago about some recruits being on med hold at MCRD PISC for almost a year. It was the ultimate Catch-22/Mind F*ck. Couldn’t train because of medical issues. Couldn’t separate because they were waiting on the med board. No liberty because they didn’t graduate. Couldn’t graduate because of medical issues. Repeat cycle until featured in Marine Times, then someone may move their pile of paper work to the right desk.

    Now this guy, and I’m just speculating here, may have had “ideations of harming himself”, and was placed in a quiet room out of the way until they decided that it was time to send him back to momma. All speculation on my part. One of my lesser poolees had a “mental breakdown” at MCRD San Diego, and when he got back home told everyone that he was discharged for a collapsed lung.

  27. Chip@NASA says:

    @23 Air Cav-
    “Staff Sgt. Jordan Pritchard is the real Marine who, I understand, had the regs pulled on him and was told to desist from wearing the uniform at school. Fancy that.”

    I believe that had he not worn then with *ANY* insignia on them, then that’s legal. If I took everything off my 2007 BDUs and wore them with a name tape, that’s not illegal. However, if I were to be in that situation, ABUs BDUs are a No No, (USAF 36-2903 – “ABUs may be worn off base for short convenience stops and when eating at restaurants where people wear comparable civilian attire. Do not wear ABUs off base to eat in restaurants where most diners wear business attire or at establishments that operate primarily to serve alcohol.”) But 12.6.1. says ”
    Honorably discharged Air Force personnel … may wear the authorized uniform prescribed at the date of member‘s discharge or any of the uniforms authorized for current active duty personnel, including the dress uniforms. Do not mix uniforms. May wear the uniform at military funerals, memorial services and inaugurals. May wear the uniform at patriotic parades on national holidays, other military parades or ceremonies in which any active or Reserve U.S. Military unit is taking part. May wear the uniform on any occasion recognized by the Secretary of Defense in DODI 1334.1 or when authorized by law.

    Standing in front of a school after a tragic event, while noble, is not covered and not considered an official function.

    NOW if he was in Dress Uniform, then that is not an issue I do not believe.

    I can’t fit in my blues so I’d have not done it.

  28. Chip@NASA says:

    I take that back….it doesn’t differentiate between ABU/Dress or Mess uniform. II believe it needs to be an authorized function to wear ANY uniform or else you can wear Civies and then authorized medals/decorations.

  29. rb325th says:

    Now those who were bashing him in the other discussion have every right to. As I said in there… no like he was a poser… but seeing as he is! Fire the hell away.
    Posers/embellishers just suck.

  30. Mustang says:

    @30 This isn’t SSgt Pritchard. This is a different guy.

  31. BK says:

    My daughter would tell me I’m a moron if I stood in front of her school in uniform, unarmed.

  32. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @29. Yeah, Chip, I am good with the regs. That is, I trust you and Nik have quoted or referenced them correctly. My objection was along the line of ‘What the hell, he’s doing a good thing.’ And as I said, I read that he was called on the regs and will comport his attire accordingly.

    Again, this POSER and Pritchard are two different people.

  33. rb325th says:

    Okay, I stand corrected… Still hate Posers and embellishers. Regardless of intentions!

  34. dnice says:

    How did these two get approval to stand outside the school anyway?

    My kids’ school goes on lockdown if a fox shows up let alone some dude showing up in a uniform.

  35. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    He “has written an email to the White House apologizing.” Say what? What the hell is he apologizing to the WH for? Take his entrenching tool away. He keeps digging his hole deeper.

  36. Anonymous says:

    As far as the 9 months at MCRD, no MOS and rank of PFC. Perfectly plausible. Unless things have drastically changed since I was the CDI/SNCOIC of the Recruit Separations Unit and Basic Marine Platoon he could be legit. Recruits that get injured before completing all the training requirements get a medical board,,, which takes several months. They get to hang around the depot do odd jobs and on occasional they get base liberty or at the commander’s discretion get leave to go home for the holidays. When they get discharged they get a DD214 and if applicable a VA card or medical retirement. If they came in as a contract PFC they get paid at that rate. On paper they are considered an honorably discharged veteran of the Marine Corps, but no Marine will consider them a Marine. The vast Majority of them are good kids who tried their best and just got hurt.
    The 2nd type of case is when someone gets injured but still guts it through training and graduates, though they have an injury. The next duty station (in this case MCT at Camp Pendelton) is adamant that no one reports there unless they are fit for duty. So the new Marine (wearing his rank of PFC if applicable) goes on boot leave, but reports back to MCRD. In Most cases after a few weeks of light duty and medical treatment they are cleared to go to further their training and tranfered. Sometimes (and it could be this clown’s case) they don’t get better and end up getting med boarded out. While on Med hold they do odd jobs around the depot, get liberty and leave like any other Marine, just with much more supervision.

  37. Just an Old Dog says:

    Sorry. That was me above. Cleaned My cookies and didn’t log back in.

  38. Mustang says:

    There’s an update on the Marine Corps Times facebook page. He graduated bootcamp with a broken leg. He was placed into MRP after he graduated but never made it to MCT/SOI. He went UA and the Corps ended up kicking him out.

  39. Virtual Insanity says:

    Oh, good. Phoney AND UA. Perfect.

  40. rb325th says:

    Who loans their Uniform to anyone with their shit still on it? Not even my own kids got to wear my old uniform with my rank or US Army still on it.
    Another in a long line of lame ass poser excuses

  41. Mustang says:

    It’s another lie unless he just “happened” to know another Marine with the same last name:

  42. USMCE8Ret says:

    @39 and 40 – Thanks for the update and clarification.

    It’s all becoming very clear now… We’ve heard of or actually seen all of this before.

    …good intentions aside, he’s still a fuck-knuckle.

  43. AverageNCO says:

    “These were not my intentions. This was never supposed to happen.”

    I think he’s telling the truth there.
    His INTENTION was to have everyone pat him on the back and tell him how great he was. Heck if other posers could get hunting trips, free rifles, and trips to Hawaii…surely there would be freebies for him too.
    And it was NEVER SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, because like so many posers, he didn’t think he’d get caught.

  44. What a piece of shit. I knew it was crap the minute I saw it on Facebook.

  45. USMCE8Ret says:

    @45 – What’s sadder than him being embarrassed about being outed is that he’ll likely come back.

    I’ve posted elsewhere in here (see Ryan Brashears) that these youngsters don’t realize that whenever they leave an electronic imprint of themselves (i.e. full name, Facebook profile, etc) on the internet, it’s out there somewhere, and it seems to never go away. Put your name and nonsense out there on “Al Gore’s internet”, and you’ll get some unwanted attention if you’re not careful.

    Experience is a ruthless teacher.

  46. Anonymous says:

    aaahhh How stupid

  47. E3forever says:

    I served with this guy, and will never forget him as he was one of the main reasons we got smoked often. (I’m sure there was other reasons and such but lots of times just him)
    He did graduate injured and went on to BMP and that’s where he ran. I had two knee surgeries in BMP and went on to SOI and such adter recovery.I remember standing duty once instead of normal watch – we had to just watch him.

    His fan base has made a Facebook profile supporting him and its showing pictures of him at the school. In his statement it says he borrowed the uniform. Really ? I took a picture off his new Facebook which shows his name tapes clearly. Really? You didn’t notice the sgt stripes? Right. This kid is an attention grabbed, he was on dr drew . He tried out for American idol just to get people attention.

    One of his ex friend sent me his phone number and address and he won’t answer anything. I asked him on Facebook if he had gotten out of the beig and changed his life, apparently not as he has read myessage but won’t reply.