John Kerry; we all know one

| December 24, 2012


The veteran community is gearing up for opposition to the appointment of John Kerry as our Secretary of State, mostly because we all knew someone like him when we were in the service. The same reason we generally opposed his candidacy for president in 2004. I was at the protest in Senate Park that autumn day eight years ago where even some of our Vietnamese citizens showed up to protest the possibility of a President Kerry.

We all knew someone who went to our wars for the glory, we all knew someone who was a “know-it-all”. There was always a guy who thought he knew better than the rest of us, someone we’d fully expect to show up at a Senate hearing to tell Congress what a bunch of meanies and morons we were. Like Kerry famously did in 1971. We all know guys who would count a minor injury as a Purple Heart injury. There’s one in every crowd. But of course, Kerry’s worst behavior came after he left active service, but he used the valor that he stole in combat to mitigate his bad behavior after active service.

John Perazzo at Front Page Mag writes about John Kerry after his service;

The historical record informs us that not only has John Kerry been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy issue for most of his adult life, including Iraq, Nicaragua and most recently in Syria, but he has routinely engaged in deception to conceal his folly. What’s worse, Kerry has a clear record of giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies, all the while never missing an opportunity to viciously trash our brave forces fighting against them.

With Obama’s nomination of Kerry to head the State Department, therefore, a look back at Kerry’s “service” to this country becomes more pertinent than ever:

After being discharged from the Navy in early 1970, Kerry joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) and became a major figure in the so-called “peace” movement, whose hallmarks were a deep wellspring of hatred for the United States coupled with sympathy for America’s Communist enemy. In May 1970, Kerry, without government authorization, met personally with North Vietnamese and Viet Cong delegations in Paris to discuss a list of “peace” proposals enumerated by Nguyen Thi Madame Binh, the top Viet Cong delegate to the Paris Peace talks. In the aftermath of that illegal meeting, Kerry strongly advised the U.S. Senate to accept Binh’s proposals.

At that time, Kerry himself acknowledged that his visit to Paris was “on the borderline” of legality. Actually, it extended far beyond that “borderline.” A federal law known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice prescribed severe punishment (including, in some cases, the death penalty) for any person who “without proper authority, knowingly harbors or protects or gives intelligence to or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly.”

John Kerry wasn’t an honorable service member, and then he compounded his dishonorable behavior after his brief time in Vietnam using that time in Vietnam as some sort of insulation against criticism. And, ya know, the civilians that support him aren’t as familiar with his behavior in combat as we veterans – another example of the gulf between those who serve and those who can’t be bothered with military service.

Yeah, I know that Democrats would like to say we oppose Kerry because of the party thing, but if there was a Republican who behaved as Kerry did during and after his time in Vietnam, I don’t think I’d support him either. Well, I openly opposed Adam Kokesh who ran as a Republican in New Mexico, so I guess that’s proof.

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  1. CC Senor says:

    When Kerry gave his medals (ribbons) the heave ho I couldn’t help but think they must have come cheap. I didn’t know enough or care enough to check his background at the time so it wasn’t until his presidential run that I learned “the rest of the story”. While looking at a picture of him and his crew after what must have been an awards ceremony I noticed he had a SS while all of his crew had what looked like Navy commendation medals. Reminded me of what my brother (a grunt) once said: an officer’s SS is an NCO’s BSM is a grunts Arcom.

  2. Doc Bailey says:

    Oh boy, do i actually get to witness “swift boating” cuz you know I was deployed at the time that happened and had no fucking clue what it was until it was explained to me.

  3. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    No, no, no! Don’t you know that public service is the equivalent (or exceeds) military service nowadays? The elected or appointed official is sacrificing and suffering on behalf of the nation! In Kerry, the nation has a great public servant who also served during VN but made amends by renouncing his service. He is a great man and we are to be honored by his willingness to continue his self sacrifice as Secretary of State. Come on, get with the program!

  4. pete says:


    Swett, Scott; Tim Ziegler (2008-01-01). To Set The Record Straight: How Swift Boat Veterans, POWs and the New Media Defeated John Kerry (Kindle Locations 1-3). New American Media Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    this is an excellent book if you want to know the whole story about about that POS kerry.

  5. AW1 Tim says:

    Two other things:

    1.) Massachusetts authorized a $100 bounty/award to every Mass veteran from Vietnam who was honorably discharged. On his way down to the “Winter Soldier” hearings, Kerry put aside his hatred of American and it’s veterans and stopped off in Boston to collect his $100. Apparently he can set aside his principles when money is involved.

    2.) Speaking of money, Kerry continues to avoid Massachusetts state taxes on his foreign-built, multi-million dollar yacht by keeping it moored in Rhode Island.

    Leadership by example, eh Lurch?

  6. OWB says:

    His arrogance knows no bounds. It’s simply not enough for his ego to be a traitor and coward – he must continue to rub everyone’s noses in his delusions of importance?

    Oh, well. Guess he keeps hoping that we will magically all forget. Not gonna happen.

  7. B Woodman says:

    AW1 Tim,
    1.) Kerry has principles to set aside??
    2.) Repeat #1 above.

  8. streetsweeper says:

    I’m always in the mood to rub sKerry’s nose in something and it ain’t his delusions.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, this should be good. Let the games begin!

  10. Just Plain Jason says:

    For mere traditions sake…you know John Kerry served in Vietnam? Ranger Up is thinking about bringing back its “nobody likes John Kerry” t-shirt. It should be easy as to why we don’t like him…

  11. pete says:

    @ 10,,,nobody’s fonda kerry!

  12. OldCavLt says:

    My own waste of skin congresswoamn, Jaime Herrera, who was parachuted back here by Cathy McMorris to run for Congress after an 11 year absence, told me to my face that the absence, which was while she was going to the University of Washington, getting a few internships in Olympia and in the White House (a few week’s duration each) and her assignment as junior-coffee-getter for McMorris for 3 years was “The same thing as serving in the military.”

    Herrera, who is such a coward that she refuses to hold any town hall meetings, is a disgrace to congress and to our district. But she gets the gig because of her plumbing and her skin color… which just goes to show that slime like Kerry exist everywhere and on both sides of the aisle.

  13. UpNorth says:

    I’d let my senators know how I feel but it’s a total waste of time. Senator Red Karl Levin and Senator Dumb as Dirt Debbie Stabenow could care less. Their office staffs shitcan the negative e-mails and phone calls are never returned. And, the only thing a phone call gets one is an overwhelming urge to reach through the phone line and slap someone on the other end.

  14. Just an Old Dog says: The video speaks volumes about what it takes to be a member of congress.

  15. MAJMike says:

    Why the long face, Senator Kerry?

  16. BK says:

    I tried explaining to a non-service member peer and fellow Democrat why I opposed Kerry for either this position or defense. This is so much more on-point, although I added one more thing.

    Of all the accounts Kerry has delivered concerning his service on Vietnam, he never once says, “my men,” or “my guys,” unless it was an exploration of how they went awfully wrong. There was no sense of leadership responsibility for the men in his care conveyed, leaving me to conclude that they never had names to him, mere minions or means to an end. Every prior-service person in the public eye that I would ascribe “character” to in their description uses “we” and not “I” when speaking of military achievement. I think it’s the hallmark as much of the Kerry-badge/experience-chasing type as it is the phonies you go after.

    It’s the one aspect of socialism that seems to escape my fellow Party members who seem to like the Socialist/Communist/Syndicalist model, and perhaps its only positive one, the sense of communal achievement/communal responsibility. Kerry, to me, always has been the most odious example of this, the kind of guy that would borrow trouble for the sake of resume building and then disregard all the noble peons that brought him to that place.