OK, CNN, you’re disqualified from the gun discussion

| December 29, 2012


Someone sent us this video on our Facebook page in regards to the discussion we had yesterday about LA’s gun buy back. If you can’t see what’s wrong with the screen shot above, you’re not qualified to discuss firearms, either.

The screen shot identifies the expended AT-4 tube as a “rocket propelled grenade”, they interview with a “security expert” who calls them “RPGs”. The term RPG comes from the Russian phrase “ruchnoy protivotankovy granatomyot” which means “hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher” and it’s the nomenclature of Soviet- and now Russian-made anti-armor weapons. The CNN idiots admit that the expended AT-4 tube is American made, so how could it be an RPG?

If you don’t stick around to the end of the video where Candy Crowley talks about how someone got the expended AT-4 tube with the hot Asian chick, you won’t get the full dose of idiocy. Candy asks Kyung Lah where the “rocket propelled grenade launcher” came from and the only answer Lah gives is that “You can’t buy it on Ebay”, but she makes it sound like there are mysterious forces at work in the country handing out AT-4s to everyone.

The dude who turned it in probably bought the inert piece of junk at a surplus store. The AT-4 is manufactured with a rocket inside them, so if there’s no rocket inside it, it’s harmless. The cops were suckers for buying it back. It’s as if they paid someone to turn in a cardboard box that a gun came in.

But look who I’m telling. You guys know where it came from, but the CNN audience is probably out looking for the Koch Brothers who are passing them out on street corners so we old white guys can undermine the Obama Administration.

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  1. Gort says:

    Used on EBay $225.

  2. BamBam says:

    Nice work CNN. Real in depth reporting on the issues and trying to get it right.

    Also just found this nugget about the news paper nazis who publish registered owner addresses… Their saga continues…


  3. Just Plain Jason says:

    That cop should be embarrassed…

  4. SteveS says:

    “That cop should be embarrassed…”
    Agreed. Just as CNN should be embarrassed at putting this poorly written, factually incorrect, hysterical piece of tripe on TV as hard news.
    Watching this crap makes me want to vomit onto my shirt. What’s even scarier is the thought of all those slack-jawed people out there who watched this garbage and took it as absolute gospel. Where is the pushback?
    Until the leftist tendencies of the mainstream media change, Conservatism will continue to be on the defensive.

  5. FatCircles0311 says:

    I love how the United States is like a “3rd world country” because for over 2 centuries we’ve had the right to own firearms and apparently using your individual rights is an epidemic that must be stopped.

  6. Doc Bailey says:

    Unlike say the RPG-7, you CAN NOT reload the LAW or AT4. These idiots are getting into a tizzy over inert trainers. I would be flabbergasted by the stupidity if I didn’t know it’s so common place.

  7. noGeaux says:

    In all fairness to the popo, if he isn’t former military or even if he was and not in an MOS that deals with these types of things then you can’t really blame him for accepting a “RPG.”

  8. Green Thumb says:

    The “Creative News Network”

    If you do not like the news, alter it.

    If there is no news, make it up.

    And stick with your story.

  9. There is so much wrong with this video I don’t even know where to start. This has got to be satire. Wait, it is. It’s CNN. Charlie Mike

  10. LoneStarInfantry says:

    Some industrious grunt is laughing all the way to the beer aisle and is going to be having a hell of a party this weekend…This has E-4 written all over it.

  11. AW1Ed says:

    I can get expended sonobuoy launch tubes by the dozen. Some are dark green and have “SX-2” stamped on the side.


  12. The funny thing is the fact that they even said in the video that they didn’t contain a rocket. So they essentially pissed away tax payer money for a used piece of plastic just so they could hold it up and say “Look look look! Look what we just took off the streets! We’re awesome!” Fucking idiots

  13. Hack Stone says:

    My spidey-senses tells me that Duffel Blog has about a week’s worth of articles that just wrote themselves.”Cash Strapped GI’s Supplement Income Turning In Inert Ordnance During Guns Buyback Program”.

  14. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I made it to the idiot sheriff with the palsy. I think it has shaken his brain loose. What an absolute MOE-RON! I can’t take it, I tell ya. I just can’t take much more of these numbskulls. And I love the gunslinger with all the brass on his collar. Another MOE-RON. I think he works p/t at Giuseppe’s Pizza and Subs.

  15. mike says:

    Apparently ignorance really does cause fear.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Who is this Andrew Cohen turd ? total frigging doofus ! and dumb ass, the damn rifle used in Newtown Conn was not a frigging assault rifle …assault rifles are fully automatic with a selector switch option

    (i know you guys know that, this is for ALL the liberal doofusses who need to be educated )

    I wonder how this asshole , ever got the title of security expert ?
    CNN lost it ‘s relevancy back in 98 when Cigargate was happening.
    Have’nt watched it since then, and never will.

    If people would just turn the channel , they would go broke like they deserve to.

  17. Just Plain Jason says:

    “My spidey-senses tells me that Duffel Blog has about a week’s worth of articles that just wrote themselves.”Cash Strapped GI’s Supplement Income Turning In Inert Ordnance During Guns Buyback Program”.”

    Although funny Paul Szoldra wrote something pretty good for business insider:

  18. Daniel says:

    Can’t tell from the picture, but a real AT-4 has a yellow and black candy stripe band, the trainer has a yellow band, and if there is no band then it is the 9mm submunition trainer. No matter what, the only damage you can accomplish with that buy back is hitting someone over the head with it.

    I think I’m going to use all my christmas wrapping cardboard tubes use a little paper mache and go down to the next police buy back and make a fortune.

  19. Anonymous says:

    While you are correct that that is not technically an ‘RPG’, the fact is the word has shifted from its technical meaning to one encompassing all manner of explosive, rocket-propelled weaponry. This is something we probably CAN blame video games for – all the shooters have ‘RPGs’, regardless of the actual type of weaponry being used.

    It’s not that different from how the meaning of ‘hacking’ has shifted to be a bad thing, despite the informed purists pointing out the historical use of the word and the difference between ‘hackers’ and ‘crackers’.

    In the end, complaining about these details rather than arguing the bigger picture just makes people tune out since, generally speaking, most don’t care. Their concern isn’t the terminology.

  20. Old Trooper says:

    The ignorant in the media will continue filling the heads of the ignorant masses with the misinformation that they are spreading, because no one is countering it. They have a captive audience, bring in some chucklehead, who they gave a $100 to for their opinion, and then I will have to put up with my leftist relatives telling me how wrong I am and that even the “experts” say I’m wrong.

    It doesn’t matter what we know or say, because the intellectually lazy will continue to believe everything the media spoon feeds them. We are losing the information war, because we don’t have the media resources to counter anything.

  21. Daniel says:

    @19 I believe it is more of a point of lazy journalism in conjunction with an alarming headline.

    This same picture has been plastered over a dozen new covers with a giant ROCKET LAUNCHER turned in over it. This is completely false and misleading. That is why this site is discussing the terminology and why it effects the “bigger picture”.

    These “journalists” don’t care what it actually is (a 30 second google search could answer that question), they just want to prove their point.

  22. A says:

    Asian chick was about as hot as al the people in that segment were intelligent.

  23. Just an Old Dog says:

    I think everyone in that video was a victim of an IRG,,, Idiot Ray Gun.

  24. mikey23699 says:

    please don’t tell cnn that there are “attack helicopters” in front of several VFW posts. they’ll go nuts, um, wait, nervermind.

  25. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    “The Victory Girls” linked to this post so I went there because they found the missing secretary of state. They finished this grab and twist line:

    “So Hillary Clinton has surfaced to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were not available for comment.”

  26. USMCE8Ret says:

    I’m convinced that Sherriff Lee Baca is an idiot, and so is the “security expert” Aaron Cohen, to make such statements. I can’t help but wonder if CNN used their comments out of text somehow, as it appears that Cohen has (what appears to be) legitimate experience having served in the IDF and now works with IMS Security in SoCal. Now, I’m no security expert myself, but I’m not easily duped to believe something as sensational as this. I do know enough that once an AT-4 us used, it’s shell components are rendered useless as discussed here.

    I’m surprised folks haven’t turned in the makings of pipe-bombs after cleaning out their garage.

    What next?

  27. Kid says:

    Not OT I’m thinking. Re: gross incompetence of the news presenters. I happened to see about 10 minutes of FOX on Friday where some girl, no doubt fresh out of college with a communications degree, proceeded to tell us that in her opinion, that regardless what happens on the fiscal cliff, no one will really be affected much.

    This is what it is now I guess. Imagine the minds of people on the edge of their chairs watching this stuff all the time.

  28. NHSparky says:

    Thanks for the daily reminder of why I left CA.

  29. Hayabusa says:

    CNN’s “security expert” Aaron Cohen, allegedly a “former Israeli Special Forces operative”… who doesn’t know the difference between an inert AT4 tube and an “RPG”.


    Yeah, sure, okay.

  30. Joe Williams says:

    Has anybody actually vetted this Cohen guy. His boi reads like a poser or embellisher?

  31. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Me, I think Cohen is very likely to be a wannabe. A classic Mr Hollywood?


    “… Trained at the same acting school as George Clooney.

    Is the stepson of Oscar winning writer Abby Mann.”


    “…Cohen was born in Montreal, Canada, and educated at Beverly Hills High School…”

  32. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Back in 2005 Brit Hume interviewed Cohen about finding terrorist is subways. This is an excerpt:


    [ HUME: And what kinds of characteristics are you looking for? You said somebody out of place. Obviously, it’s been mostly Middle Eastern men. Sooner or later, you are going to get down to — at least part of it has to relate to characteristics that can be identified and are visible. And certainly — I think it’s manifestly clear — skin color is one of those things, is it not?

    COHEN: Skin color is absolutely one of those things. It’s important for the American people to remember that profiling is a fact of security, but it’s also a fact of life here in America, whether we want to admit it or not.

    Major corporations and marketing firms profile people in order to sell their product. Casinos profile in order to look for troublemakers who might be stealing. It’s a fact.

    And yes, skin color is an issue. There is a higher chance that there is going to be a dark or a Middle Eastern look for the potential terrorist, based on the evidence that we’ve had.

    HUME: Got you.

    COHEN: It’s a fact. And again, but beyond the skin tone, we’re also looking for behavior, because we have to be careful.]

    Wonder if he’d say that today on CNN?

  33. USMCE8Ret says:

    @33 – Major corporations and marketing firms profile people in order to sell their product. Casinos profile in order to look for troublemakers who might be stealing. It’s a fact.”

    True, corporations and marketing firms profile certain demographics of people, not based on color or national origin. (Just ask MTV, Sketchers, etc.) Cohen’s comparison there is poor, and I suspect he’s a wannabe as posited in other comments. I did a cursory research of him, so it’s my mistake in not being more thorough.

    In contrast, Israeli security at airports are specially trained to look for and identify behavioral abnomalies or other peculiarities, to include ethnic profile to seek out suspected terrorists, coupled with intelligence information. They’re much more proficient at identifying potential trouble than the TSA clowns we’re used to in the states.

  34. Mandrax says:

    @32 – that guy you pulled up on IMDB is *Aaron* Cohen, a different guy – not the Canadian Andrew Cohen. He still might be a fake though. I don’t think Israel’s military lets guys from Los Angeles just come over and join their elite teams. Unless the guy was already an experienced operator, PLUS just happened to speak Hebrew fluently, I just can’t see it…maybe someone can correct me though.

  35. USMCE8Ret says:

    I’m sharing a couple of links, in which the articles contained are quite compelling. Both are quite a read, but relavent to the whole “gun-control” arguement overall:



  36. LZ says:

    Makes me wish I’d held on to the training mortar round we used as an ash tray.

  37. Reaperman says:

    oh come the hell on. “rocket launchers” I’ve never had so much as one gun qual, and I’m calling BS on all of that. Hell, everybody with two eyes should be calling BS. There once was a time when news outlets would correct this garbage, but obviously those times have passed. …I should really stop drunk posting and get back to drinking…

  38. streetsweeper says:

    @ #35-CNN must have paid major bucks for one hell of a make-up job to make this Aaron Cohen in the interview, look like the Aaron Cohen in the IMDb profile picture. The info given about him in the CNN interview, whats on the IMDb profile and on Wiki match up. So, looks like I’m with 1stCAV on this Cohen guy. How the hell does one check out someone that claims IDF service and high speed operator? Maybe the SOCNET guys know of him.

    Business is legit: http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/cbs.aspx

    Entity Number: C2374103
    Date Filed: 12/31/2001
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 9000 SUNSET BLVD., STE. 709
    Entity City, State, Zip: WEST HOLLYWOOD CA 90069-5807
    Agent for Service of Process: PAUL PAPILE
    Agent Address: PAPILE ACCOUNTANCY, INC., 9000 SUNSET BLVD., STE. 709
    Agent City, State, Zip: WEST HOLLYWOOD CA 90069-5807

  39. streetsweeper says:

    Not linking to it, but a snippet from his bio sorta says it all:

    “Cohen is a regular pundit specializing in on-air expertise including: CNN’s Larry King Live, The Joy Behar Show, The Today Show, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, Access Hollywood, The Travel Channel, Telemundo, UPN 13, and Fox 11 News Los Angeles and has been featured in Playboy Magazine, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Los Angeles Daily News, FHM Magazine, Elite Traveler Magazine, Razor Magazine, The Jewish Journal, and Lifestyles Magazine.”

  40. Mandrax says:

    @39 – yea, I just got mixed up, it is the same guy, Aaron Cohen, on IMDB and in the video, and yeah, he seems like a big fake to me. Israelis are intimately acquainted with REAL assault rifles, which are an everyday item in that country – I have trouble believing someone who supposedly lived in Israel, let alone a guy who was an elite operator in their military, could possibly conflate the rifles laid out on that table in LA with actual assault rifles. I wonder if someone can actually vet him….any Israelis reading this blog?

  41. AndyN says:

    I suspect I’m not the only one didn’t need to watch the clip to know that CNN talking heads are idiots, and only clicked on the link because of the words “hot Asian chick.” I also suspect I’m not the only one who thinks you owe me 3 minutes of my life back.

  42. Mike says:

    I thought Israel had commandos and paratroopers…

  43. Rerun0369 says:

    I thought AT-4’s were Swedish made, made by Saab Bofors Dynamics?

  44. obsidian says:

    I recall from training how a battery, a 3.5 inch rocket round and two 2×4 boards can be turned into a launcher for ambushing tanks.
    I reckon I could take the diagram of the 2×4’s and rocket and trade in two 2×4’s as a rocket launcher.

  45. Wasabi Bobby says:

    Looks like this guy Aaron Cohen is a rapper too… He has a ton of rap videos online.