Nanny Bloomberg urges NYers to keep perspective

| December 29, 2012

If you hadn’t heard, two New Yorkers have been pushed from subway platforms into the paths of oncoming trains this month. Now, I’m pretty sure that if legal gunowners had shot two people this month in New York, the Mayor would be calling for tighter gun control. Look at his blather since recent shootings. But, instead of fanning the flames of fear in this case, he’s urging New Yorkers to keep their perspective;

“It’s a very tragic case, but what we want to focus on today is the overall safety in New York,” Bloomberg told reporters following a police academy graduation.

Yeah, “overall safety in New York” sucked for Sunando Sen, the latest victim and it will probably suck for the next victim, but it’s so out of character for the mayor who freaked out over transfats, 40-ounce soda pop, and breast feeding babies to tell people not to panic. His rhetoric in regards to gun control has been maniacal fanaticism.

Probably because there’s nothing that he can do to prevent the next platform death, or nothing he can do to look like like he’s trying to prevent the next subway platform death.

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  1. Stacy0311 says:

    Clearly NYC needs an assault subway ban. “If it saves one life……”

  2. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Another psychotic on the streets of NY. Funny how these psychos know to run like hell after their crime.

  3. OWB says:

    Call me crazy, Nanny B, but I think my perspective is just fine. Even though I know some very fine New Yorkers, all future dealings with them will be somewhere other than New York. Shouldn’t be too difficult – all dealings with them to date have been outside New York.

    So, OK, Nanny B, I am happy to oblige by keeping my perspective.

  4. MAJMike says:

    Don’t blame the “pusher”, blame the train. Time to restrict access to subway trains.

  5. MAJMike says:

    @#1 — Its for the children!!

  6. Joe Williams says:

    We need subway locks.

  7. Claymore says:

    Bloomberg’s subway has killed more people than my handgun.

  8. NHSparky says:

    NYC safe? By what measure, Bloomie? Hasn’t been a murder here in nearly 10 years.

  9. Joe Williams says:

    The LEOs shoot more bystanders than preps. I wonder what the ratio is? I will chance the subway than NYC,s sidewalks.

  10. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    As a general rule, when a person is talking to himself in public, gesturing wildly for no apparent reason when alone, or is wearing a filthy shirt WITH a half-knotted tie, it’s time to move quickly in another direction, quickly. Many thanks to the left for ensuring that the civil rights of these whack jobs were not violated.

  11. MAJMike says:

    All users of the subway must take a subway safety/use course, undergo a police background check and wait five days before purchasing subway tokens. The usage permit must be renewed every five years.

    Remember, its for the children!!!

  12. SwoMyGosh says:

    54 People have been killed by trains this year! Won’t someone please think of the children.

    (near the end of the article)

  13. Nik says:

    Wait…are those regular trains, or semi-automatic, assault trains?