How to lose the gun control “conversation”

| December 30, 2012


Whenever I read an article from the traditional media about guns and gun control, I think of the picture above. This Iraqi woman told reporters that she dug those bullets out of her bed where she was sleeping during a raid nearby and those rounds were strays. Except that anyone who has fired a rifle knows that the casing would not be not attached to the actual bullet if it had been fired.

So, we know that even though those reporters who took the picture were in Iraq, they’d never seen an expended shell casing, and neither had their editors. Yet, they think they have a legitimate voice in the gun control debate…er…I mean…national discussion.

If you only look at the recent events and the recent reporting on those events that have spurred this, um, national discussion, it’s easy to see that this isn’t really a discussion at all. We’re being set up.

The day of the Newtown massacre, reporting was as sketchy and discombobulated as any reporting we’ve ever seen. At first, there were two shooters, and then it was paired down to one and we had the wrong name…they gave his brother’s name. And then there was another suspect arrested nearby, who suddenly turned to dust before our eyes.

Then “state and federal officials” said that the shooter had only used handguns in the school, but that he had a rifle in the trunk of his car. Now we’re hearing that the rifle was his primary weapon. Questions to clarify this important aspect of the crime have gone unanswered.

And since high capacity magazines are illegal in Connecticut, did Lanza’s mother, the first victim, illegally bring high capacity magazines into the State somehow? Questions that aren’t being asked because the Bushmaster is a semi-automatic weapon which, apparently comes equipped with those bottomless magazines they use in Hollywood.

Then we get to the ambush of Webster, NY firefighters. The culprit, of course was the Bushmaster rifle which happened to be used by a guy who beat his grandmother to death with a hammer a few decades ago. So the politicians came out screaming that Bushmaster rifles seemed to have mind control powers which forced otherwise perfectly good citizens to shoot up schools and firefighters responding to a fire which was obviously started by the Bushmaster rifle.

In the Webster, NY case, the Bushmaster rifle also commanded a cute Asian chick [Editor’s Note: all Asian chicks are cute, except Yoko Ono, and we’ll never figure out why John Lennon married the only ugly Asian chick in the history of the world] to purchase the rifle and give it to the guy who had once succumbed to the wiles of an evil hammer. We’ll never know if high capacity magazines were used in that shooting – or if Spengler could have done just as well with a bolt action or lever action rifle – since high capacity magazines are illegal in New York State, we doubt that even a cute Asian chick could have bought them for Spengler.

Then the media’s own metro-sexual pretty boy, David Gregory shows how easy it is to break gun control laws and flaunt your crime on national TV. While that idiot who doesn’t even live here, Peirs Morgan, demonstrates what “national discussion” really means when he calls guests on his show names instead of giving them a showcase for their views as part of a discussion. Then, when everyone gets mad and petitions for Morgan to be tossed out on his scurvy dog ass, he threatens to leave the country, like that’s not what the petition writers had in mind in the first place.

By the way Peirs and David, why didn’t either of you mention the shooting on Capitol Hill a few blocks from the People’s House last week in which a man was found shot dead in his car in one of the most highly gun-regulated, highly policed city in the country? That shooting was so important to DC that the mayor is calling for the city counsel to hire more cops as a result, but not a peep from the national media.

And then some fish wrap in down state New York thinks that giving criminals an interactive map to all of the homes of legitimate gun owners contributes to the “discussion”. They didn’t provide a map to the homes of people who own guns illegally, which would probably be an actual public service, and might require, you know, some actual investigating. But, since all guns are evil, people have a right to know which houses they’ll be shot in if they rob them. So the criminals should go in heavily armed and blasting.

And, oh, if you’re the President and you want to convince people that you want to have a “national discussion” about guns, make sure you find the biggest boob you can find in your cabinet, the one best known for being a bully and bragging about how smart he is in the media to head that “national discussion”.

Don’t forget to convince utter morons from the Los Angeles Police Department to pose with inert fiberglass tubes to make everyone think that the NRA is calling for missile launchers in every school and that every street corner in America is occupied by petty criminals about to rob them with RPGs.

And then send the media out with pretty catch phrases like “high-capacity background checks”. Or something.

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  1. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Outstanding post! One correction, though. The rounds that the Iraqi woman displayed were from the John Murtha Memorial Firefight. It’s not widely known but under the engagement rules of that fight, our troops were limited to throwing their rounds. No shooting was permitted, at least not from our guys. It’s true. I swear.

  2. NHSparky says:

    If the last couple of weeks have taught us anything, it’s that the liberal agenda need not use facts, logic, or anything resembling intelligent discourse, because after all, it’s about FEELINGS. And anyone who can even present the most cogent, rational, factual discussion that just MIGHT run contrary to making liberals happytinglysunshineyrainbows is racist, sexist, homophobic, neanderthal or whatever code word dog whistle is in vogue this news cycle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great post. Liberals like Diane Feinstein think this is the time to strike. I’m betting they are wrong. Obama won with a comfortable margin of Electoral College votes but it was hardly a landslide with the popular vote. And two states that voted for Obama, Ohio and Pennsylvania, have a large population of hunters/gun owners who won’t appreciate Feinstein’s hissy fit and proposed new gun laws.

  4. Yoshi says:

    “we’ll never figure out why John Lennon married the only ugly Asian chick in the history of the world”

    This is truly a question for the ages.

  5. Mandrax says:

    LOL….John Lennon’s mistress (with Yoko’s permission) was a very attractive Asian chick…google May Pang.

    But, in all seriousness, this is a great essay, and completely true. Today I had an interesting realization during a phone conversation with my mother, who was complaining about the growing crime problem in the neighborhood in Indianapolis where she lives. Indianapolis, like many places, seems to have a revolving-door policy on its justice system. Every time some asshole gets busted in the police report for some crime or other, he’s always got a million priors. We saw the same thing with the fireman shooter in New York (paroled after killing his GRANDMOTHER with a hammer? REALLY?)

    It just hit me all of a sudden, for the first time – if the media gave this very problematic issue of revolving-door justice and violent criminal recidivism the same coverage that they gave their disgusting and totally unethical ORGY over the Newtown incident, the public would be absolutely and justifiably outraged. But of course they won’t do it, because they don’t actually give a damn about helping anyone – they give a damn about the man-bites-dog sensationalistic bullshit that drives up their ratings.

    The basic point is: violent criminals are getting released from prison WAY TOO EASILY, and it is THAT which is responsible for so much of the crime we all have to deal with…not guns. If they wanted to really make a difference with the crime, they would stop wallowing in this orgy of gun bullshit and focus on the real issue – this goddamn revolving door justice system.

  6. NR Pax says:

    I was out having a beer with my swim coach and two teammates. Basically, I was the token conservative type amongst liberals. One of the teammates was saying how he hoped that the shooting “would lead to a conversation about gun control.”

    I had enough. I pretty much broke out a description of existing laws and how ineffective they are. I also pointed out the number of laws that the CT idiot broke.

    His response was the most honest I’d ever heard. “You’re using facts, reason and logic. But on the emotional side, I’m pointing at 20 dead kids.”

    Not that I’m going to stop using facts and logic. But I do have a few emotional level responses that should work well when I feel like fighting really dirty.

  7. BamBam says:

    But hey! Why let the facts ruin a perfectly good story?!

    I agree that the left has the “emotional win” over this “discussion” but emotion dies down after a while. Facts don’t. We are seeing a lot of heat right now but give it another month.

    Big O says he won’t let this issue die, but how has he handled every other hard thing in his life? It’ll fall off his radar into the “too much hassle” pile.

  8. MNSLIM says:

    ” This Year Will Go Down in History. For The First Time, A Civilized Nation Has Full Gun Registration! Our Streets Will Be Safer, Our Police More Efficient, And The World Will Follow Our Lead Into The Future!”

  9. Hack Stone says:

    The first thing that the President can do to reduce violence related to firearms is to instruct the ATFE to stop supplying weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.

  10. DDB says:

    How long before somebody in the government targets the Civilian Marksmanship Program like they did during the Clinton years?
    Better get your Garand now if you want one. I was going to wait for the Eastern Games at Butner to pick mine up, but I’ll probably do it much sooner now.

  11. Nik says:

    What conversation? I only hear lies, intellectual dishonesty, and misrepresentation of the facts.

  12. TSO says:

    This may be your best post ever Jonn. Absolutely first rate.

  13. USMCE8Ret says:

    I watched FOXNEWS today, and on it was Senators Feinstein and Graham, who spoke about the “fiscal cliff”, whether or not Hillary would testify about Benghazi, and the gun debate. While listening to Feinstein make comparisons between past violent acts, she STILL gets her facts wrong, such as stating that 1/3 of the nations schools already have armed security in them, and such in the case of Columbine, they (he) failed to stop the massacre. Columbine was under seige by 2 shooters for 46 mintues, and Jefferson County law enforcement were on the scene within minutes of the first few calls – they just failed to act… literally sitting in the parking lot while kids were being killed.

    The point I’m making is that the liberal left arguement is indeed emotionally based and not supported by facts or logic. We all realise that if any new gun ban passes, the reality is that it simply won’t stop another mass shooting – anywhere, and the liberals just won’t get the big picture… EVER.

  14. UpNorth says:

    ” I only hear lies, intellectual dishonesty, and misrepresentation of the facts”. The best response to all the hand-wringing going on.
    And, I agree, best post evah..

  15. offairpromo says:

    The NRA is insane though, just watch what Wayne LaPierre said today

  16. Anonymous says:

    The NRA is insane though, just watch what Wayne LaPierre said today

  17. BamBam says:

    Wonder how long before CNN and MSNBC start airing that as news… They can splice in Soledad asking those hard hitting questions.

  18. Common Sense says:

    Obama also said that he would push the gun control issue if that’s what the American people want. Well, given the long lines of thousands of people at every gun show this weekend, the record number of background checks this year, and the run on gun stores who are struggling to keep almost anything gun-related stocked, and I think the American people have spoken pretty clearly.

    The emotional argument for gun control reminds me of the argument that Y2K was a hoax. The only reason there wasn’t mass chaos that New Year’s day was because 10s of thousands of IT people worked for years to fix code in everything from banks to water treatment plants. It’s easy to point to a bunch of dead kids and say that without a gun, they would be alive. But it’s hard to point to the incidents where good people with guns prevented such tragedy. You don’t have a bunch of living kids to pull out in front of cameras to say “These kids wouldn’t be here without this guy over here with a gun”. We have the stats, but those don’t push that emotional button.

  19. rb325th says:

    @ MNSLIM, and that is how you lose an argument by using false quotes attributed to one of the worlds most notorious dictators. Google is your friend, and I would hope you do not repeat that bogus quote much.
    Hitler made no such statement in 1935 or at any point for that matter. When we use bogus urban legends to bolster our case, we only weaken it. Use your time to find actual facts and statistics that can be backed up with sources. Not ones that sound good, but you have no idea if it is true or not.
    Just because it is on the Internet or you saw it on a bumper sticker somewhere does not mean it is true.
    1938 Germany passes new gun laws that require registration and permitting except for certain people (mainly Nazi Party members) and banned Jews from manufacturing, or dealing weapons or ammunition.
    Most of the laws remain in effect today in Germany, except the restrictions on Jews of course.

  20. Wow. Excellent post. As a writer, you know when you see something so good you wish you wrote it? Yeah, I’m there. Kudos. My only quibble is…never mind, I can’t find one.

    Since I didn’t write it but I agree with every word, every comma and support each and every sentiment, including the almost depressed in resignation of the idiocy of the left overall tone, I’ll just repost. Everywhere.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    What is the actual gun show attendance overall for 2012? Is there a number or demographic?

  22. Kid says:

    The Unarmed UK #1 in personal attack crimes. Easy to find in the news dailymail is the very recent source.
    Chicago # 1 in gun control in the US and # 1 in personal attack crimes.

    This is so simple it’s mind-boggling why anyone would want to disarm.

  23. The Other Whitey says:

    My wife is a hot Asian chick, and she’s a surprisingly good driver (don’t tell her I said that or she’ll kick my ass). Now I’m worried about the knee-jerk to the Webster NY incident.

    Hopefully this doesn’t lead to some absurd laws banning Asian chicks from handling guns. I would really hate to find out that I could be arrested now because I’m teaching my wife to shoot!

    In all seriousness, though, my prayers and condolences go out to my Brothers back east. May God welcome them home with open arms.

  24. Old Trooper says:

    We are losing the gun discussion in the media, because the media is biased to the left and they are certainly pro-gun control as well as uninterested in the truth and facts. They don’t want the truth out there. They find “experts” who couldn’t find their ass with both hands and a flashlight, but because the media calls them an “expert”, everything that person says is soaked up by the intellectually lazy as being a fact.

  25. OWB says:

    Having a “conversation” with lefties is very like trying to reason with a 2-yr old throwing a tantrum. Actually, reasoning with the 2-yr old could well be more productive.

    There simply is no way to have a “conversation” with anyone whose only focus is on what they want instead of what they, or anyone else, needs.

  26. STL Frank says:

    One quibble, from what I can find Connecticut does not have restrictions on high capacity magazines.

  27. B Woodman says:

    “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” what the LSDM sez or what the politicians do. No matter what we, the law abiding gun owning non murdering majority say or do, the Libtards will continue to Libtard.
    Molan Laave.

  28. The Other Whitey says:

    In the words of a Democrat who would probably switch parties today;

    “We cannot negotiate with people who say, ‘What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable.'”
    -President John F. Kennedy, October 1962

    He was talking about dangerous ultra-leftist fanatics (who are by definition fascists, regardless of semantics). I wonder if he ever thought those fanatics would be in control of his own party.

  29. Medic09 says:

    Good post. As far as the Iraqi woman with the unexpended-shells-that-were-shot-into-her-bed, I have to point out that this is very very typical Arab propaganda. They just make stuff up, no matter how implausible or outrageous; then serve it to the Western media who (for the most part) just swallow it hook, line, and sinker without ever questioning ‘is this plausible’ or ‘does this make sense’ or ‘does this fit the facts’?

    The press largely don’t care. They just want something to print for the readers who don’t really care and just want something to read.

  30. streetsweeper says:

    Something tells me, Obama does not consider any of us to be a part of the “American people” he spoke so…erm, eloquently of. There is “our majority” and there is his “majority” and all of us know, his “majority” wouldn’t make good party guests let alone constitute a knowledgeable majority of the populace. He’ll leave office a very, very rich man, one way or the other. And, I even believe that he is going to leave such a mark, it is going to take a lot more than a several tubes of silvadeen and gauze bandages to heal the burn scars him and his crew are going to leave behind.

  31. streetsweeper says:

    Oh and John Kennedy had it right: “We cannot negotiate with people who say, ‘What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable.’”-President John F. Kennedy, October 1962.

    Thanks, OTW…

    I have no doubt after he sat through Joe McCarthy’s hearings and everything else going on at the time, he knew which train was headed down the tracks at us. At full throttle no less.

  32. streetsweeper says:

    er TOW, sorry!