Denny’s doesn’t like guns

| January 3, 2013

ROS sends us a link from Missouri Illinois where a Denny’s restaurant manager tossed out some police officers the other night for *gasp* having guns with them while they were eating at the local chain.

Five on-duty but out of uniform detectives were in the middle of their meal at the Denny’s. The restaurant chain said a customer spotted one of the officers carrying a gun and alerted the manager. The manager told the detective she would have to leave or secure the gun in her car, that guns are not allowed in Denny’s. Even after the officers explained they were cops they were still told they could not carry their weapons in the business. Captain Sax said, “I’ve never known anybody that didn’t want a police officer present in an establishment in a business it’s added security it’s absolutely what they want.”

Now, I didn’t know that Denny’s has a “no gun” policy because I’ve always had mine when I went to local Denny’s in Keyser. I never saw a “no gun” sign, but asking a cop to leave because of their guns is just ridiculous. I guess I won’t be going back – I’ll drive the 50 miles to IHOP instead.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Me, too.

    I know a restaurant on the highway that gets a lot of business from state, county and local cops. No one tells them ‘no guns’. Neither does the nearby McDonald’s, BK, Wendy’s or any of the other fast food joints.

  2. Hack.Stone says:

    And neither does Buffalo Wild Wings, either.