Albert Valentine Bustamante; Marine forger

| January 4, 2013


Here’s one I came across from our buddy Scotty. Albert Valentine Bustamante claimed service from 1973 – 1979 and time with the Marine “Special Forces Recon” units and here’s his DD214 to prove it;

BustamanteFORGED DD214 -3

Everyone knows that they type out your Bronze Star citation on your DD214, right? What? They don’t?

Well, that DD214 conflicts greatly with his FOIA;


Go over to Scotty’s link and read the discrepancies between his claims and reality. It’s a hoot, he even lied about his high school years. The internet is a real bitch when she wants to be.

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  1. Tango9 says:

    Get a tail number, get an air medal.
    think those flights were 0-9’s

  2. Tango9 says:

    actually… 20 0-9’s = 1 air medal if I recall correctly. I lived in the dorms on Tinker and I remember watching A1C’s with 2 AMs walk by. fkers.

  3. AGEFMB says:

    @39 and @41 Not going to get into a pissing contest, but generalizing that all MCs are filled with bad people is ridiculous. Isn’t that one of the things we get worked up about on this forum? Aren’t we critical of the media when “they” generalize that all vets have PTSD or that all gun owners are buttons?

  4. AGEFMB says:

    nutjobs……not buttons. Stupid autocorrect

  5. O-4E says:


    I lick buttons better

  6. O-4E says:

    like..not lick

    Damn you autocorrect

  7. AGEFMB says:

    @56 lol. Love autocorrect

  8. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Waht iz autokorect?

  9. RandomNCO says:

    Is his daughter the one who murdered that other little girl?

  10. Tony says:

    I am a Real Vietnam Veteran,all of 67 and half of 68.First tour with the First Cav..Second with the 195th Assault Helicopter Company, 2nd lift as a doorgunner. I have a few Air Medals.
    This should clear things up about the Air Medal:
    Established in 1942, the Air Medal is awarded for meritorious achievement in aerial operations, for heroic acts in aerial operations against an armed enemy, or for merit in operational activities. During the Vietnam War, for instance, a single award of the Air Medal denoted participation by ground troops in a requisite number of “Combat Air Assaults”.
    The number of Air Assaults was 25.For most of us,our Air Medals were ‘Hard Won’.
    As for this puke Bustamante…he makes me sick and he gives All Vietnam Veterans a bad name. I called him out on his phoney decorations on his Facebook page and he was trying to bullshit me so fast that he couldn’t even keep track of his own bullshit story ! He ended up blocking me. That was a coward’s move.If your legit, stand up and prove it, if your not,run away. The closest Bustamante ever got to combat was watching ‘Full Metal Jacket’. He never took part in Operation Eagle Pull and wasn’t even in the Marines when it to place. He is Not Airborne Qualified nor was he ever assigned to Force Recon. He’s just a liar. His forged DD214 looks like he paid a 4th grader to do it. And Bustamante.. ” If your reading this, Viet Nam is ‘One Word’.. it’s spelled Vietnam…Why didn’t you know that ? Oh…That’s right..You were Never There ! What you should do ,you piece of shit, is go to the Vietnam Wall in DC and fall on your knees and beg forgiveness from the 58000 + that served and didn’t come back for posing as one of us ! May you rot in hell you asshole !

  11. Hondo says:

    Tango9: understand the getting old part, amigo. That’s why I look stuff up – CRS. Plus my background is Army vice USAF and I got curious. (smile)

    Have to admit that the concept behind that one kinda baffles me. Based on similar criteria an equivalent Army award would cover serving an aggregate of 2 years in pretty much any tactical unit in the Army.

    Another example of the differences in service customs and philosophies, I guess.

  12. NHSparky says:

    Nearly 24 hours and no threars of “lawers” yet? These guys are slipping. Maybe Gunny Driveway can give him some pointers.

  13. Martinjmpr says:

    My favorite pic is the one where he is wearing an Army black beret with the USMC EGA device and Army E-6 rank on his collar (note the absence of the crossed rifles which is on all Marine NCO ranks from Lance Corporal up to Gunnery Sergeant.)

  14. USMCE8Ret says:

    @63 – I found the pics equally “disturbing”, particularly the one where he’s sporting the service “A” uniform with 4 hashmarks, denoting 16 years of service but has only 1 bronze star device on his Good Conduct Medal. And the gold EGA device on a beret? Give me a f-ckin’ break! I won’t even go into the fact that he wouldn’t have been eligible for the Vietnam related medals he claims to have.

    This guy is all over the internet now. I wonder if anyone has ever called him out on his shenanigans… that is, if they even bothered to do any research about his exploits.

    BUT… I recognize that’s the society that we live in now. Folks aren’t held accountable for their actions, and are somehow permitted to get away with lies by folks who just enable them to get away with such nonsense.

  15. I’m writing this on behalf of the Gypsy Motorcycle Club. This is to let you know that after our own investigation, to include a FOIA request for his DD214, we have removed Albert Valentine Bustamante, aka Razorback from our membership.

    It may seem that our action was slow in coming. You’re correct. We took our time to do due diligence. Bear in mind that this man was a member of our club – a brother – off and on for twenty years. We don’t do background checks; we tend to trust our members. When word was first made public about his fakery, we took it with a grain of salt, because the man who brought it to light had a fairly public grudge against Bustamante. Yes, there was an obviously altered 214 posted. However, as easy as it seems to be to fake the document, it could have been anyone who forged it. We needed to make sure he wasn’t being falsely accused, so we took the approach of “innocent until proven guilty”. Obviously, once we got our own copy, we now know who the forger is.

    For the record, a significant number of our members are veterans, myself included (USN 1987-91). If ever doubted, I don’t know of any who wouldn’t offer their 214 for scrutiny. Again, including me.

    I’m sure you’ll continue to post about Bustamante. I would however, ask that any derogatory comments about our club cease. The wheels of justice may have moved slowly, but they moved. Leave us out of the rants from now on.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me through the Facebook message system.

    Worth “E.T.” Cadenhead
    Area D Vice President
    Gypsy MC Int’l

  16. Hondo says:

    Mr. Cadenhead: thanks for the update. Glad to see your MC decided to do the correct thing here and throw Bustamante the LSoS out on his ass. Some organizations simply don’t care; yours obviously does.

  17. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    It’s not a military-only club so it makes sense that DD-214s are not required and reviewed. Hell, there’s enough problems with posers and embellishers getting over in the AL and VFW.

  18. Greebn Thumb says:

    His biker name should be “El Shitbaggo”.

  19. Green Thumb says:

    68 was me.

    Too many beers.

  20. Green Thumb says:

    With respect to the name, this could be “The Fifth Most Dangerous Man In The World”.

    He would seem to have more than an NDSM “Nasty D”.

  21. EdUSMCleg says:

    When a young lady approached me with this guys story, we knew immediately that he was a phony. We put in for the FOIA and verified he was, in fact, an ass-bag poser. However, his MC did not believe it until we convinced them to do their own FOIA on him. Once they received his records, they kicked him out. He still has his supporters as most do, but he is exposed for the most part. After being exposed, he still claims everything and says that mistakes were made on his paperwork and he needs to clear it up at the VA. The VA may have been duped by his DD214 as well, but that’s on them. There is also evidence that he was the beneficiary of a few fundraisers for a car accident he was involved in where they had him listed as a “Vietnam Veteran”.

  22. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    He should have had a 4th grader review his DD-214 for punctuation and grammer.

  23. EdUSMCleg says:

    I sent in a tip to the VA OIG hotline. Hopefully they look into this guy.

  24. EdUSMCleg says:

    Hmmm… Got this back. Did someone else tip them off??

    “The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (OIG) Hotline received your complaint dated April 12, 2013. The VA OIG’s mission is to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse within VA programs. The Hotline accepts tips or complaints that, on a select basis, result in reviews of:

    –VA-related criminal activity.

    –Systemic patient safety issues.

    –Gross mismanagement.

    –Misconduct by senior VA officials.

    Our staff has reviewed your complaint and determined that the issue has been properly addressed. Our review did not result in the creation of an investigation report. This is our final response on this issue.

    Thank you.


    Senior Analyst

    VA OIG Hotline

  25. NHSparky says:

    You kiddin me? The VA wouldn’t know a faker if it sat on their faces and wiggled.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    This dude is a stooge, but he gets my vote for the best name.



    Also, did anyone notice what a wretched, whiny pussy with “wide eyed-I lied” syndrome he looked like in the interview compared to the “hardcore” pic above?

    I hope his MC is kicking the shit out of him.

    If there not, then they are fake MC club at best.

  27. Green Thumb says:

    “Turd Strong”