The Great Native American-Canadian Indian Hunger Strike

| January 4, 2013

Saw this over at Twicthy earlier, and started looking around, not because I am knowledgeable about Canadian Politics (I’m not) but because it seemed a fairly interesting story.

Let’s start here with what I know about Canada:
* Robin Scherbotski was a child star there singing “Two Beavers are Better than One” and “Let’s go to the Mall (TODAY!)”.
* Two of my favorite Infantrymen are Canadian by birth (Toby Nunn and MOH Recipient Peter Lemon.)
* It’s cold there.
* The TV Show Psych (best show on TV) is filmed there, not in Santa Barbra.
* You are NOT supposed to refer to it as our hat.

That said, if you have some time today, watch this video.

I also know that occasionally we have a reader at TAH that shows up from Nunuvet, and if you read this, I want to come visit.

Anyway, I became a fan of watching Ezra Levant from watching this, and although I had heard his name before, he won me over here.

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  1. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Hockey. If you don’t like it, there isn’t a single good reason to like Canada anymore.

  2. NHSparky says:

    Here’s a few more things to know about Canada:

    –For decades now they’ve been undertaking a secret program to undermine our culture and musical efforts by adding such incredibly annoying or bad acts like Celine Dion, Nickelback, Justin Beiber, Avril Lavigne, Sum41, and Snow (“Informer, you know say daddy me snow me, I’ll go blame
    A licky boom boom down”–fuckin seriously???)

    –Mikey Moore thinks their medical system is da bomb. As long as he doesn’t have to use it, I guess.

    –A-BOOT. Nuff said.

  3. Nik says:


    Their health care system is great, as long as you come to the US to get anything major done.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Um, Robin SPARKLES. This is exactly why she can’t maintain her anonymity.

  5. NR Pax says:

    Let’s not forget how Ezra Levant was the one who faced down the kangaroo court of the Human Rights Commission, beat the woman conducting the “trial” like a naughty puppy and uploaded the recordings on YouTube.

  6. Athena says:

    More ethnic hustling.

  7. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    AMENDED COMMENT #1: Post Video Viewing

    Hockey and Ezra Levant. If you don’t like either one, there isn’t a single good reason to like Canada anymore.

  8. Nexxius says:

    Air Cav, I’ll see your Hockey & Ezra Levant and raise you a Jewel Staite and Cannadian Bacon. Who can say no to Bacon!

  9. Twist says:

    @9, Canadian bacon is ham

  10. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Vancouver and their huge C-Ration can openers!!! In ’78(?) we did a JFX with the Canucks. We got hit by a storm coming out of the Gulf of Alaska! Some grunts had been disembarked on “Mike Boats” and were stuck in coves because it was to rough for them to be recovered. ‘Our’ grunts were ordered back to their berthing area and we Amtracers were told to “be ready” on out tractors. We all got a good night’s sleep!? There were Canuck grunts on our LPD (8 USS Dubuque) so while we were waiting for shore leave, we traded with them. I coulda traded one of their huge can openers for someone’s sister!?! Oh, and Paul Federricko’s (retired Canuck AF Major) daughter!!!

  11. TSO says:

    @9, wait, Jewel Staite is Canadian?

    I love Jewel Staite. LOVE HER.

  12. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @9. Sorry, I ordered that so-called bacon once in Canada and they brought out a pig on a leash and gave me a knife and a lighter.

  13. Nik says:

    Canadian bacon isn’t bacon. Canadian bacon is like fool’s gold in that regard.

  14. PALADIN says:

    I know Ezra , he’s an Alberta boy…well now he lives in Torontostan….but he’s an Westerner and he keeps the Liberals / Socialists on their toes up north.

    I was born In South Dakota , but i grew up in Canada mainly in Saskatchewan, and then lived in Alberta after i was done my enlistment , And TSO…don’t go to’ll freeze your ass off !
    Go to Alberta or Saskatchewa especially if ya like hunting.
    Will be going back to Alberta this spring to calve some Cows with my uncle , and it’s a HUGE Province with only 3 million people. All kinds of prairie, mountains, badlands, if ya wanna get lost, it’s the place to go.
    Saskatchewan is bigger and only has 1 million people, you can drive for miles and not meet another vehicle.

    Stay outta British Columbia, it’s a beautiful place but it’s like California … infested with weirdos and Socialists.

    Here’s a video with some scenery of Alberta.

  15. Fen says:

    I remember when a Libtard tried to block an American rail line – lost both his legs. If I was Canadian, my last act as conducter would be to roll the train through the blockade. If you’re too stupid to move, you deserve whatever happens to you.

  16. Debbie says:

    Why is it when Aboriginals try to stand up after decades of being ignored by the government we are called radicals? The list is so long with whats wrong and untrue in this article. Another example with media trying to paint all Aboriginals in the same negative racist attitude. Where is the impartial fair reporting?

  17. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @17. Hey Deb. I dunno but it’s safe to say no here much cares about Canadian aborwhatevers.