UK soldier first victim of green-on-blue for the year

| January 8, 2013

The Stars & Stripes reports the first death of a coalition soldier in green-on-blue attacks this year and he’s from the UK. there were also six others wounded.

The attacker was killed. NATO officials said it is not known why the soldier attacked troops at Patrol Base Hazrat, in Nahr-e Saraj district, Helmand province.

When it’s a US casualty, though, we are never given a clear picture of the attack like we do when it’s not an American. For example, they usually report that officials aren’t sure if it’s an Afghanistan National Army soldier who did the shooting or someone dressed as an ANA soldier. The Brits are pretty clear that he was ANA.

What’s not clear is if the UK’s victim refused to drink tea with the ANA soldier, or showed him the bottom of his feet, because according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Sergeant Major of the Army, it’s always the cultural insensitivity of the Western troops that provokes the Afghans to kill them.

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  1. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    “NATO officials said it is not known why the soldier attacked troops at Patrol Base Hazrat….” Bwahhahahahahahah.

  2. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @1 I can’t believe they believe their own bullsh1t.

    I also can’t believe they expect anyone else to believe their bullsh1t.

  3. RandomNCO says:

    I’m sure those Afghans respect the British culture right?

  4. USMCE8Ret says:

    Yeah, well, the ANA has been at it for HOW LONG? How long have they been participating in ops with us and the Brits? I’d think they would have us figured out by now. So much for adaptability.

    On the flip side, I wonder what it would be like if I had the right to hurt someone in the name of being offended by someone else’s actions?

    Otherwise, my weekends for the next 10 years would be full.

  5. Just an Old Dog says:

    I bet he made him watch “Mr Bean”.

  6. brat says:

    @ #5…..Monty Python, I reckon.:)