Carroll Bryant; phony SEAL

| January 9, 2013

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Someone sends us their research on Carroll Bryant who has been pretending to be a SEAL. According to the guy who sent this stuff and did most of the investigating, Bryant has been claiming to be a SEAL for years. And now that he’s been exposed as a liar, of course, its because the Navy had to “erase” his records, to wit (if you can read it);

when my career ended, there were several security issues surrounding my service and what had happened on a specific op… i (and the govt went through great legnths to ensure i was “erased” from specop service..i at time went along with…due to my becoming disenfranchised by things we all had learned our govt was into… during our service…i have always held that i am not responsible to validate myself in any regard to any person..i know what and who i am..and you or any other person can take that at face value of the alternative(ur choice)

Don Shipley says he’s not a SEAL, along with a couple of other phony hunters. From his records, it looks like Bryant spent about six months in the Navy as an E-3. But his FOIA lacks the forms we’re accustomed to seeing. So I’m betting on Don Shipley in this one.

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ADDED his FOIA from Scotty;

Carroll BryantFOIA

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  1. Green Thumb says:

    Just cover your bets and keep your pants up around this tool.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    6 months in the Navy? What got him booted out? That’s the real question, you know.

    Maybe — caught with HIS pants down?

  3. JG says:

    Classic stuff. Some great words I will use forever such as “disenfrenchfried”, anti-alGore net, etc. I am a former soldier and proud of it. Thanks to all of you, veterans or not, for protecting the honor of that service, but if we put this much work into curing cancer we would have solved that and every other disease in the world. Just saying. I did laugh a lot with the comments, though

  4. Smart Exwife says:

    When I moved PseudoSeal to Florida into my home prior to making the huge mistake of marrying him, I was more than a little naieve. My dad served in the Navy and I am proud of that. I had recently lost my 13 yr old daughter and was vulnerable. He saw an opportunity to move out of his Momma’s house and jumped for it. And no, I’m not sure he CAN swim. I actually work right on the beach and live about 10 minutes from it. He never went near the water…in the ocean or a pool while we were together. Which we never really were together as he began an affair just 3 months after our wedding. I should not have been surprised. With a restraining order now in place to protect me from additional physical abuse and a divorce decree, my life moves on, thank God!! He used me and scarred me more than I like to admit, financially and emotionally. Your comments have amused me more than you will ever know. I still feel pretty silly for falling for the BS of a professional liar. A grateful THANK YOU to those that have served and protected our country and its people.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Someone posted on one of the open threads that this dirtbag is back at it.

      Any updates?

  5. Steve says:

    ^Above comment is from the turds former wife. By the way, he is still wearing SEAL caps and shirts so I can only imagine that he is still spewing his lies.

  6. SSG E says:

    I have been looking at all these post for awhile and all I can say is WOW and why? Especially all of the real Soldiers who put fake crap on there uniforms! My wife and I own a small carpet cleaning company and I would do this older gentleman s carpets only his living room and hall but the last time I was there he asked me to do his whole place I went into his office that was always locked all over his wall above his desk was pictures of him awards and all of his stuff was from being in the Seal’s now I don’t know if any of the shit was real but if it wasn’t it sure was some fancy work! What makes me think it was is he never spoke about being a Seal in probably 8 or so years going there! He knew I was in the military cause he seen my retired Blue ID card once when I gave him change and said Thank You for your service! That’s it nothing else. I also worked with A guy for years when I was young and never ever did he say anything to me about being in the SF until I got called up or Desert Storm ( before I get the question I went to Fort Benning to be a small arms instructor never went to Iraq until 2006 2007) but he told me then maybe wasn’t but he never told or bragged to anyone else! The point I’m trying to make is from being in the 404 CA Battalion and deploying and working with SF, the 82 25 Inf div on and on most guys that are or were Special Ops of any type don’t talk themselves up they do there job and help you do yours better! We had a lot of SF,Rangers all that Highspeed stuff at are Unit mostly because we were a active Airborne Unit . If a guy or gal has to wear or talk about what he or she did in the War or Military the most of the time there FAKE!

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Carroll is an extra fat turd.

  8. Steven Neal says:

    Standing outside of my business one day, a lady approached myself and of my guys, asking IF she can stand there and wait for a bit. When I immediately recognized her discomfort, as focused on a couple of individuals standing outside of a bar, I told her she was fine and asked if she was in need of anything I would happily support her in. She just mentioned that, a certain person out smoking, was an ex and she TOO had a no contact order on.
    Oddly enough, he would stumble the sidewalks, in an attempt to tell stories, if I was riding my Harley, carrying a gun or something attached to the situation. ALSO ODDLY enough, his stories wreaked of TV fueled insight, such as, HE was a “HELLS ANGEL”, HE was an Army Ranger, HE was also claimed Master Mason (Free mason, not brick and mortar proper), YOU GET THE PICTURE! So, when I asked if it was THIS particular guy, she confirmed that he was a washed up painter, in jail most of his life, NEVER did anything, INCLUDING TAKING CARE OF 4 kids (only one with her) and lied about EVERYTHING! Well, the final straw had been pulled, even though my contempt was reaching terminal levels on my own, MY OWN ideas of the situation, were now PROVEN. Problem were, as with MOST like him, he KNEW NOTHING of CERTAIN aspects of 1% Motorcycle Clubs, and I am well versed. He knew nothing of inner workings of military and I am well versed (not only my Grandfather being one of Darby’s Rangers and KNOWN as such, and I serving an entire career in the “PROFESSION OF ARMS”) he fell short on the DETAILS when I gave him brief moments of my attention just to CHECK him. I may have served in just one branch, but, due to a diverse reach in my career, and at times being around all branches, in work and formal training that involved cross service interaction, I had better than basic knowledge and his cross contaminating of aspects continued to ruin his STORIES. Hearing similar stories and KNOWING that even the top deployments, that are not available for public knowledge, still have records associated with them, such as TCN/routing numbers, all time IS accounted for, in ANY situation! Standing in Pope AFB/ Ft. Bragg, unassigned to any arm that was currently attached, EVEN I had an interlude with a person in the pay section about something very relative. The young airman, who was trying to explain to me, as a senior enlisted member, how to properly fill out a travel voucher (when I had filled out hundreds before), that I could NOT leave the locations open/blank! I simply informed him that the information was NOT AVAILABLE (at THAT time, as certain aspects will go through a period where they must be declassified/reclassified due to security prurposes). But, he could use the number listed on our orders, WHICH I HAD PROVIDED and was briefed to list, accordingly, (as I am sure many know this) to VERIFY what was needed, as it could NOT be listed on the document. Once he got his supervisor, I was shuffled off to the back to finish my travel voucher since he had made a scene of it beyond what it should have been. I had to force my hand so HE would know for future reference, to seek further guidance, as opposed to questioning a Senior member in public..In the end, all safe and well.
    THESE IDIOTS of stolen valor, do not understand, that even in the formidable umbrella of SPECIAL OPERATIONS, and MANY other DAILY operations, that maintain greater classifications above FOUO, all is ACCOUNTED FOR, even if only a long set of numbers as assigned, NON NEFARIOUSLY, and EVEN IF it may not be SPELLED out in specific records, at least your brothers or sisters, can VOUCH for your service! Even as a very average member of the armed forces, we all know, and understand, how it works. The jobs and the results FOLLOW you, and ARE pounded into your memory, in MANY ways, just as your honor for being able to serve or accomplish anything while on duty, will never leave you. ANYONE who has served, will blurt out their grad dates, class dates and others who were there, as we are PROUD of what we did! Even in cadence, reporting to senior officials or instructors, we use our class numbers and such, in such repetitive manner, stating that, “it slips my mind”, or “I don’t recall”, is a HUGE indicator of lies, deception, or just plain lack of knowledge!
    NO, many do not brag, some rarely ever TALK freely or openly about it, UNLESS AMONGST OUR OWN…THEN, watch out, it will probably be a full day/night etc, of rehashing many great times and endeavors, barring the things that may be painful. BUT, since THEY brought it up first, then they CLEARLY were open to discuss it or use it in their identity, and THAT says it was safe enough to advertise for some purpose or agenda. Be it proud service, or for something else as determined in the mind of the one sharing. SO WHY THE SECRECY after publicly shouting it loud on social sites, if not okay for verification by a sister or brother of your, or other, service. Hell, bragging on a phone looks pretty OPEN to me!
    SAD that women FALL for these folks, as beautiful, trusting souls, they like to think that they are safe and will be protected with someone that CLAIMS to be capable. BUT, ladies, PLEASE look into their background, see who is in contact with them and see how their friends and family accept or associate with them. Just as in life, if few are around them, few have good to say of them, or many flags and folks showing up, looking for them for things LESS than positive, it can NOT be placed on JUST KNOWING a few people that are bad, cock blocking, hating etc! Those are flags to who they are and NO amount of stories about all the BAD around them, should be able to detour the fact that the one detail in the SUM is THEM! True, there is bad in EVERY walk of life, hell, even priests are sleeping with kids, so assuming military makes you PERFECT, without fault or HONORABLE is not always the case. Honorable service, is JUST THAT and stating that at that time, they served above expectation. Yes, even just the commitment IS A HUGE DEAL, but none of us are without fault, so don’t give these SUPPOSED HEROS, anything more in trust, or YOUR LIFE, than you would until they are PROVEN TO DESERVE IT! Yes, I do feel for the victims of both women, and men, who go through situations with THESE type of folks…BUT, this is to well accepted these days as people are NOT IN TOUCH with who they are offering themselves to and willingness to make people prove their worth, has lapsed in all facets. The GOOD thing knowadays, is so much IS verifiable and little can be skirted or obstructed, JUST BE WILLING TO HEAR, LISTEN OR TAKE THE TIME to be sure you are dealing with the RIGHT people, or judge all based on the REAL ONES.
    Blessings to all who have served, past, present or future and God Speed in your travels to serve the country and those above us in the chain, that take us to where we prove our worth and love of AMERICA! NOTHING, proves patriotism more, than to give, possibly your life, in a manner that may not be the desire of the individual, but, SUPPOSEDLY what is best as determined by our POTUS. We have drifted in many ways from doing what is best, as shown by the choices of those who make the decisions to SEND US, but NEVER will it be anything less that we STILL serve, even if we are not in the same or agreed thought! It is all for something bigger! And that is FREEDOM, as the dreamers still believe we MAKE A DIFFERENCE and always will I offer a hearty salute, hand shake or hug, to any that are there and have walked the same path as I. FOR THEY HAVE GONE, where so few others will understand, agree with or give their lives as we have. And claiming to do so, is THE WORST of people, whose cowardice in their claims, put them parallel to any who has done so! Proudly I served and never has anything been such an impact in my life! In the pain, injury, joy, happiness, sadness and loss, or gain, the military was my LIFE and to AMERICA, I would always give, and would do so again, if I had to!

  9. Big Steve says:

    This overweight load *might* be skilled enough to shine a real SEAL’s shoes/boots… but nothing more.

  10. Greg says:

    This guy is a total PIECE OF SHIT.