Anonymous Marine comments on Joshua Boston’s letter

| January 10, 2013

CNN’s iReports, the same people who made Joshua Boston’s open letter to Diane Feinsten famous, print a response to Boston’s letter from some anonymous person who claims that he/she is also a Marine. Not a four-tour combat Marine like Boston, but a journalist, a Marine nonetheless;

When I read about the open letter…I couldn’t help but feel temporarily ashamed of also sharing the title of former Marine. Boston defiantly refuses to register his guns even if laws are passed requiring him to do so. In this refusal, he comes off as tone-deaf and unsympathetic to the victims of mass shootings in Newtown, Aurora, and so many other places. His ranting letter is paranoid exhibition of one concerned not with preventing the deaths of more innocents, but of maintaining his rights to own devices of war. I want to set the record straight, not all Marines are so insensitive to the recent tragedies, or ignorant about the need for arms restrictions.

While I did not experience combat, I served in Afghanistan as a Marine, exiting the service as a Sergeant in 2008 to enter college. My experiences in the Marine Corps of course led me to train with semi and fully automatic weapons, and yet, I have no desire to own these weapons now that I am out of the service. I can’t see why any civilian needs semi-automatic, high-capacity weapons designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible, and I support a ban of future sales in addition to a retroactive ban that would force Joshua Boston to relinquish his weapons.

Boston’s attitude towards authority is frankly disgusting and his open letter is wrong in both its assumptions about why the gun-control debate has become heated, and the reasons why we should care about his opinions at all. It implies that because he served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine, that he can choose which laws to obey while at home. This is of course, incorrect, and gives other veterans a bad name. Regardless of his personal beliefs about gun-control, Boston should obey the law, or stop using the title of Marine veteran so proudly.

The article headline calls Boston “gun worshipping Marine veteran”. I haven’t seen anyone “worship” guns, per se. But, ya know at least Boston attached his name to his letter, he didn’t cower behind some indecipherable screen name. When someone asked me if Boston had really been a Marine, I was able to verify it. Not so with this dude/chick.

What gets me is the people who say “I don’t own guns and I don’t think anyone else should either” or “no one needs high capacity magazines”. They’re the same sort of people who cheer for the tax hike on richer Americans. Personally, I don’t see the use for video games, or Airsoft gear, or NASCAR, or any of a thousand things that I think are stupid. But, I’m not trying to take those things away from people.

Some other anonymous dingus took exception to my comment about people not needing Porsches or Ferraris saying those cars aren’t used to kill large numbers of people. Neither are my guns, which I bought legally and are locked up in my gun safe until I want to use them. You probably also don’t understand why I enjoy cigars – that’s your problem.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Hondo–and the fucking sad part is, Durango would be truly awesome if it weren’t for all the hippie fucksticks.

    Lots of HS memories of making the run to Purgatory (whoops, the “Colorado Resort”, gotta be PC) or piling into the truck to make a run for the CO border for 3.2 beer (ugh!) or just screwing around and bombing up Wolf Creek or to Silverton.

  2. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    I’m not going to bash this DiOrio guy, and I would love to see him debate the issue with Josh Boston. One side will have facts and reality to back it up, while the other has a former Marine from Colorado who expresses some shame in the title.

  3. Bam Bam says:

    Thank you anonymous “marine” for revealing to us your thoughts on the matter. We know it comes from the heart based on the anonymous nature of your letter… Wait….

  4. Old Trooper says:

    Well now, everyone just hold on a minute. This Marine has a 1st Amendment right to say what he chooses. Same as Joshua Boston has a 1st Amendment right to say what he chooses, even if what he says is in favor of a right that DiOrio wants to get rid of, or at least regulate more than it already is. I mean, we can’t be so childish that we can’t agree that some of these other Amendments need to have some more restrictions put on them; right? I mean, DiOrio wouldn’t mind if we put more restrictions on some of them; would he? Joe says that the Constitution is outdated, anyway, and that we should get rid of it, or at least the parts he doesn’t agree with. Of course, if Joe had any intellect at all, he would know that the laws in this country are based off that stupid old piece of animal skin, but that’s just details. He can get it all figured out when he becomes dictator.

  5. WOTN says:

    Old Trooper, he does have both a Right to Free Speech, as well as a Right to be Silent, just as we have a Right to Free Speech, and a Right to Bear Arms.

    In his case, he may have been better served using his 5th Amendment Rights, rather than his 2nd, or as Ron White said: “I had the Right to remain silent, but not the ability.”

    But so long as the 2nd Amendment is not removed by an Amendment to the US Constitution, he can say all wants about his thoughts on it, as can Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Cuomo, and FineStain, but Constitutionally, any laws passed along the lines he has stated are nothing more than their Right to tell the world they are JA’s. An Exective Order, or a Joint Resolution of Congress would have the same effect, Constitutionally, Free Speech, but no weight of law.

    Alexander Hamilton wanted a benevolent monarch as well.

  6. UpNorth says:

    Got it, Hondo. From now on it shall be “Comrade Joseph, Glorious Hero of Rock Climbing for Greater Glory Socialist Republic of Durango”! Or, how about we just settle for Joey Fuckstick? That comes close, doesn’t it?

  7. Spade says:

    Read DiOrio’s update.

    He says something like “This would make people angry because it would infringe on their rights, BUT…”

    That but is how you get a soldier to load somebody into a cattle car.

  8. Bill C says:

    Ah yes, cigars.

  9. B Woodman says:

    Dude/chick = dick

  10. Arthur Osterhout says:

    Im not a marine or a citizen Im a freeperson. My rights were god given and protected by people like Boston. Until there is an amendment to the

  11. Tamhas says:

    The anonymous marine … is Piers Morgan?

  12. Arthur Osterhout says:

    I am not a marine nor am I a CITIZEN as the word is described by blacks law dict. I am a freeperson, who will reserve his rights granted by the US CONSTITUTION. My rights were god given and protected by people like Boston. So until there is an amendment to that constitution that changes the fact of “NO INFRINGEMENT” on the right to bear ARMS(any weapon)I will conduct myself just as Boston is. He is an intelligent man who understands his rights and is exercising them so that he can keep them. Political VIEWS expressed by people are not LAW and any law created that is contrary to the constitution is NOT LAW. But merely a statue. If you dont like our RIGHTS in this country maybe you should find a different country that better suits your beliefs. Or work to have the constitution changed to suit your desires. Anything else is just an opinion which you are entitled to, due to that constitution you have so little regard for and that provides you with your liberty that keeps you safe at night. And if you decide to think that im some gun toting crazy person who wants to carry around machine guns to murder people im not. I possess not a single gun. Im all about my rights and keeping them. If you encroach on one right and allow it to happen what stops those in power from encroachment on all the other rights? Stand up now for your rights or someday very soon you’ll find you don’t have any left. Government is not your buddy or your friend, they will not protect you when they are trying to disarm you. Governemnt infringes on our rights every day, it is your duty to make sure they are pushed back into the box that was created for them and kept there. Our founding fathers knew what government would try to do in the future and they restricted them with the rights they gave us as freepeople. Only you can exercise and keep those rights before they are striped away and your a slave.

  13. USMCSgt says:

    This whole thing reminds me of Full Metal Jacket, the dialogue between Animal Mother and Joker.

    “I’m a combat correspondent”

    “Well, have you seen much combat?”

    And I get a kick out of service members who think that only they rate to own semi-autos because they trained on them. Most of whom trained on them in boot camp and a once yearly range qual, and that could be a disaster occasionally.

  14. Hondo says:

    UpNorth: well, I guess. But that title’s not exactly one we can use in polite company, is it?

    Maybe instead of “Joey F*ckstick” or “Joey Walnuts” we should just call him “Joey Peanuts”. Why? Left as an exercise for reader, amigo – left as an exercise for the reader. (smile)

  15. Arthur Osterhout says:

    We the people have the right to bear ARMS. Anything that restricts that in any way is NOT binding nor is it law. Because any state or legislature that creates statues or codes that conflict with that US constitution carries no weight behind it. You must exercise your right to be entitled to it. These are facts, anything else is just opinion or discussion.

  16. jb1111 says:

    I hope a thousand Joshua Bostons live in my neighborhood.


    One can only conclude that anonymous is fiction from some Liberal’s mind and has no validity.

    His words are an insult and meaningless.

    I suppose the White House had to counter someway or another.

  17. deez says:

    “While I did not experience combat, I served in Afghanistan as a Marine, exiting the service as a Sergeant in 2008 to enter college.”

    So since you really know nothing about combat and most likely worked in a ncr your opinion holds a lot less weight.

    Regardless if you were so passionate to respond to this letter you wouldn’t have been a coward and hid your name.

    Obedience I’d expect from a marine cowardice however….

  18. Hiding behind a user name says:

    I admire Boston for taking a stand. To ridicule him for the job the Marine Corp put him in is garbage. I am a veteran of 17 years having served in Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq. I was wounded beyond repair in Iraq in 2009 in Mosul. Medically retired in 2012 80%, I took the same oath as everyone else. Those of you attacking Boston for standing up for his rights are fools. The oath clearly states that we are to protect the Contitution (As it is, it doesn’t say oh, by the way we can change it whenever we want to) “against all enemies foreign AND domestic” (referring to those attacking the constitution). You all need to realize that the Constitution was written with the intent that it be preserved in its original state. If we allow it to be changed than we should change the name of this country because it’s no longer America as described by the framers of the United States Constitution!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cpl Boston is a man. No fear after 8 yrs of combat with evil men. The one who wrote this comment can’t man up and put his name on it.
    Many for lack of what may not be taught in public schools today (on purpose to control the people) don’t seem to realize they are Mr. and Mrs. America and they put the government in place to protect and work for them. Well it has been hijacked communist progressive and should be taken back, rightfully so. Ashame a lot of people are selling out to slavery.

  20. Mr Rabbit says:

    Sandy hook never happened it was actors and FEMA look it up for your self no kids came out of that school it was a sick joke every one was smiling and laughing even the mothers and so called dads were all from the same actor group.

  21. Chiuck says:

    “Former Marine” was a dead-ass giveaway. Any Marine I’ve ever known would die before he called himself a “former”, and would kick anyone’s ass who called him that after being corrected the first time.

    Sorry, “former Marine”, you blew your cover.