Devon Lauffer; Phony AF creep

| January 11, 2013

Last August, this creepy looking turd was at a Reenactment Day in Conneaut, Ohio when someone took this picture;

Lauffer fuck

When our buddy Dave found the picture, the beret flash over the wrong eye and the camouflage ascot jumped out at him. The fellow in the picture, Devon Lauffer was claiming service in Army Special Forces and the Air Force. You can tell he’s a killer because he’s wearing those Vietnam jungle boots, the footwear of deadly men. And then there’s the old OD jungle fatigues which certainly identify the silent stalker. And I love the CIB, no one would wear that unless they earned it, right? Well, except everyone. And he ran out of room on the left side and had to put his Air Assault wings over his right pocket.

Well, when I went searching for him on the internet, I found out he’s only 53 years old – four years younger than me and I’m a year too young for Vietnam service (I was 17 the year the last combat troops were withdrawn). So Hondo did the application for a FOIA for us and they actually sent us too much information on him. Here’s the summary from the National Personnel Records Center;

Lauffer Service Summary

He served from 1976 until 1999, entirely in the Air Force Reserve and he zoomed up through the ranks to E-5. I think I know why. He apparently served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. But I don’t see a Bronze Star like he’s wearing in the photo above, or this one from his LinkedIn profile;

Devon Lauffer1a

Here’s his DD214;

Lauffer DD214

A perfectly honorable career spoiled by an ego bigger than his accomplishments. And maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I’d let him around any of my farm animals, he just has that look about him.

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  1. RandomNCO says:

    Hmmm, never seen someone in the AF envious of being in the Army…

    Though, if it’s at a reenactment thing, maybe he was playing someone else?

  2. NHSparky says:

    Let’s see, assuming he comes here, what are the Vegas odds of his first comment being:

    –I’ve contacted my “lawer” and I’ll be suing everyone here. (Current odds: 3/2)
    –That’s not my DD-214, my real one is secret. (Current odds: 6/1)
    –I was wearing those to honor (insert relative/friend here.) (Current odds: 2/1)
    –I’m entitled to them, they just never made it into my record. (Current odds: 15/1)
    –You all are just jealouse cause I’m such a high-speed, low-drag in-DUH-vid-ual. (Current odds: 8/1)
    –Other rambling Ron Paul/Alex Jones/Gordo Duff bullshit. (Current odds: 7/1)

    Place your bets, people!

  3. Flagwaver says:

    Well, he was in the Indiana Army National Guard. That’s like special forces, right?

    Asshat. And, with the way he is wearing that Monica-cap, I mean that literally.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Jealous, even. Damn fat fingers and old age.

  5. Reaperman says:

    Was this some kind of reenactment thing? First picture looks like where that stuff happens. He doesn’t look near drunk enough, which is what that kind of thing tends to really be about, but maybe it’s too early in the day. Seems like he had a perfectly good career with little need to embellish.

  6. Mustang says:


    devon lauffer

    Mr. Mason: I am reading your book, ChickenHawk, again. I am retired military in the Indiana Vets Home. I didnt serve in Vietnam my cousin did. He was on the ground in the Ia Drang Valley He was a member of the 1st Air Cav and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was only 20 Billy Lane Lauffer. I am disabled, I served in the USAF and Air Cav 1st/7th. I was also assigned to the 5th Spec Forces Grp. I suffer from PTSD too I will take a look at your other books.

  7. Hondo says:

    Damn, Jonn – you jumped the gun on me by about 30 min. I had a summary almost ready to e-mail to you about this tool’s career.

    For anyone interested, per his FOIA here are what appear to be the details regarding Lauffer’s “heroic” service:

    23 Jun 1976 to 19 Sep 1976 – USAFR, probably DEP

    20 Sep 1976 to 15 Feb 1978 – Active duty, USAF (training and initial assignment to 4th Civ Eng Squadron at Seymour Johnson AFB) Original enlistment was 4 years, so something caused him to be released from active duty but not disqualified from further service, possibly Carter-era force reductions. Discharged as E-3. Was a supply guy.

    16 Feb 1978 to 7 Dec 1978 – OH ANG, assigned to a refueling unit at Rickenbacker AFB, OH. Left to join IN ARNG. Was a supply guy. Made E-4 while assigned to this uint.

    8 Dec 1978 to 17 Feb 1984 – IN ARNG; last unit of assignment was 139th FA. MOSs were Tac Wireman (31K) and Infantryman (11B). Made E5 while assigned to this unit.

    18 Feb 1984 to 7 Mar 1984 – break in service

    8 Mar 1984 to 29 Aug 1984 – ANG; unit unspecified and not indicated in records; possibly refresher or new AFSC training

    30 Aug 1984 to 2 January 1989 – AZ ANG, 161st CAMS at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; rank during entire period was E-5 (comparison with other documents indicates start date appears off by 1 year on cover letter of FOIA). Reenlisted during this tour. Duty assignment unknown, but probably either supply or maintenance based on final DD214 AFSCs.

    3 January 1989 to 19 Dec 1990 – CA ANG, 445th OMS at Norton AFB; rank during entire period was E-5

    20 Dec 1990 to 14 Mar 1996 – IN ANG, 434th CAMS at Grissom AFB, IN; rank during entire period was E-5. Sometime during this and/or the preceding period, the individual apparently deployed to SWA. Review of active-duty retirement points earned indicates this was probably about a 6-month deployment, give or take.

    15 Mar 1996 to 31 Aug 1999 – AZ ANG, 161st CAMS at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; rank during entire period was E-5. Appears to have served on full-time active duty throughout this period. Released from active duty. AFSCs from what appear to be supply and maintenance career fields.

    1 Sep 1999 to 9 Oct 1999: undetermined, but probably retained on the rolls until end of ANG retirement year, then transitioned to Retired Reserve due to 20 years of service and HYT as E5.

    The guy appears to have grown up in the Columbus, OH, area, but spent most of his adult life elsewhere. My guess was he was “putting on the (fake) Ritz” for his 35th High School Reunion or to impress buddies back home. A quick Google Search using his name popped up for Columbus North High School, Columbus, OH.

    He’s still at it, just not as bad – 27 years of service and location: Vietnam my ass (try about 22, mostly reserve, with only about 6 years extended active and a location in the US).

    Gotta love that alias of “Uncle Ho”, though.

  8. USMCE8Ret says:

    When is the “poser” convention again?

  9. Twist says:

    You didn’t know that if you do your bird rappel out of a UH-1 you wear your Air Assault badge on the right side. The left side is only for those of us who did our bird rappel out of a UH-60.

    At the the rate we are going we are going to have to do the tourny twice a year.

  10. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    I love Green Thumb’s response … you know the one. So I ain’t saying sh*t … DITTO Green Thumb when he weighs in!

    … Going to bury Grand Ma (wife’s mum) in NH see ya Tuesday!

  11. Mike says:

    Seriously, does anyone with a real Bronze Star wear a hat to advertise it?

  12. RandomNCO says:

    @11 Nope. But then again, Bronze Hearts (when not earned the hard way) aren’t really anything special. Our Platoon Sergeants got Bronze Stars at the end of deployment just for doing their jobs.

  13. Chip@NASA says:

    How about this:

    “Jan. 15, 3:49 a.m., police arrested Devon Lauffer, 53, 2900 block of Business U.S. 31, on charges of OWI and motor-vehicle theft.”

    I can’t find a second confirmation on this. Looking for the state or county public record for this. My google fu sucks at the moment.

  14. NHSparky says:

    Mike–about the only people I know who have Bronze Stars out in the community have the veteran’s plates with them on it.

    I don’t think I’ve ran into too many guys, either at the Legion, VFW, or out in town, who state what awards they have. We served, we know who we are, and that’s pretty much good enough.

    Master Chief–condolences to you and your wife on your mother-in-law. Careful on the roads, especially I-93 if you’re heading north of Concord.

  15. O-4E says:

    Ahhhh…the old green jungle boots. My favorite boot of all time. I still have a pair. Sitting on a shelf in the basement. Still highly shined.

    When I showed up to the 25th ID in Hawaii they were just starting to issue the “new” black jungle boots. I have an odd sized foot. The clerk at CIF comes back with 3 pairs of green jungle boots for me (everyone else got 2 pairs of black ones) and tells me “because of your odd will have green jungle boots available for the rest of your Army career”.

    But I digress…this guy is a douche

  16. Hondo says:

    MCPO NYC: my condolences as well. “May she have been in heaven a half-hour before the Devil knew she was gone.”

  17. Twist says:

    O-4E, When I showed up there in 94 CIF gave you a choice between OD green and black. I chose OD green. 19 years later I still have them.

  18. RandomNCO says:

    Heck, I was wearing green jungle boots up until the day we finally were told we had to switch over to the ACUs. Mine still have a spit shine on them that would make you go blind if in direct sunlight.

  19. Green Thumb says:

    A very weak individual.

  20. Hondo says:

    Grad school seems to be mellowing you, Green Thumb. (smile)

  21. kp32 says:

    If the first picture is from a reenactment, why would he be wearing ribbons on a utility jacket? Vietnam is a little before my time, but I’m guessing it wasn’t an authorized part of that uniform.

  22. 77 11C20 says:

    My jungle fatigues from supply have angled pockets. Yeh I still got them but they shrunk somehow.

  23. MSGRetired says:

    When I was at Bragg we were all issued the old slant pocket Jungles October 1983 .. Good old Jungle Boots were nice as well. I wore those things right up until I went to Germany in October 1987 ..

  24. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder how he got the neck brace?

  25. Roger Baker says:

    Read his letter (a good one) then notice how the letter has the line “I am a disabled military veteran who served my country from the Vietnam era to the Iraq era.”

    He crossed the line then, too.

    Sad. Just sad.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    Motor Vehicle Theft.


    Extra dirtbag.

  27. MCPO in NH USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 25 Green Thumb

    I wonder how he got the neck brace?

    Answer: PTMTSATS

    Post Trumatic Multiple Testicles Slapping Against Throat Syndrome

  28. hunter says:

    This person was wearing surplus uniforms it appears. The Vietnam “era” did in-fact end 31 Dec 1976. The event was an re-enactment so maybe he was just wearing whatever military clothing he had availble.

  29. Ex-PH2 says:

    I was thinking that, too, or they could have been dumped off by in-country vets at a Goodwill shop after they came back home. I saw nurses’ greens, with bloodstains still embedded in them, at a Salvation Army store once, a very long time ago.

  30. hunter says:

    Taking a closer look @ pic. This person is wearing an EIB not a CIB. Big diff. EIB’s can be earned by ARNG troops. Also Air Force personnel were authorized to go to the 2-week air-assault school. The badge came out in Oct 74. Just sayin’ Seems like there is a much to do about nothing here

  31. Green Thumb says:



  32. covert says:

    @33 Green thumb seems to be the f-n moron.

  33. Monkey290 says:

    I am trying to figure out where all the butthurt is coming from. His playing dress up is not doing any harm to anyone. Seems like your resources would be better spent showing him up by doing something useful with your time rather than requesting friggin foia info just to sh*t on someone. Have you thought about the idea he might have a mentall illness?

  34. Anonymous says:

    The air assault wings were earned by his little sister, who actually was in the Army. Of course, you do know, you can buy whatever you want at a surplus store or clothing sales!

  35. NHSparky says:

    Actually, monkey, we’ve demonstrated time and again (and again, and again) how poseurs DO in fact do harm to legit vets in many different ways.

    And most of the time, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  36. Hondo says:

    If anyone’s interested: “hunter” and “covert” above appear to be the same individual. They’re posting from the same IP in the Columbus, OH, area. (Wonder if it was Lauffer himself?) Monkey290 seems to be a different individual commenting from an entirely different area (Oregon).

    Monkey290: read the freaking letter from USAFR. This asshole is wearing a whole lotta stuff he doesn’t rate – including an EIB he doesn’t rate.

    Among the military, wearing unearned badges/tabs/decorations is considered one of the cardinal sins, and a thoroughly shameful act. It’s such a shameful act that people have offed themselves over the shame when exposed – see Boorda, Michael.

    Do not presume to come in here and argue that it “doesn’t matter.” Virtually everyone here at TAH has a connection to the military. And to people who have served or are serving, it does indeed matter – one helluva lot.

  37. ItAllFades says:

    While it’s true the ARNG can earn EIBs (Not sure who said they couldn’t or that they couldn’t earn CIBs, but whatever) it doesn’t mean that some asshole who never earned one can slap it on with a bunch of other awards they never earned.

  38. Green Thumb says:

    A turd pusher by any other name is a turd pusher all the same.


    “Hunter” + “Covert” = Double Decker.


  39. Will says:

    He was an f’ing CREW CHIEF on my aircraft. They’re some dumb mother fuckers sometimes, but this shitfuck takes the urinal cake…..I should talk to a couple buddies I have out there for personal references.