Sheep thanks sheepdogs

| January 12, 2013

Old Trooper sends us a link from Houston about Kevin Dorsey who was leaving a bar the other night when Christopher Hutchins put a gun in his chest and relieved him of his wallet, cell phone and car keys. As Dorsey fled, he ran into two guys in a Merecedes who questioned him about what had happened;

Dorsey told them and they not only caught up with the suspect, but they started shooting at him.

The suspect fired back. In the end, the two witnesses turned vigilantes won and took down the bad guy.

“I don’t believe in guns,” said Dorsey. “I don’t own a gun. I’m totally at the mercy of my saviors. They obviously sent two angels to help me. These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”

After the robber had been shot, police say he jumped over a fence and was attacked by a German Shepherd. That attack prevented him from getting away.

I wonder if Mr. Dorsey “believes in guns” now. Mr. Hutchins is recovering from his injuries in a hospital under the watchful eye of John Bull.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    No, Mr. Dorsey, it’s not that you couldn’t protect yourself; you wouldn’t protect yourself. Also, you are not at the mercy of saviors, you are at the mercy of thugs and criminals. Sleep well.

  2. UpNorth says:

    I hope the German Shepherd got vaccinations after it bit the waste of skin. Good job by the citizens.

  3. SJ says:

    I afraid the good guys might be charged since they pursued and fired rather than self defense. Sucks…they did good but no good deed goes unpunished they say. Hope I’m wrong.

  4. SJ says:

    Re my #4: but it is Texas…so maybe.

  5. Old Trooper says:

    @3: They’re in Texas (not Austin, thankfully), so they will probably be lauded, instead of charged, as it ought to be.

  6. Outlaw13 says:

    The law (even in Texas) is kind of nebulous in that regard, to be able to shoot you have to be in fear for your life or the lives of others, you can pursue…but they way this story reads it’s kind of iffy as if the shooting was ligit far as the law is concerned.

    It will ultimately depend on what the grand jury wants to do, which it being Texas will probably be a “no bill”.

  7. Bubblehead Ray says:

    @#6. In Georgia the use of deadly force is justified to stop a violent felony. I’ll bet it is in Texas too.

  8. Bam Bam says:

    Dear Citizen,
    You’re welcome.

    The 2nd Amendment

  9. Tom Huxton says:

    If there was not a “Beware of Dog” sign on the fence, the perp may sue the homeowner. Those vicious dashounds should be banned, anyway.
    Shooting at an armed fleeing felon is more liely to result in a citizens reward.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    This is my order of preference:

    German Shepherds


    Household objects


  11. Outlaw13 says:

    @#7 the question is how long after the guy robbed Dorsey and how far away the thief was when they shot him.

    I never said I didn’t believe the shooting was justified but the law as written (as I understand it as a TX CHL instructor) can be read a couple of ways here. It all depends on the prosecutor and the grand jury how this will end.

  12. MAJMike says:


    I’m not sure I will risk my life in a similiar situation for someone who “doesn’t believe in guns.” The most I’d do is dial “911”. That sheeple doesn’t deserve my risking my life, limb and the possiblity of criminal/civil liability.

  13. streetsweeper says:

    No bill….

  14. pete says:

    sounds as though Charles Bronson,A.K.A. Paul Kersey,teamed up with a partner and kicked some ass!! lol

  15. B Woodman says:

    I had to laugh. . . .
    That final indignity of being attacked by a guard dog after being shot at by two sheepdogs.

  16. Susan says:

    A few thoughts here. The guy says he doesn’t believe in guns, but called these guys his saviors. Perhaps he knows he just doesn’t have what it takes to use one. If you are not sure you can pull the trigger when the time comes, you shouldn’t have a gun. Maybe he is just self aware. At least he had the good manners to praise those who knew they could pull the trigger. I doubt he will be doing anything in the near term to try and keep law abiding citizens from having guns.

  17. Old Trooper says:

    @11: My instructor’s lawyer friends, who are criminal defense lawyers, say “the law is what those 12 people say it is on that particular day, no matter what is written on the paper”.

    @12: I doubt the sheepdogs knew his position on guns at the time.

    @16: Not believing in guns is different than not having the intestinal fortitude to use one to protect yourself, IMO. My eldest daughter is one of those that is left of center and has no desire to use a gun in an offensive manner (that’s why she dismissed me out of hand when we were talking about her career path and my suggestion she join the Air Force medical branch, she’s going to college to be a nurse, because she would have to qualify with a weapon in basic), yet she has thought about getting one for home protection and to protect my grandson and she has the intestinal fortitude to use it, if necessary. I hope you’re right about your last sentence.