Terry Achane’s reunion with daughter put on hold.

| January 17, 2013

About a month ago Jonn posted about the Terry Achane ongoing legal battle for the custody of his two year old daughter. Today was suppose to be the day that Father and daughter would be reunited. But this has been canceled due to a stay from the Utah Supreme Judge.

The Utah Supreme Court today put a temporary hold on a trial judge’s orders to return a little girl to her soldier father after she was given up for adoption without his consent two years ago.

The Salt Lake Tribune posted the reason for the stay in the following statement.

The high court said the provisional stay on the petition for emergency relief filed by the adoptive parents would give it “the time necessary to adjudicate the request for emergency relief,” but did not indicate how long that might take.

“It could be a day or two, it could be a week,” Wiser said.

This happened eleven days after the presiding Utah Judge refused to stay his judgement. I was wanting that this have a better outcome, but the sliver lining is that the process is not over. You can follow this story on Terry’s Facebook support page.

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  1. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I visited the article source through the provided link and was happily surprised to see a gazillion comments. I only looked at six or eight of the 30+ pages of comments and every one was supportive of Achane. Cool.

  2. OWB says:

    OK – I am thoroughly confused here. And must be missing something terribly significant.

    Father did not sign away parental rights yet the court is finding that he has none. Isn’t the protection of parents such as this soldier the reason that both parents are required to give permission for the aoption of their children?

    Meanwhile, there are children being returned daily to drug adicts, pedopohiles, and parents who neglect them horrendolusly. Dang! This is just too stupid.

  3. MikeD says:


    The birth mother claimed the father abandoned them. When the adoption agency asked for his address so they could seek his confirmation of that, she provided a false address. Personally, I think all of them should sue the birth mother for civil damages, as she’s the author of all this. Mind you, that’s not to say anyone else (except the father) is blameless in this. The adoptive parents and the adoption agency all knew he had not consented, and went ahead anyway. Now, whether they were aware the mother was a lying scumbag is another matter.

  4. Stephanie says:

    All parties involved were aware that the father would not consent to the adoption. The petition for adoption was denied, yet Mr. Achane still does not have his daughter back because the Frei’s continue to appeal every decision. The state of Utah has serious issues when it comes to adoption.

  5. SGT Ted says:

    Unless he has a big fat wallet to be picked fo help fund the DAs family law program, theres no use for fathers. That’s why its taking this long and yet another stay is granted, as they really don’t care about his parental rights. If this was a crackwhore female attending Narcotics Anonymous, she’d have possession of her kids already.

  6. jaggirl47 says:

    SSG Achane needs help so anyone that can possibly help with his legal fund, please do. The Facebook page has all of the donation info. The donation site is run by SSG Achane’s lawyers, not the FB page.
    As far as the Frei family, they signed papers stating they understood the father did not know and that they fully agree to return his daughter should he find out and come looking for her.
    This is just disgusting beyond belief.

  7. Common Sense says:

    This has happened before. The goal of the presumptive adoptive parents is to drag things out as long as possible some that some bleeding heart judge down the road decides that it’s the best interest of the child to stay with them because “they are the only parents she’s known”.

    They are not fit to be parents.

  8. Flagwaver says:

    And, all the while, I have no doubt that the adoptive parents are filling this child’s head with the idea that “daddy doesn’t love you” and/or “the military is bad and trying to steal you from us.”

  9. OWB says:

    @ #3: I understand that there were lies served up all around, but the bottom line is that the father never consented to the adoption and can easily prove where he was at the time. Nothing else really matters concerning the custody issue.

  10. Eleanor says:

    Utah resident, here. I got the link to your site from the Support Terry Achane facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SupportTerryAchane?fref=ts) and just want to chime in to say a few things:

    1. Yes, Utah does truly (and deeply) have an intentionally convoluted adoption system that is designed to prevent unwed fathers from having access to their children. It seems that Sgt. Achane has gotten mixed up in this, thanks to the many lies of his then-wife. Complicating things, the adoption system seems rigged to favor placing children with married families of the dominant religion (Mormons). Not all Mormons are crazy (I was raised Mormon, myself, but never took to religion in any form and consider myself a free agent), but — as seems to be the case with all people in positions of power — the ones who direct laws and policies seem to be. The “adoptive” (i.e. kidnapping) family (Jared and Kristi Frei) certainly is crazy.

    2. Jared Frei (papa kidnapper) is a lawyer with a Utah-based snake-oil company (one of the health-food/health-supplement type companies that promise long life and prosperity if you drink their juices regularly) and so has money and enough connections to have made this legal battle the long drawn-out (and legally so) mess that it is. Not only are they crazy, they have the means and education to make Sgt. Achane suffer through protracted legal battles.

    3. The birth mother and adoption agency may be the original cause of all this mess, but the Freis seem to be the real source behind the two-year struggle to have Teleah returned to her father.

    4. I am no one. Really. I have no ties to the military or to Terry Achane. I’m just a Utahan who has been moved deeply by Sgt. Achane’s story and I feel powerless to help. If you all (the moderators of this page, the readers, whoever) could pass this story along and join the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SupportTerryAchane?fref=ts) and do what you can to get other military people motivated to help and provide support, that would be great.

    5. The Freis have managed to pull in over $22K in donations to help them steal Sgt. Achane’s daughter and Sgt. Achane’s legal fund has only managed to get about $1,500. Wiser and Wiser (http://wiserandwiser.com/) is Sgt. Achane’s law team (he’s currently got 6 lawyers working on this, doing it as pro-bono as they can) and they are very willing to answer questions if you feel uncertain about donating money to a strange law firm for a man you don’t know.

    Sorry so long, but I just want people to be as mad about this as I am. Not all Utahans are insane — as the first poster here noticed, ALL of thousands of comments on several articles about this story (mostly Utah commenters) are strongly and passionately supportive of Sgt. Achane. Well, there are a few that are very supportive of the Freis, but we’re all convinced that the users are just the Freis trying to sway public opinion — but they get shot down every time.

    Again — Sorry so long!!

  11. Eleanor says:

    From the facebook page:

    Donation Update

    So, during our campaign with our anonymous donor, Terry’s lawyers received 62 new donations. The total donation amount is up to $6457.36.

    I don’t know who pitched in the 36¢, but every penny counts 🙂

  12. Malaika Angel says:

    This story has truly affected me deeply. A system that allows a man’s child to be taken away from him while protecting the rights of its citizens is low and unfathomable, and, may I add – disappointing!

    It does my heart well to see so many people support SSGT Terry Achane during what must be the most trying time of his life.

    This cycle must end with these unscrupulous adoption agencies, and we must stop letting them and people like the Frei’s get away with such travesties!