Joe Morrissey; Get your booger hook off of the bang switch

| January 18, 2013

Booger hook on the bang switch

Another fine example of the people who want to limit our choice of what we spend our money on. In the Virginia House of Delegates, Joe Morrissey held up an AK-47-style weapon and explained why he thought we weren’t responsible enough to own that type of weapon…his finger clearly on the trigger.

When his fellow delegates and the media criticized him for his irresponsible behavior, he assured everyone that the weapon wasn’t loaded. But responsible gun owners, not Morrissey, know that all guns are always loaded, or at least that’s how we treat the weapons. From local news;

“Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution did it say that someone can carry an AK-47 and walk down the middle of the street with it,” Morrissey said.

The delegate is introducing legislation that would ban the sale, transfer, import or barter of assault rifles and magazines holding 20 or more rounds. Morrissey says his proposal would prohibit gun enthusiasts from buying or selling assault weapons at Gun Shows like one at the Show Place.

I wonder if his proposal would bar him from owning any weapon, because clearly he doesn’t know what he’s doing. By the way, his bill that would have prohibited drivers from smoking in their car failed yesterday.

Thanks to ROS for the picture.

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  1. RunPatRun says:

    From one of the lawsuits against Morrisey (this is from an appeal):

    On July 3, 1999, Morrissey, an attorney and former Commonwealth Attorney, stated to Wycoff, I m going to kill you. I m going to beat your head in. Accordingly, Morrissey attacked Wycoff, beating Wycoff’s face and head with his fists, wearing a heavy ring. Although Wycoff informed Morrissey, I do not want to fight you, Morrissey continued to attack Wycoff. When Wycoff attempted to stop the onslaught of blows to his face by hugging Morrissey, Morrissey knocked him down to the ground, continued to savagely beat Wycoff in the face. When Wycoff attempted to crawl away from Morrissey, by turning over from his back to his hands and knees, Morrissey continued to beat Wycoff in the face and head with his fists, and grabbed Wycoff’s head by the hair and smashed his head into the corner of a brick wall. After the attack and subsequent sanctions, Mr. Morrissey left the country for a time.


  2. Obamgirl & Joe's Orca Lovechild says:

    Morrissey should be banned as an assault weapon

  3. 11B vet says:

    Here is how Joe and the liberals think about the issue of guns: “I don’t know how to use one, so they scare me. You guys know how to use them, therefore I’m scared of you. The only way I can pull the sand out of my vagina is to take your guns away from you. Then I won’t be scared anymore.” Good for you, Joe. You want the rest of the country to be as weak as you. Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to be dicks, so we can all fuck pussies like you. Be worthless all you want, but don’t force your inferiority on the rest of us…

  4. Mockery Mocha says:

    They are brainless aren’t they? Breaking their own proposed laws, and already enacted laws such as carrying these items into the same places where “Weapons are prohibited”. Really? A kid can’t take a butterknife to school to spread his peanut butter on his sandwich, but lets bring an AK-47-style weapon into the Virginia House of Delegates.

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