| January 19, 2013

Some advocates for liberal causes are simply naive but well-meaning people.  They’re rather like the “useful idiots” of whom Soviet leaders spoke:  they mean well, but their efforts are ultimately destructive.

But some of them are, bluntly, nothing but lying sacks of excrement who should be exposed as exactly that.  For brevity, I’ll simply refer to them as “lying bastards”, or “LBs” for short.

Want an example?  Take a look at “The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence”, for one.

It seems that this particular group of LBs has decided to go after Georgia Representative John Barrow.  They’ve done so by selectively editing some of his former campaign ads to remove significant parts – omissions that significantly change the meaning of the original.

Here’s one example of what these LBs did.  In the Congressman’s original ad, he says “I’m John Barrow, and long before I was born, my grandfather used this little Smith & Wesson here to help stop a lynching.”

In the LBs’ version, the quote is “I’m John Barrow, and long before I was born, my grandfather used this little Smith & Wesson here.”  The rest – which is kinda pertinent, in my opinion – is omitted.  And then the lying bastards cut to a video montage of coverage of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Both videos are available in the article cited above.  Take a look for yourself if you like.

Talk about a hatchet job.  But that’s neither new nor surprising when it comes to causes supported by liberals.  Remember NBC’s deliberate selective editing of the George Zimmerman’s 911 call in the Trayvon Martin case?

Being a LB isn’t limited to gun control advocates.

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  1. Bam Bam says:

    Facts are so disruptive to good storytelling. We should outlaw them.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Smear campaign, huh? Lame. Weak. Obvious.

    I’m telling you, if the LBs keep this up, it will come right back and hit them square in the face. They’ll pick the wrong persn to pick on, and they’ll be reaping what they sow soon enough.

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    What amazes me is that this stuff works. But let’s face it, if you randomly select a dozen people and a dozen bricks, the collective IQ of both would be about even, with the bricks having a bit of an advantage.

  4. USMCE8Ret says:

    As I recall, the NBC producer who oversaw the George Zimmerman 911 call edit was fired, but the media failed to report whether the folks from the script editor to the legal standards department who were involved were reprimanded.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to check the validity and reliability of any news story that comes out of the MSM in order to get the true facts.

  5. ComancheDoc says:

    Anyone catch the story about D.Glover and his speech to A&M student concerning the origions of 2A and its links to repressing slaves? LBs of all types willing and unwilling; saw a meme the other day on FB, “In the age of information, Ignorance IS a choice”. Facts be damned if they dont agree with your personal opinion or the approved narrative.

  6. obsidian says:

    Most folks around here I speak with simply say they will ignore any and all gun control laws.
    The majority are hunters many are target shooters and some are concerned about being a victim and plan to fight back against crime.
    BUT, Every single one said the same thing, that’s just Washington DC crap and ignoring it is what everyone plans to do.
    Until the government comes for their guns.

  7. Hondo says:

    ComancheDoc: yeah, I saw that. But Glover’s hardly the first fool to make that BS claim. It makes the rounds periodically in leftist circles.

  8. streetsweeper says:

    These “LB’s” flood print, net and airwaves with so fricking much misinformation that it is a real chore at times beating it back. Then, we have people like Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and the rest of that crew putting out their garbage and I do understand it is their right to do so, the LB’s have no problem and limitless ammo for associating the rest of us to those asshats. Just one vicious circle jerk.

  9. John11b says:

    Not surprising. The way they twist the truth or just plain withhold it in order to support their worldview is commonplace for certain groups. I don’t disagree that people like that exist in every political party or group, but the left has made the warping of facts an everyday way of doing business. I have heard the exact same line from dozens of public figures, then recited by private citizens of why we need to ban “assault” weapons. I am sure you have all heard the “no one needs a gun designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible” or “no one needs guns that can fire 6 rounds a second and hundreds of rounds in a minute.” None of that rhetoric is true or factual in the slightest, and it conveniently leaves out that if a gun is actually able to shoot that much would be wildly inaccurate in a poorly trained mans hands, but it is vomited up over and over regardless, and the sad part is people start thinking it is true.

  10. valerie says:

    If I were Georgia Representative John Barrow, I’d say “Thank you, God,” send out a fund-raising letter, and a rebuttal ad via U-Tube, and demand equal time on every media outlet that published that ad.

  11. USMCE8Ret says:

    @5 – Presumably, you’re referring to Danny Glover, the actor? If that’s the case – NO, I haven’t seen it. I typically don’t read or otherwise find interest in ANYTHING Hollywood offers as an arguement because it never makes any sense, and is typically so perversely inaccurate and radical left that I just can’t waste my time. Those folks don’t affect my opinion because they can’t offer any persuasive arguement. Same goes for Harry Belafonte and people like him. Screw ’em all, and the horse they rode into town on.

  12. GDContractor says:

    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the LB groupspeak about gun control with key words “common sense” and “sensible”? It reminds me of several years ago when all the jackasses couldn’t wait to describe Cheney with the word “gravitas”. To me it is so patently obvious that they are all reading off the same script. Am I the only guy in the world who hears “government” and “common sense” in the same sentence and immediately thinks “WTF”? Cuomo rushed to sign that NY legislation under the banner of “common sense”, and then the dumbass realized he had just made all LEO’s criminals!
    Right on! Common sense! Something we can all agree on! //sarc off

  13. Common Sense says:

    Speaking of… the Colorado Bureau of Investigations, who does our background checks, asked the Legislature for $455,000 to expedite checks because they are around 12,000 behind at any given time, a 8-10 day wait instead of the instant checks we had a couple of months ago. It was declined.

    Now I can see them saying that in the current economic climate the state can’t afford that and gun purchasers just have to be patient, but this biotch Dem rep said “I don’t think people who buy guns DESERVE to get special treatment”. Nice, eh?

  14. USMCE8Ret says:

    @12 – No, it’s not just you. Considering the legislator’s at the New York State house had only 20 minutes to read a 78 page piece of legislation, and voted on it in short order comes as no surprise. Nobody questioned the contents of the proposal and just voted away. These people are supposed to be in leadership positions, and that is perhaps what is most frightening to me. In order to amend the law, now more NY state tax payers have to pony up more $$$$ to have it amended. I don’t think that process is a cheap one, either.

    Representatives of any state are supposed to represent their constituents like an employee is supposed to provide a service for their employer. When that employee doesn’t produce or conducts him/herself in a creditable manner, it’s time to fire that employee and find someone who will do the job. I just wish voters across this country would see it that way, and fire these fucktards and replace them with someone who will do the job they’re hired to do.

    Beyond that, I’m glad I don’t live in New York state. If I did, I’d be moving. I really mean it.

  15. DaveO says:

    These attacks are reaching the intended audiences: the low-information voters who voted for Obama and believe, because they have an income, that all is well in America.

    Lying Bastards = batteries engaging in prep fires and counterfire in the information war.