Just Who Gets to Call the Shots?

| January 28, 2013

As liberals have so callously exploited the recent school shooting tragedy to further their mission to disarm Americans, one of their most frequent arguments is, “Who needs ten bullets to shoot Bambi, or a burglar in your bedroom for that matter?” Well, in the case of Bambi, they’re a little closer on target, so to speak. As hunters know, if you miss with the first shot, you’ll be lucky to get off a second before Bambi is long gone. But that may very well not be the case with the burglar in your bedroom.

In the recent 911-recorded home invasion in Georgia, a housewife defending home and children, emptied her five-round .38 revolver into a determined intruder at near point-blank range; it didn’t even drop him. Though wounded repeatedly, he was able to flee the scene where he was later captured. What if he had chosen to press his attack rather than run? She was out of ammunition and therefore helpless, as were her small children. For those of you unfamiliar with firearms, a .38 revolver is very serious weapon and in most instances five close-up hits should prove sufficient to down your usual criminal thug. However, in this case, they weren’t and that is precisely the point of this writing. Who among our government leaders possesses the prescience to make this call for all the rest of us? Who calls the shots?

Military annals are replete with accounts of combatants, both our own and enemy, sustaining unbelievable wounds from multiple hits and yet still remaining lethally capable of continuing to kill. If you want to better understand just how much a determined human can withstand without succumbing, read this Medal of Honor citation for my former Army roommate. Count how many times he was wounded and then consider that otherwise, Charley was a very ordinary guy. Likewise, law enforcement agencies all across the country have horror stories about violent criminals displaying superhuman abilities to withstand multiple gunshot wounds or taserings before being subdued or killed.

So the conundrum is just how many rounds of ammunition are enough to stop a criminal intent on doing harm to you or your loved ones or even just another innocent stranger you choose to defend? What if that perp is high on drugs, such as the notorious bath salts which turn their abusers into berserk, would-be cannibals? Is Dianne Feinstein, all-wise and all-knowingly correct when she pronounces definitively that ten rounds are all anyone ever needs? I wonder how comfortable Senator Feinstein would be with just ten rounds if she had someone like this madman battering down her door screaming, “I’m a eat you!” It took several cops, pepper spray, and six taserings to physically overpower this salts-fueled psychopath. Are you certain that ten bullets be sufficient to stop him if he were coming through your door, Senator? Are you so confident in your knowledge that you’d bet your life on it? Or the possibility of having your face chewed off? What if there were two drug-crazed thugs battering down your door, Senator? Suppose they each were armed with handguns with fifteen or seventeen round magazines (they’re outlaws after all, who live outside your silly laws) and you have only ten rounds, Senator? Does your senatorial diktat now seem so certain, even to your own, highly self-esteemed, senatorial person?

You see, Senator, it’s the very real potential for scenarios like the above to occur that have the rest of us out here wondering:
Just why should you and your liberal cronies get to call the shots?

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  1. James says:

    I cannot wait until the uprising. One EMP burst and we have a level playing field again.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    The zombie apocalypse is not so very far away.

  3. LostBoys says:

    Reading Morris’ citation was a truly humbling experience that made me wonder at what point I would have called it a day; honesty compels me to say probably after being shot in the chest at point-blank range from a machine gun.

  4. OWB says:

    So far today I have not needed either my ballbats or steak knives. But no one knows if later today I may need all of them and a Howitzer.

    It’s not as if I walk around swinging those ballbats, looking for a fight. But I am prepared to use them if they are ever needed. Hoping that they are not.

    Most of us call it being prepared. We are not looking for trouble but are ready to face it if it comes looking for us.

  5. Twist says:

    I think they watch too many movies. They believe that one shot with a .22 will blow the bad guy across the room. They have no idea how much punishment the human body can take.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    There are too many recorded incidents of people, usually men, higher than Mt. Everest on drugs, becoming uncontrollably violent. These ‘bath salts’ seem to override the normal functions of the nervous system that make people react to something extremely painful like a Taser or a bullet.

    But do they have to strip off while they’re at it?

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Poetrooper: After I read the linked Model of Honor citation, I got lost and forgot about the article. Maybe later.

  8. Jabatam says:

    Poetrooper, your former roommate was a stud! May he rest in peace

  9. Hondo says:

    The 1970s-era drug phencyclidine (AKA PCP AKA “angel dust”) reputedly did pretty much the same as today’s “bath salts”. It seemed to fall out of favor in the 1980s when cocaine became the “fashionable” choice.

  10. AndyN says:

    I clicked through to the article and the first thing I noticed, in what seems like a piece otherwise sympathetic to the housewife, was a picture of the thug with the caption “shooting victim…”

    What struck me about this case though was that it seems to me most home invasions I hear about involve more than one thug. Forget about how much damage a drugged criminal can withstand, if Paul Ali Slater had brought to friends along, Melinda Herman wouldn’t even have had enough rounds to double tap each of them.

    And to answer your rhetorical questions to Feinstein – the number of rounds needed to defend her from violent criminals is however many rounds the armed guards she’s afforded due to her privileged status choose to carry.

  11. SFC BLizz says:

    I had a CSM who used to tell us his basic rule of combat: Keep shooting until the target changes form. Been a rule for me and my Soldiers for the 12 years since.

  12. RayRaytheSBS says:

    Here is another example of a man who endured an amazing amount of abuse and survived: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Benavidez

    MSG Benavidez was in a helicopter that crashed, was wounded 37 times by grenade fragments, bullets, and supposedly a bayonet. If he could do that with no drugs, I would hate to imagine what a bath-salts zombie would be capable of.

    This politician needs to encounter one of them to just understand what the hell most normal people are up against, since we don’t have a secret service detail with those oh-so illegal 15-round magazines. Frickin’ hypocrites….

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Bath Salts Zombie Wars! That’s it! I knew there was a story in this! Thank you, thank you all! You have made my day!

  14. DaveO says:

    Y’all are talking logic, what-ifs, and eventually get to arguments reductio ad absurdem.

    The Prognazis don’t give a sh*t for your arguments. Those who would be your lords and masters want you disarmed, and completely dependent upon them for protection.

    Police metrics of performance and effectiveness bad? Hire more cops – lots more cops. Through the union, and completely loyal to the politicos.

  15. Joe Williams says:

    FYI, a small Tulsa gun show(normally 600 to 700 display tables) was a seller’s market,number of tables over a 1000. Entrance fee was raised from ten to fifteen dollars. Firearms were selling well above their vaulve .It was a good day for me. Joe

  16. David says:

    Hondo- when stationed at Ft. Meade in that time frame the MPs told us of a kid, allegedly a Marine brought in high on PCP, who killed an orderly (presumably at Bethesda) and absorbed 7-8 torso hits from the guards’ .45s before succumbing to a head shot.

    Unfortunately DaveO has the most accurate comments: the anti-gun types don’t care what teh facts are, they have made up their minds. Besides, if Feinstein has two guards, each carrying two guns, and SHE has the gun for which she has a carry permit – she has 50 rounds available. I foresee a surge in .45/.40 etc. sales… if you can only have 10 rounds, make ’em BIG rounds.

  17. David says:

    @11 – one of the best comments I ever heard on the subject was from John Connor, who said “Don’t shoot till you think he’s dead. Shoot until HE thinks he’s dead.”

    Guess with “women in combat” we’re gonna have to make that gender-neutral now…..

  18. Common Sense says:

    These 8 or 10 shot limits also assume that you’ll hit the target every time. How likely is that in a dark house at night, especially by someone who has trained, but isn’t a professional?