Anyone here on Lightfighter forum?

| January 30, 2013

If so, can you tell a moderator over there to okay my application? I want to join in, but I still get the same message every time I am over there.

Please note that your membership is not yet active for the following reason(s):
— Awaiting Approval: we have not yet approved your membership.

Until the conditions above are satisfied, you will only have access to our community as a guest.

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  1. Hondo says:

    TSO: maybe the moderators are named “Dallas” and “Justin”. . . . (smile)

  2. Lasertech says:

    I know a guy.
    I”ll send him an email.

  3. Old Trooper says:

    Lightfighter? Is that with light sabers or sharks with fricken lasers on their fricken heads?

  4. Haji says:

    E-mail me with the user name and registration e-mail you used to register. I remember the account but can’t find it in the database. We’ll get it figured out.

  5. Al T. says:

    Thought I’d let this one sink before replying. Some advice – for God’s sake post your intro. Two, read bunches, post little till you get a feel for the forum. It’s an awesome resource, but has it’s own ebb and flow. Three, don’t be thin skinned.