Resource officer in Atlanta ends school shooting

| February 1, 2013

Eggs sends us a link from the Associated Press that, for some odd reason, isn’t getting much coverage in the news. It seems that one student shot and injured another student before he was disarmed by the resource officer;

The wounded boy was taken “alert, conscious and breathing” to Grady Memorial Hospital, said police spokesman Carlos Campos. He was expected to be released Thursday night.

Police swarmed the school of about 400 students after reports of the shooting while a crowd of anxious parents gathered in the streets, awaiting word on their children. Students were kept at the locked-down school for more than two hours before being dismissed.

Investigators believe the shooting was not random and that something occurred between the two students that may have led to it.

Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis said the school does have metal detectors.

Given how much school shootings have been in the news in recent years, you’d think that one that was nearly thwarted would be headline stuff, but I haven’t seen it in my travels around the internet today.

So, my take away is that metal detectors aren’t dependable, or at less dependable than armed resource officers. I’m sure someone else will take away something completely different.

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  1. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    It doesn’t fit the liberal view of disarming and leaving the public helpless, that’s why little coverage.

    A school that is protected with an armed officer who actually protected the school as was predicted by the NRA to be an effective method of avoiding mass shootings won’t be seen as helpful to the anti-gun crowd. They will not admit that something the pro-gun lobby suggested is effective and useful.

    It reveals the basic dishonesty of their position, effective measures that don’t involve banning guns are not the type of measures they wish to pursue.

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I probably should have pointed out that this doesn’t prove that people with guns will stop bad people with guns because there weren’t four people killed – no one was killed, so it proves nothing. Well, if I use the arbitrary measure imposed by the media it means nothing.

  3. MAJMike says:

    This incident doesn’t fit the narrative of the CriminalLiberalMedia (redundant, yes, but accurate). Its a shame that such security measures have become necessary, but this is the Lib-Cong’s Brave New World.

  4. Dave Thul says:

    Alternate headline-NRA model works.

  5. Joe Williams says:

    Dave,we will never see that headline. Joe

  6. Twist says:

    I read about this one. The comments on it from Liberals are saying “see armed guards don’t work because someone was still shot”. I guess that won’t be happy unless 20 more kids were shot.

  7. FatCircles0311 says:

    Better stop arming police/security then if this isn’t proof enough that good guns stop bad guns.

    Hugs for everybody!

  8. Just an Old Dog says:

    The media failed to report that this school is in one of the worth crime-rate neighborhoods in Atlanta, which is also is a high crime city. Considering it involved teenagers, I’m betting its a spillover from the trash that happens off campus in that area.

  9. streetsweeper says:

    This was all over the 6 o’clock down here. Nothing to see, move along…lol. Do believe you’ve nailed it, Old Dog. 😉