Morally Vicious, Intellectually Vacuous Left, Always With Us

| February 4, 2013

It is a sad day in the warrior community when one of our own is slain by another of our own. In the extant situation, the shooting of a genuine hero, former SEAL, Chris Kyle, it seems fairly evident that his killer, a former Marine, is suffering from PTSD. While his mental state will never provide total absolution from his guilt, for those of us here who have seen ground combat, suffered its lingering effects and overcome them over time, our condemnation has to be mostly of the crime and not the man. That said, I fully understand the anger shown in yesterday’s comments here at TAH.

What are harder to fathom or forgive are the rabidly vicious comments bubbling up from the sulphurous depths of leftist fury. To their everlasting shame, some in the liberal media always will resort to this sort of cruel gloating at the death of a man who served his country well. However when reading the truly hateful comments on the social networks, it is helpful to bear in mind who the most likely perpetrators of such venom actually are. Picture some pimply-faced, insecure, unemployed nerd with a degree in humanities, cloistered in his old bedroom at his parent’s home, angrily banging away at the keyboard, venting his self-caused frustration at those who have accomplished so much more with their lives than he can ever hope to. Picture that and you will probably have a fairly close image of your culprit.

Thanks to Obamanomics, our country has far too many of these contemporary cave-dwellers still dependent on their parents; and, unrecognized by them, it is the failure of their Great Leader’s socialist policies to lead them out of their darkened bedrooms into a world of prosperity that has them so frustrated and resentful. What the younger of you reading this don’t realize is how fortunate we are that so many of these trolls are hidden away from sight. When I returned from Vietnam in December 1966, the streets and campuses were full of these effete mama’s boys and their equally deluded female counterparts, all screaming vicious anti-military and anti-American slogans provided by Soviet propagandists who couldn’t believe their incredible luck in having so many gullible chumps available to do their dirty work.

Tens of thousands of those useful idiots, even then as now, unsuited for real work and achievement, eventually migrated into that field best suited for such people, education, and created a huge socialist incubator warmed and fed with our tax dollars, that today continues to perpetuate this parade of know-nothing, liberal twits who mistakenly fancy themselves intellectually and morally superior to the rest of us. It is on such occasions as the death of Chris Kyle that we get an opportunity to see that moral and intellectual superiority for just what it truly is, juvenile emotionalism grounded in insulated ignorance and made manifest in a venomous and frenzied hatred of anyone who disagrees with them.

We had a “Joe” back in my day with a far larger audience than the fool who trolls here. That was John F. Kerry and the vicious slanders and libels he directed at Vietnam veterans makes our Joe look like the minor league putz he his. We Vietnam vets have had to stifle our anger for decades as the liberal Democrats deified this traitor and even tried to make him our commander-in-chief. Now we have to suppress the urge to scream out our frustrations as this fool of a president spits in our eyes by elevating Kerry even further, making him representative to the world for the nation he betrayed. But then, that’s Democrats for you.

While you lefties vilify our dead hero, I will honor one of yours by congratulating the “Lion of the Senate” Ted Kennedy, for now having gone three years, five months and eight days without a drink. What a lady-killer that Teddy, a true liberal icon and hero, right up there in the Democrat pantheon with phony war hero, John Kerry, serial sexual predator, Bill Clinton and Marxist, Muslim skeetster, Barack Obama. It is so predictably perverted how all you morally and intellectually superior liberal elites pick your heroes that it is almost laughable; almost, not quite. Actually it’s rather sad, so you can keep ‘em.

We have a tradition of honoring authentic heroes: RIP Chris Kyle.

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  1. George X. Pulikkathara says:

    I think Joe is looking to mass convert us to liberalism and the abandonment of our oaths to defend the US Constitution, by saying horrible things of one of our own, Chris Kyle.

    Sorry Joe, you need to try something like, “I’m sorry for my remarks, and any grief I caused the family and friends of Chris Kyle”.

    Then stay quiet for awhile and take a hint from and “move on”.