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| February 4, 2013

I missed it because I haven’t watched sports for years, but I read reviews of the Jeep/USO commercial on Facebook and it was everything they said it was. The good folks at the USO sent us the video;

Great video, Jeep, you earned this link. Some of my best (and cutest) friends support the USO, I hope you do, too.

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  1. OWB says:

    Indeed! Perhaps THE best commercial ever!!

    Hmm. Really will consider buying another Jeep.

    And thank you, Oprah.

  2. Twist says:

    I thought that commercial was awsometastic.

  3. FatCircles0311 says:

    Commercial felt patronizing and portrayed service members as victims of the military instead of actually supporting their voluntary choice to sacrifice while others don’t. Oprah’s involvement essentially confirms the feeling too with how very anti military she truly is. Then again she was anti military before she was pro military!

    Can’t we find a legitimate pro troop celeb to do supposedly pro troop pandering to sell automobiles?

  4. Jacobite says:

    I’m with FatC. on this one. :/

    As far as commercials go, I was totally grabbed by the Paul Harvey – God Made a Farmer commercial. Not a fan of Dodge, but LOVED the commercial.

  5. melle1228 says:

    I thought it was okay– a little canned, but Oprah really?

    I agree with Fatcircle couldn’t they have chosen someone better like Gary Sinise — someone who actually supports the military?

  6. Doc says:

    Bullshit. An IO (propaganda)campaign. A nationalized (taxpayer-owned) car company with a socialist-celebrity spokesperson saying we are their heroes…”we are you and you are us and we are all alike.” How stupid do they think we are? Should have been titled “Socialists and the Military Standing Together. We are One”.

  7. GruntSgt says:

    Paul Harvey was the winner with the Ram commercial. Anything “O” or Dr. Phil related is auto tune out.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    The Clydesdale.

  9. OWB says:

    If someone would post the other contenders, we could vote on which is best? I did see some of the Clydesdale commercial and it looked very promising.

  10. BinhTuy66 says:

    During the 08 elections campaign oprah invited nobama on her talk show. McCain (whom I have great respect for, for the hell he went through in Vietnam, asked if he could also appear on her show. She dissed him… no invite.

    Such a great show of support for our/we military veterans! Since that line in the sand was drawn anytime she comes on TV on any program I’ll switch to the Disney channel. More reliable info there.

    No jeep for me and no oprahee! I guess supporting a Marxist community activist organizer that never held meaningful employment in his life is more important to her.

    Maybe nobama promised her a free cell phone. I bet “Joe” got one too.

  11. BinhTuy66 says:

    |On another note:

    In the late fifty’s when I was in the 7th grade, Mrs. Hurly (teacher) would turn the radio on everyday so we could listen to Paul Harvey. It was a part of our class experience. I always looked forward to his commentary. It was about what we as Americans were or should think about. It made me feel good about what we as a country was really about.

    Today, it’s the drivel of how we’re oppressing the entitlement people.

  12. B Woodman says:

    I have to agree with many of the sentiments here.
    Good commercial, but it would have been much much better voiced over by Gary Sinise,someone that I KNOW genuinely cares about the troops. He could have read the exact same words, and it would have WORKED.
    The Paul Harvey/Dodge Ram commercial was my favorite. That one truely spoke to me.
    As for Oprah,she can choke on her socialist collectivism. Rich hypocrite.

  13. A Proud Infidel says:

    #3, FatC, DITTO!

  14. NHSparky says:

    Gotta go with Paul Harvey. I still remember listening to the news at noon on KVSI (Montpelier, ID) as a kid. Just seemed to be a little more my speed.

  15. Semper says:

    What about the grunt LCpl’s that get yelled coming off the plane at Cherry Point from the rear Party 1stSgt for not unloading the seabags in cargo quick enough, get thrown on 40 year old white USN School Buses, get yelled at the armory 90 minutes later for having imperfectly cleaned rifles after 7+_ months on the front, then get some lofty “safety speech” prior to getting dumped into a derelict barracks with black mold inside. Here’s to the kids that come back angry. That come back confused.

    Here’s to you young Marines with no family waiting for you, who celebrate your return with each other at the Driftwood, piling into a car you cannot afford, toasting the memory of Brothers lost on that last hellish pump, we dont need waving flags, we got each other.

    Last thing on their minds was a friggin Oprah quote, some air winger that did 7 months of hard time at the Green Beans on Al Assad….

    Not bashing the commercial JL, but I know a couple hundred guys that never experienced that commercial every. .

    Here’s to you, the young grunts, Semper Fi

  16. MCPO at the Urologist's Office says:

    I loved the commercial that played 7 times about gas prices. The was awesome.

  17. Twist says:

    After watching the commercial again I realise that I drank too many adult beverages during the game.

  18. As I ask on my blog “AdScam” – How much did Oprah get paid for that… Or, did she donate it to a veterans charity… As Zippy the Pinhead would say… Nah!

  19. Ex-PH2 says:

    The Clydesdale for two reasons: the horse and no dialog.