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| February 4, 2013

Our buddy, Alex Horton, writes the best warrior’s tribute to Chris Kyle at the New York Times “At War” blog that you will read. I promise;

A profound dedication to the safety of fellow troops will always mark snipers generally, and Mr. Kyle in particular, both in and out of war. And for the battle to return home that can last decades, veterans everywhere lost a good man watching over them.

I’m willing to bet Iraqi insurgents had the same debates and fears about the Devil of Ramadi that we did about Juba. Was he even real? Could he ever be killed? For both sides, only one thing was certain: he was more than a man and a rifle.

Meanwhile the investigation continues. Athena sends us links to some of the legal documents leading to the arrest of Eddie Ray Routh for the murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield and it looks like it was a simple car robbery according to Routh’s sister who gave the statement to the police;

Kyle Murder

Routh told his sister that he had “traded his soul for a new truck” and that he was headed to Oklahoma to hide out. That probably makes him a less sympathetic figure, because even if he did suffer from PTS, that doesn’t make people steal trucks, normally.

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  1. UpNorth says:

    Yeah, Eddie Ray knew what he was doing, and he knew it was wrong, hence the “headed to Oklahoma to hide out”.
    Sounds more like a case of Pickup envy than it does PTS.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Kids have been killed for their Nikes and Air Jordans. People waiting at bus stops are being beaten up for their smartphones. None of it makes any sense. It just makes it worse.

    I wouldn’t even give a nod to a plea of PTS from Routh.

  3. Ninja R says:

    Legal documents link only shows the signatures.

  4. John11B says:

    Rediculous. If Routh killed over a goddamn car he is an even bigger asshole than I originally speculated.

  5. Ninja R says:

    Thanks very much, Athena. Appreciated.

  6. Mr Wolf, non-Esq says:

    From what media is reporting, Routh DECLARED he had PTS(D); he was not (at least from what we know at this point) ever DECLARED or DIAGNOSED to have PTS(D).

    If all it takes to ‘acquire’ PTS is to declare it, well, then I declare a LOT of things…

  7. PALADIN says:

    Yeah if he was headed to Muskogee to hide out, he’s guilty as hell.
    I think Oklahoma still hangs ?
    If they do, and they prove it was a clear cut case of murder for Pick-up truck….hang his ass.

  8. Common Sense says:

    Here’s the latest from the Air Force Times:

    Sounds like he should have been kept in the hospital. Or jail, after threatening to kill his family.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I read in a previous article that ERR had a previous arrest for open container in addition to stealing his mother’s pills and admitted for threatening family while drunk. He had more than enough time to get some help for combat related stuff after his deployment in 07, presuming he was actually in a location where things were still hot. My guess is that, just as Mr. Wolf noted, this is self professed PTSD which is really drug and alcohol addiction. My guess is that Chris Kyle reached out to this kid thinking he was going to do a good thing. I would not be at all surprised if the kid wasn’t high or drunk when he showed up to the range and the attack occured when Chris tried to dissuade him from using or shooting when he was intoxicated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t detoxing in the jail and that’s why they had to restrain him.

    I realize we only hear part of the story and we’re unlikely to really hear all the facts in this case but nothing drives me crazier than people behaving badly erroneously blaming it on PTSD and giving all of those vets with legitimate PTS a bad name.

  10. J C says:

    RIP “American Sniper”

  11. YatYas says:

    Would not be surprised as more comes out that this guy had issues before joining the Marines and he just got worse. I’ve served with a few Marines that were hard charging and then just fell apart even in peacetime.

  12. Lucky says:

    Either way, this piece of shit needs to be thrown in a very dark hole with some very not nice things, like broken glass and pit vipers. Stealing a fucking truck? That’s horse shit! I’m literally at a loss for words

  13. cannoncocker says:

    One of my best friends was a pretty hard charging combat soldier. Did some good things in A-stan, and was recognized for it. Then we got home and he fell to pieces. He was stubborn, wouldn’t admit he needed help. Started using drugs, stealing stuff to get drugs, just never got caught before he got out. He pushed his family and friends away and started getting worse, hanging with dealers and thieves. In and out of VA rehab programs, lied to his counselors at the VA, got busted for stealing a couple times, now he’s in jail facing a lengthy sentence if he’s convicted. I can’t help him now.

    All this over a truck. What happened to this guy? It seems likely that he was just a dirtbag, plain and simple. I’m saddened and confused by this.

  14. Tman says:

    Told you all.


    Again and again and again.

    “The Iraq War veteran charged with killing a former Navy SEAL sniper and his friend on a Texas shooting range had been taken to a mental hospital twice in the past five months and told authorities he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, police records show.”

  15. Scubasteve says:

    In the mid-90’s, a buddy of mine’s brother was a SEAL or had just completed BUD/S, and he was home on leave and got murdered for his truck. Also in Texas. The perps threw his hands and head on a BBQ grill to try and cover the identity. I was at a loss of words then and I still can’t think of anything now. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the gravity of either situation. All I can really think of is “it’s a f**king truck!” Why?

  16. Smitty says:

    the bastard was an armorer! he never saw shit, he just claimed PTS to cover for being a raging alchoholic. the only thing wrong with him is that the marines tried to convince him he was a bad ass and he knew he was really a pathetic loser! there was some fighting in early ’07 in ramadi, but i cant recall the marines being there much. my father was in ramadi in the time with a good man named Chris Kyle watching over him. according to both of them, nothing happened in iraq after June of ’07. i discharged in 06, my tour over there was jan ’04-mar ’05. there was plenty of shooting and stuff blowing up on a regular basis then, and by some miracle not a single one of the men i was there with tried to claim PTSD! PTSD is a bull shit claim for people that never did anything to try to gain a conection to those that actually were in combat. this guy was a punk, nothing more. now he will spend the next decade being a prison punk until he finally gets fried. the only down side to his fate, is that the execution will be a relief from the perpetual gang rape. even texas inmates love a good ol american hero.

  17. streetsweeper says:

    I too was stunned by this senseless horseshit act of murder. More than I was over the “vet” that killed the bus driver and took the little boy hostage down in Alabama. Sunday morning sitting in church with my wife, we had a prayer and moment of silence (we have numerous vet’s in church)for the hostage situation and Chris Kyle when a thought hit me like a brick wall falling down. It turns out she had a similar thought too.

    That thought…mind you it is a reasonable thought, what if this Routh *critter* is an Alex Jones/James Janos fan and saw or even premeditated he had been handed an extremely prime opportunity to “get even” with Chris for knocking Janos on his fat ass.

    Unless things have changed in the last one hundred years or so, typical motives for homicide include dispute, greed, lust, power, fear and rage. Telling family he traded his soul for a “new truck” comes across as an expressive killing. But either way, I will hope and pray that this mofo gets the e-ticket to the “chair” in Huntsville.

  18. streetsweeper says:

    I am in error above, the two general types of homicide are expressive homicide and instrumental killing. Okay, I’m ready for the beating to begin, lol.

  19. Joe Williams says:

    Street, Texas uses death by injection . Routh was running to the wrong state and city. There is Guard unit in Muskogee.They have deployed and now back. The Graudmen would have cruising the streets hunting him.If they found him good chance a trail would be needed. Joe

  20. UpNorth says:

    Tman, in that article, I didn’t read anything where Routh was diagnosed with PTS, all it said was he said he had PTS. And, it seems that he had bigger problems with booze and pills.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    The report this morning was that Routh went ballistic in his jail cell and had to be restrained. He is now under bail for (I think) $3+ million.

    We seem to be forgetting that Chris Kyle’s friend Chad Littlefield was also murdered by Routh.

  22. defensor fortissimo says:

    A few years ago a pedophile sentenced to an Oklahoman state prison had the name of the little girl he molested forcibly tatooed to his forhead by his fellow inmates. Yeah, this fucker chose the wrong state for sanctuary

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  24. Smitty says:

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