Getting the Leach to Drop Off

| February 5, 2013

There is a sure way to get Joe to depart from this site and eventually never return: Never, ever respond to anything he posts here no matter how insulting or outrageous. Ignore his input as you would that of an old demented uncle who spouts profanities at the Thanksgiving table. It may be one of the most difficult things you ever do but it is the right thing.
Trolls like Joe feed off the anger they incite, like leaches sucking blood from the host where they have attached themselves.

Leaches inject enzymes into the host body to make the blood flow freely, thus Joe’s infuriating little insertions into comments at TAH. Joe dissolves your restraint and every response you write in all your righteous fury is just more blood in the sucking jaws of a leach like Joe. When I was in Vietnam, we got read of leaches by applying the hot tip of a cigarette to their slimy little bodies. That doesn’t work with Joe; he thrives on the heat so the only way to get rid of him is to cut off the blood supply. That equals silence.

My suspicion is that Joe is a rather lonely old guy who life has passed by. His self-description of being an armchair geologist indicates he never made it to being the real thing. He craves attention and those who respond to him are feeding red meat to his starving ego which I would wager resembles a Gulag prisoner, shriveled cold beyond belief, emaciated to protruding ribs and lonely as a wandering asteroid. So starve him to death, a troll death, at least. Quit feeding his needy ego and he’ll go elsewhere like a wild animal that comes around seeking scraps. No food-no reward-no point in showing up.

So please, do not comment on this piece other than to agree or disagree. Whatever Joe posts, ignore him.

Then learn not to respond to Joe ever again. If he posts a comment, simply ignore it and post what you would have, had the bloodsucker not bitten your butt. When engorged leaches have their fill, they drop off. But more importantly, they learn to not even attach to a surface where no blood is available. Keep that in mind and Joe will remain in the muck of the liberal fever swamp where he belongs and not sucking on the butt cheeks of this blog.

Remember: no blood, soon no leach…

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