Esquire picture becoming clearer……IVAW tie in…..

| February 12, 2013

OK, so the guy who wrote the Esquire article is from the “Center for Investigative Reporting” which is innocuous enough that it didn’t really ring any bells. So today as I researched more, I found this piece of effluvient:

VA’s disability backlog hurts Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden

The Navy SEAL who says he killed Osama bin Laden is unemployed and waiting for disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In an exclusive story for Esquire by Phil Bronstein of the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Shooter adds many details to what already is known about the death of the al-Qaida leader. His name is withheld to protect his identity.

The Shooter told Bronstein, CIR’s executive chairman, that he alone killed the terrorist leader, recounting minute details of those brief seconds. As the second Navy SEAL up a staircase, he saw bin Laden inside a room.

The author of this piece, on CIR’s website? Aaron Glantz. That name rung a bell, so I went to my book shelf at work, and sure enough, he’s the editor of this piece of shit:


Really? The “Center for Investigative Reporting” has a guy defending them that couldn’t even see through the bullshit lies of IVAW?

Layers and layers of fact checkers.

UPDATE: The Esquire author actually praises Aaron Glantz on the show with the unsufferable balding dude:

Seriously. Are you kidding me? If Glantz told me bullets could hurt people, I would have to have 5 people corroborate it and I would still assume it was a hoax.

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  1. Hart Viges says:

    Source of the Testimony is from Veterans. Funny how this logic thingy works LOL

  2. Hart Viges says:

    Oh and thanks for all the support to IVAW!!