That whole Dorner thing

| February 14, 2013

So, Crispy Dorner has apparently checked out from the human race, just like he wanted. I woke up this morning and the birds were still singing and the coffeepot started at it’s programmed time – so everything is back to normal – well except those nattering nabobs on what we used to call “the news” who are still thinking that Dorner is news to someone. A guest on CNN even told the audience of mush-headed morons that he thought the whole story was exciting like some movie I’ll never watch.

The whole Dorner episode wouldn’t have been news except the LAPD seems to be run by a bunch of drama queens – which is what you’d expect in Hollywood’s bedroom community. They are the same folks who occupied way too many column inches a scant few weeks ago because they had removed a “rocket propelled grenade launcher” from the street of LA with their buy back program. What they had actually removed was an empty, useless and harmless fiberglass tube from the streets. But, to me that gives us an insight into the department’s psyche. For most of the life of the story, the only pictures of Dorner we saw were those of him in a camouflaged Navy uniform, even though it had been years since he was supposed to be wearing that uniform, judging by his military records.

Nothing Dorner did in those days of the “manhunt” was at all related to his military service, yet we saw him in that military uniform several times a day. Yeah, he ambushed two cops and killed one – but it was nothing that hasn’t happened thousands of times across the country perpetrated by thugs with no military training. Dorner was a washout in the military – the media made a big deal out of his “markmanship ribbon” from the Navy. I don’t know what the Navy requirements are for the award of that ribbon, but in the Army, you were a marksman if you hit your target 24 out of 40 times – that’s not especially good. All of his awards in the Navy were awards that everyone got for showing up. He got out of the Navy because he couldn’t get promoted to O-4 (whatever that rank is in the Navy) which means that he had scraped by to make O-3 and the Navy was tired of him.

So, why the LAPD hired him, I have no idea, nor will I speculate. He was large and imposing, and I get the idea from watching LAPD over the last few weeks, appearances are all that’s important.

Then there’s the big spectacular “firefight” to finally bring Dorner to justice. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is from the Washington Post;

If those cops had been my privates, I’d have been kicking their asses – that “standoff” was more of a “standing around”. The only time I saw anyone duck was when their own guys were shooting in the opposite direction. And I love the part where one cop sneaks up behind another a cop and pokes him with the barrel of his weapon in the back.

Apparently, from what I’ve read, Dorner had left his one long gun in the stolen car when he abandoned it and had only handguns in the cabin and whatever ammunition he could carry – probably not that much. But, it looked to me like there were too many cops on the fringe of the battle who just came up to the firefight and lobbed a few rounds in the general direction and then promptly retreated. I guess they were just hoping that someone would set the place on fire so they wouldn’t have to come out from behind the endless lines of vehicles.

Don’t get me wrong – I think the police are important and I’m glad that the casualties were relatively few, but if this is what we can expect from a post-9-11 police force, I think we’re in trouble. I understand that a firefight is different from training, and the plan tends to fall apart when the first round is fired – but Dorner wasn’t the highly trained killer that they made him out to be. If they ever come up against one private who paid attention through his infantry training, those cops are going to be in the hurt locker.

And if the police put the time and effort into the training they need to have in this situation, it would have given them the confidence to stop those two newspaper delivery ladies instead of blasting at them right off.

Dorner was a scumbag piece of shit, but the military didn’t make him that way. Like I told the Huffington Post, he got a rope wrapped up in a propeller when he tried to steal a boat and escape – I’m pretty sure they cover boats and ropes on the first day in the Navy. And he was trying to hide from the police when he set his SUV on fire, like that wouldn’t tell them where he was. Who heads for snow country in the winter to hide out from police when there are miles of desert nearby?

The LAPD’s performance during this was embarrassing, but they have time to correct that so that it doesn’t happen next time…and it will happen again. With CNN guests making Dorner the next Robin Hood, it’s inevitable. The LAPD should stop clapping itself on the back and get to work with real training.

And to all of those of you out there who want to make Dorner some sort of superhero – superheroes don’t ambush their adversaries at a stop sign and shoot unarmed people in their home because he lost his job. He was a crackpot and the Navy divested themselves of him for the same reasons that the LAPD should have done the same thing.

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  1. BK says:

    He left his wallet in El Segundo.

    I can’t believe how many people on Facebook seem to think he was some spec operator who went rogue.

    Riverines aren’t wussies, but they aren’t spec ops. And if he was a Riverine and couldn’t manage to steal a boat, I call shenanigans. Someone said, “he can’t be dead, he was spec ops, he saw them coming a mile away and used another body.”

    Did he make his getaway equipped with sonar or radar? Because maybe his time working with a mobile inshore security team taught him how to detect a throng of LAPD bearing down on him.

    I learned several things: the press is too dumb to do its job. Wankers in the reserves will become experts in special warfare because they use acronyms in a manifesto. And the LAPD sucks shit through a straw when it comes to PID.

    Little old white ladies don’t look like LL Cool J.

  2. Common Sense says:

    The most telling thing for me in this whole cluster was when I heard 7 cops play target practice with the truck of a couple of little Hispanic ladies, hitting nearby houses and cars as well. Without checking to see who, if anyone, was in the truck. Or checking to see if the truck matched the description in any way (besides being a truck).

    Who does that?

    We’re not talking one or two Barney Fifes, shaking in their shoes, but 7 cops. Whomever runs their so-called training should be charged with criminal negligence or something.

    Even as a civilian, common sense tells me to know what I’m shooting at before I pull the trigger.

    Here’s hoping that all of the people affected ad GENEROUSLY compensated for their loses.

  3. Old 21B says:

    Cops are not infantry. Granted. From the sound of the gun fire it seems to me that this was a rare opportunity to move the selector switch from semi to burst and let go at nothing in particular.

  4. insipid says:

    Yeah, i got in a little trouble at basic on a related note.

    We had just gotten our marksmanship certifications and we were all supposed to scream your certification along with the words “And proud”.

    Anyways, i happened to be behind like 3 experts in a row hat were all screamig “Expert and proud!” “Expert and proud!” “Expert and proud!”

    Then when it gets to my turn I shouted “Marksman, but proud anyway!”

    Drill Sergeants have a notriously bad sense of humor that i learned about after doing a considerable number of push-ups. Maybe that’s why i’m not too crazy about guns (weapons, for you purists, ok?)

  5. PintoNag says:

    @54 There you go, blaming the gun again!

    (And yes, I’m checking YOUR sense of humor, because that was funny right there.)

  6. OWB says:

    Let’s see: no positive ID on the crispy critter inside the cabin, no idea how many wallets Dorner might have had or where it or they might have been placed and subsequently found, no idea if or how many booby traps were set in the cabin or anywhere else in the neighborhood, no idea what burned or who ignited it at or in the cabin (in other words the source of ignition), no idea the cause of death of the crispy critter, and a few dozen other unknowns about the cabin fire and the apparent death of whoever was in that cabin.

    Therefore, it is outside my ability to opine about if any officials acted inappropriately at the scene of the cabin fire. There are a bunch of pics and vids which make several law enforcement agencies look/sound a bit silly, but out of context, I simply cannot conclude much of anyting except that they look kinda unprofessional.

    Now, the truck from which papers were being delivered, with the stray shots all over that neighborhood is a different matter. That one was just too stupid for words.

  7. SLUGGO says:

    this was a murder,the cops were judge and jury,they burnt the place on purpose the news crews have it recored with the police saying to burn it down,burn it down now-everyone of them should be up on charges for murder

  8. ComancheDoc says:

    @57 so the system is corrupt but able to convict these guys? How are you able to make that leap?

  9. streetsweeper says:

    Old 21B- Far as I know, police just like civilians are not authorized select rate fire weapons, only the military. If I am wrong, I’m sure someone will correct me on that. Stay classy, Sluggo.

  10. YatYas says:

    CavScoutCoastie & Ol’ Tanker:
    Amen to your comments. SBSO did a great job considering the conditions. They would probably say some things could have been done better and will incorporate this in to future training. Would bet that the beginning of this video was when the deputies were trying to get the wounded deputies out of the kill zone to get them to the life flight.

    As to the infantry, was attached to them on a regular basis as an amtracker and saw some real clusters in peacetime training and combat operations. On a Med Float 96/97 had the SEAL detachment on our ship. As one told me, some join just to prove they can make it and then become worthless once on a team.

  11. fubar says:

    It doesn’t appear to me that police tactics have changed much. James Huberty spent 77 minutes gunning down people to include children on bicycle’s clutching a fucking happy meal at a McDonald’s in San Ysidro, CA . The first officers on the scene “set up a perimeter” awaiting the arrival of a SWAT team. Apparently Capt. Miguel Rosario who was the first on scene and had a mini-14 has never heard of fire and maneuver. This is a case of cowardice. While guys like Rosario crouched behind his cruiser protecting his own ass, Huberty continued his slaughter.

    What change? During Columbine I recall officers hiding behind trash dumpsters and fire trucks.

    In the event of a coordinated terror attack we are screwed. Can you imagine the cluster across the nation as Law Enforcement watches helplessly from their armored vehicles while innocents are gunned down.

  12. streetsweeper says:

    What the hell does that have to do with this, fubar? Scoot yer ass back up in the rafters where ya came from.

  13. C2/2000AF says:

    16 – Not just LA, some morons in VA, DC, Chicago and Houston have love for this guy. All because they think Dorner is Scarface Jr. He is some kind of revolutionary in their peanut brains. Seem to think its the “in thing” to like a murderous moron who failed in the military. They probably have no clue that he was a failure.

  14. C2/2000AF says:

    62 – He just wanted to use this as a platform to talk about LEO nationwide.

  15. NHSparky says:

    Hey SLUGGO, et al–ya think Dorner was taking Ash Wednesday just a bit too seriously, dudes?

  16. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    fubar … I will speak on your level:

    u hav no clu what yer is talkin’ abuot

  17. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    NH …. Nice! Crude, pithy and perfectly appropriate!

  18. 77 11C20 says:

    Streetsweeper: They can have selective and full auto weapons, some departments actualy have the m-60 and m-2.

  19. fubar says:

    Someone with two brain cells working please explain this “analogy” to streetsweeper. Oh hell, I will help you out. It is yet another glaring example of poor training and tactics. Please sir, cease and desist the “keyboard commando bullshit” you basement dwelling cock smoker.

  20. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    SLUGGO … you are much like fubar … perhaps you two are related.

    If you really believe that the cops murdered Dorner and you site scanner chatter as evidence … ah … continue huffing household cleaning products and aerisol cans found in your garage.

    Stop by in a few months and let us all know how it working out for you!

  21. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    fubar … are you a LEO?

  22. Old Trooper says:

    I don’t want my comments to be taken as support for Cris(py) Dorner. I don’t have a problem with them burning down the cabin, if he was still alive and a threat, however, we don’t know that and never will due to them burning it down. Unfortunately, we have seen the police at their worst in this whole incident, with shooting up women and a surfer, running around creating more terror for civilians than Crispy ever did, ordering news choppers out of the area and then the next thing we see is the cabin on fire, the release of this video showing a less than professional slant, all while a police chief in California goes out and tells the media that firearms aren’t for defensive purposes and that it’s a myth. Sorry, but the cops need to do some damage control and having a chief come out and say that isn’t going to help.

    Ol’ Tanker and the rest of the LEOs on here; just as with any organization, there are good and bad and I’m not condemning all LEOs (I have a few in my own family).

  23. Redacted1775 says:

    Anyone else read reports mentioning a single shot from inside the cabin before it caught fire? I know they just ID’D him, looks like cause of death may take longer. (Besides the obvious, if that’s the case.) Either way he went out well prepared for an eternity in hell.

  24. CavScoutCoastie says:

    61 doesn’t deserve an answer but I will anyway. Tactics have changed. In an active shooter (ie. one who is actually shooting people as opposed to barricaded in a house), there is no perimeter. The first responding units go in, look for and engage the shooter. With a nut in a house making threats but not actually shooting, you set a perimeter so innocent people don’t wander in and evacuate the neighbors. In case rounds start flying, you don’t want them catching on through the window.

  25. Hondo says:

    Redacted1775: see link in comment 34 above.

  26. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I hear that the million dollar reward may not be paid. It was for Dorner’s “capture and conviction.” That sucks. I hope they distribute the money to his victims but I also hope for world peace. I think the latter may be more likely.

  27. Hack Stone says:

    2/17 Air Cav@76, they always find something in the fine print to screw over someone eligible for a reward. A few years back, there was a guy running around Camden NJ raping women. The authorities put out a reward for anyone providing information for his capture. The rapist came into a fishing supply store and pulled a knife on the lady behind the counter. Her husband came from the back of the store, shooting and killing the bad guy. They said that he wasn’t eligible for the reward because when he shot the guy, he didn’t know that the guy was the rapist everyone was looking for. The state of california will still find some way to tax whoever lays claim to this reward, whether they actually get the money or not.

  28. streetsweeper says:

    Thanks for the update11C20, I haven’t kept up with the latest trends in weaponry for law enforcement and never mind learning something new. My hearing is a bit off (ears are plugged from a cold) and listening to the video, I figured the sound of automatic weapons fire was attributed to the number of LEO’s on scene firing back. Yo, fubar? Are you an idiot or simply running off at the keyboard? There are a few posting on this blog can verify for your pleasure, I am not a keyboard warrior nor do I inhabit the basement. Climb your happy ass right back up into that hiding spot you had in the rafters and have yourself a hot, steaming cup of shut the fuck up on me. Toss in a bag of hot, smoking dicks too…

  29. streetsweeper says:

    CavScoutCoastie? Did you serve in both the CG and Army or pick that ID out of thin blue air? Just asking. Thanks too for ‘splaining to numbnuts er fubar about active shooter verses barricaded subject. I was intentionally overlooking teh stoopid myself. lol.

  30. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Update on the Dorner Reward money from Comments 75 and 76

    Shocker. They ain’t paying.

  31. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    That should have been comments 76 and 77.

    Streetsweeper: I see that CavScoutCoastie didn’t reply to your question. He was both. I recall him laying it out quite a while ago here.

  32. PintoNag says:

    @81 This is my surprised face. Really.