AJ Dicken: Phony SEAL Part II

| February 16, 2013

Our buddy, Dan Noyes sends us his latest story on AJ Dicken at ABC7 News from San Francisco

If you missed it, here’s Don Shipley’s video mentioned in the news story;

Apparently, Dicken says that he put Shipley’s video on YouTube to throw the people who were hunting him off of his trail.

The most pressing question Dicken faces now is over possession of those guns seen on the promotional videos he made. Dicken is a felon — records from Riverside County show convictions for burglary, receiving stolen property, and child concealing.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office confirms they, along with the FBI and ATF want to question him. The saga of Dicken, the phony Navy SEAL, resonates for those who actually served in the military.

Yeah, all of that fake SEAL training is going to work well for Dicken in prison.

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  1. KnowsMoreThanU says:

    all his cons were based on him telling people he was a SEAL, worked for the CIA, etc. anyone who REALLY served should be really pissed and willing to hunt is fucking ass down

  2. 11BScottie says:

    I don’t understand the purpose of claiming to be a veteran of certain fields and unearne awards. Most civilians could give a fuck anyway.

    I once ran into a guy who said he was SF, I called him out on it; that there is no way his fucking retarded ass was SF. He was wearing class A’s, and admitted to me he wasn’t, but his dad was and he wanted to be like him and therefor deserved to wear his uniform. The fuck!?

    Now in reality, I’m a direct desendant of a Honor Roll; Southern Cross of Honor reciepient. (Confederate Medal of Honor) Do I run around claiming that shit and wearing that? Fuck no. Not to mention in this day andage I would be considered racist, a traitor, backwoods inbred and retarded, etc etc. when in fact most people don’t realize combat was exceptionally gory and ruthless back then.

    I’m proud of my current service, even as a run of the mill grunt.

    Stop the BS faggotry seriously. I remember hearing a joke from a vietnam vet about there being more veitnam veterans today then actually served in the war. It be the patheticness.

  3. The Chief says:

    WOW!! People who live in Reno, NV are more informed? I never knew that! Just living in Reno gets you more information? I’m gonna move ASAP. I can almost feel myself getting smarter! I don’t think it’s so much of a question as to “how he obtained weapons”. I think having the video proof of him using weapons is the most damning thing to Dickhead…um Dicken. My guess is that “Knows more than u” is merely some college or military drop out who guzzles mountain dew and eats twizzlers while coming into forums and blogs just to pose invalid arguments. He secretly has a crush on AJ and thinks it would be a waste if AJ only was only able to perform booty calls in prison. So, his ex-girlfriend was right to think that “knows more than u” was looking at her father in a strange way.

    Ya see, most of us here have served and can back that up. That is the vested interest we have in this. We stand against stolen valor and the proof is already there. So, if you can add anything to what has been revealed by “Dan Noyse or Don Shipley”, feel free, but all you are doing is speculating and lashing out within this forum because you feel inadequate. You truly are, so your feelings are justfied. I hope I didn’t hurt your stupid little feelings. Actually, I’m okay with that.

  4. KnightsWhoSayNi says:

    They forgot to mention his 100+ Navy Accommodation Medals.

  5. MMustang says:

    Well if it’s just about the SEAL claim then there isn’t much info left. Fairly easy to figure this He made the claim wore the shirt bought the medals etc. If that’s all you care about then that is all to the story.
    Where it get’s weird and really interesting is in all the little details that set him up for this run to the top and almost making it.Sure he had some “help”. There were knowledgable people who ran some of the training so it didn’t look bad, He had his own “train to win” radio show every Sunday which put credibility to his name. some of the top peopel in the Corp knew and were informed of his background they chose to ignore it. I have no idea why. Those that tried to straighten the mess out were bullied and “fired”. He took a road trip to AZ to do “border security” one of the higher ups was with him and guess what that person never said anything to anyone about the total farse it was.
    His big security conference he had in Vegas same deal yet we have most of his crew drunk and disorderly on Freemont st and unable to show and the higher ups come back with nothing to say.
    He hired another convict to run the training company and no one said anything.
    A lot of good people mostly Vets put faith in him and got burned.
    If you say only the SEAL claim is what matters your missing a large part of the equation. Yes and a couple of the people interviewd were useful idiots to be sure.

    • Hondo says:

      MMustang: for the purposes of this site (TAH), the stolen valor/fake military claims/credentials connection is the primary concern. However, as it has been repeatedly stated elsewhere on this site: in general, those who make such false military claims rarely stop there. Very often they are engaged in shady/illegal business practices and/or outright criminal acts such as theft and/or fraud.

      TAH focuses on publicizing the false military claims part. LE (state and/or Federal) has the responsibility for the legal investigation/prosecution of shitbirds so outed.

  6. MMustang says:

    Oh and the fact that fake DD214 actually lists a CIB in it as well.
    FU Eagle8814 your done.

  7. Andy Kravetz says:

    I cover the courts in Illinois and that guy could be looking at about 10 years fed time just on the weapons charges. the fraud and what not, that might go state and I don’t know enough about that state’s laws to comment. Fed-wise, it’s around a million which isn’t that much for the feds. however, he does have a record. So that might draw some time as well.

    Andy Kravetz, reporter
    Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star

  8. KnowsMoreThanU says:

    Dicken used his fake SEAL background to not only scam bucks for a “book” and from the docs but he also used it to become the head of security for a UN-IGO (WSA). He and O’Kelley were looking for operators for their new company, WSA Security and Logistics Force.
    Bonus points to MMustang. Only an insider would know about Eagle8814. For you arm-chair observers, if you dig a little, you’ll find that 8814 is a neo-nazi group and Dicken is obsessed with using those numbers.

    The Chief – nice try. I am former military and served my country for many years so don’t throw your BS suppositions without knowing more than you do. If you want to find out more about Dicken and his scams, read through the LONG list that comes up in a search online. He’s got a long list of scams he’s run along with his cohorts and wife/girlfirend.

    So you’ve got a fake SEAL who is a nazi-lover. And he’s on the road right now looking for his next scam.

  9. Mr. GameAndShow Formerly C2 says:

    Forgot about AJ Dicken, he should be a high seed too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So hasn’t the FBI and ATF. He just another name on the long list of Skaters.