Robbery thwarted by guard with semi-auto rifle

| February 17, 2013

Chief Tango sends us a link to a story in MyFoxDetroit about two criminals who tried to rob a tax preparation office but encountered a security guard who was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. The thugs fled and only the security guard was wounded in his upper leg, according to police;

Fox 2 News Headlines

“The security guard that was inside returned fire, two shots at the suspect. Did not hit him. The suspects then fled the location,” said Inkster Police Detective Lieutenant Jeffrey Smith.

The couple ran off in different directions. Police do not believe the man or the woman were wounded.

The security guard shot twice, once through a doorway and a round directly through a wall.

The reporters keep calling the security guard’s weapon an “AR-15 rifle” but it doesn’t look like one to me – maybe. That might be the new code word for all semi-automatic rifles now like “AK-47” was for a while. But, it is pretty scary-looking, so it will probably be swept up in the scary-looking weapon ban – even though, in this instance, like most incidents, it was used on the side of good.

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  1. palehorse says:

    It looks to be an AR pistol to me. Fortunately this did not happen in the city, it was in Inkster which might as well be annexed into Detroit. This event is the fourth such event where a licensed person defended themselves in the last couple of weeks.

  2. A Proud Infidel says:

    And either the media libs will ignore this or blame the Guard and his weapon because the thieves were just “victims of society” that wanted to do some “redistribution”.

  3. NSOM says:

    What sort of security company has guys with rifles running around tax prep offices?

    Oh…outside Detroit. Right.

  4. B Woodman says:

    Had to chuckle (chuckle, nothing! snort and outright guffaw!) The perp with the pistol went around the corner of the doorway, then couldn’t get out of the AO fast enough when he saw the guard with the EBR. Running & stumbling, just too too funny. I wonder how long before he/they stopped running to change their shorts and pants.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    This could have had a very bad ending. Where did those two rounds go? Yeah, the guard doesn’t know either.

  6. Hack Stone says:

    Looks like a reputable place to have your taxes completed. I think the name of the place is R&H Brock. They probably end up stealing the clients identity.

  7. Just an Old Dog says:

    Id totally have my taxes done in a converted crackhouse.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I do not know if anyone has seen the “Journalist’s Guide to Firearms Identification: but it is true when figuring out what an AK or AR really is!

  9. 11BScottie says:

    Soooo.. He had a Rifle and managed to get shot and not down anyone? Says something about his performance.

    Don’t bring a pistol to a fight where someone has a rifle. You use a pistol to fight your way to a rifle. With that much more firepower they should both be confirmed KIA.

  10. Hack Stone says:

    He got his weapons training from watching AJ Dicken videos.