Anyone near Arkadephia, AR

| February 25, 2013

We got this message on Facebook tonight.

Anybody near Arkadelpha, Arkansas?
We have a 93 year-old WWII veteran being laid to rest tomorrow. His granddaughter reports that he outlived most of his friends and family, so there are only a handful left to attend the service. She’s asking for veterans and troop supporters to show up to honor her Grandfather’s service to our country.

Lee Roy Cochran was drafted into the infantry and was assigned to a glider unit, set to jump into Europe. Their entire platoon got shot down. Survivors were re-deployed to the Philippines, where he was awarded a Bronze Star.

Please consider attending his service, to honor a member of the Greatest Generation.

Ruggles-Wilcox Funeral Home
517 Clay St.
Arkadelphia, AR 71923

South Fork Cemetery
Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas
3:30PM, Tuesday, February 26

It’s kind of short notice, but if you can squeeze it into your schedule tomorrow, it’d be appreciated.

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  1. RunPatRun says:

    Wish I saw this earlier. Passed it on to PGR in Arkansas, they’ll attend any Veteran’s service if invited, but probably too short of notice. Rest in Peace.

  2. USMCE8Ret says:

    This is a late response, but isn’t there a Marine Reserve I&I close to Arkadelphia? I’m sure they’d lend a hand or two? (I got this late, otherwise I’d call them myself.)

  3. Roman12 says:

    I passed this on to a member of the natl guard unit in the area with request to fwd to all.

  4. Maj Tom says:

    Sent to a member of the ROTC in that area

  5. Tango9 says:

    Can’t get there, but I’ll at least send some flowers and a “best wishes Till Valhal” to him on behalf of me and CINC house.