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| March 26, 2013

The folks at Fake Warriors sent us some photos of suspected phonies who they want us to help identify;

False soldier 3

The story that comes with this photo;

Not sure what you can do but I ran across your site and thought I would forward you what I sent to the Army CID here in Virginia. I ran across the guy in question on 9/11 2012 in San Diego. Please
read the below email for full details.

Good Afternoon,
I am attaching a picture of an Army Soldier in dress uniform that I encountered in San Diego California on Sept 11, 2012. I began a conversation with this soldier when I noticed that he had a Silver Star as well as Bronze star on his stack of ribbons. He began to tell me that he was an Intel background with 6 combat deployments. I noticed 2 men in civilian attire taking a picture of this guy with their phones when 1 of them nodded for me to come over to speak with them. They then asked if I was in the military due to my “high reg” Marine haircut. When I told them that I was a Marine they both told me that they used to be in the Army and that the guy (in uniform) sitting beside me was suspicious. 1 of the gentlemen was an Army Ranger and noticed the Ranger tab on the guys uniform along with numerous other badges and tabs. He walked up and asked the guy in uniform what Ranger class he was and the Soldier simply stated that he was in the 1st class of 2000 and didn’t remember his class number. Something didn’t seem right with this guy so I identified myself and asked him to present his military ID to show that he was a Soldier. He flashed an Army ID but would not let me examine it. By this time the 2 (prior Army) other gentlemen were extremely upset and arguing with the Soldier. We left the bar with the soldier in uniform still sitting at the bar drinking his beer.

I am not sure if this guy is legit or not but when I went onto a Silver Star registry I couldn’t find his name anywhere. What I am guessing is that this guy is active duty or a reservist and is possibly wearing awards and badges that he does not rate. I know that the picture I attached is blurry but I hope this helps identify this soldier and uncover the truth.

The second dude is clearly legit, because real soldiers wear their beret and ACUs while they’re with their girlfriend inside;

False soldier

false soldier2

Name Brian Dawson. clearly in uniform on a pornographic cam website. He claims to be in Ft Huachuca and TX at same time. Impossible. and also claims to be a combat veteran but now works as a mercenary and traded his commission for E-4 pay. Unlikely. I found this disturbing and Inappropriate.

Does anyone recognize the unit patch?

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  1. Hondo says:

    Smitty: a TRADOC combat patch isn’t impossible (see above – two of us have seen a guy deployed wearing a USMA patch for his unit of assignment), but I’d guess they’re pretty rare – especially for someone who’s a SPC.

  2. royh says:

    Ah! The old, “I don’t remember my Ranger class number” trick!

  3. ARoberts says:

    Hmmm, I am located about 30 minutes north of FT Huachuca. The turd on the bottom is wearing the patch that I wore when I was assigned to 305th MI. I could probably make a run down that way and find out if any of my buddies still stationed down that way know that turd.

  4. FOMSG says:

    FWIW The MOS for Voice Inteceptor was changed to 35P and 98H is no longer a valid MOS. If this dude is legit either he

    A)Was in an SF MI Det
    B)A reclass

    Most likely an MI jackass “hometown hero” wearing shit he didn’t earn to impress the folks.

    Also the patch in #2 is definitely the Intel School (I wore it for four painfully long years). Additionally you CAN be in TX and AZ at the same time. Ft Huachuca, AZ is the home of the Intel School, but the 344th MI BN located at fabulous Goodfellow AFB, TX is a subordinate unit of the 111th MI BDE out of Ft HoochieCoochie.

    That is where I would start looking.

    Were I so inclined. Hope it helps.

  5. FOMSG says:

    Sorry, looks like I am inclined.

    Upon further refelection, something about the name Mcallister was buzzing in my brain. Called a buddy who spent a lot of time in SF MI dets. He remembers a guy named Mcallister in 5th Group’s MI Det back in 04. Says he was a buck SGT or new SSG, couldn’t remember for sure. He told me he’d take a look at the photo when he gets home from work (TAS being a hate site you know). I’ll let ya’ll know what he says.

    Might be legit.

  6. A Proud Infidel says:

    @24, Hondo, Roger that, don’t mind at all!!

  7. ItAllFades says:

    Who would lie about having a Taxi Badge(CAB)?

  8. Proud Infidel:
    Does Mossy Head mean anything to you?
    ^^^^Seekrut code up here in the Florida Panhandle^^^^
    Question #2, What about the Goat Rape?
    Waiting for E-addy via Hondo.
    Roger dodger, Over and Out.

  9. Padre Harvey says:

    Ok, here’s my take on the ribbons & shiny stuff:
    Right side:


    Silver Star, Bronze Star w/OLC (Oak Leaf Cluster)
    Purple Heart, Joint Service Commendation Medal, ARCOM w/OLC
    AAM w/OLC, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal
    Afghanistan Campaign, Iraq Campaign, GWOT Expeditionary Medal
    GWOT Service Medal, Humanitarian Service, Military Outstanding Volunteer Support Medal (MOVSM)
    NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon

    Master Jump, Air Assault, Pathfinder

    Left Side:

    USAREC Unit Crest on shoulder

    To me, that looks like a 160th SOAR(A) Regimental insignia.

    Thai Parachute wings
    Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Army Meritorious Unit Commendation


  10. Padre Harvey says:

    On further inspection, that is indeed a Military Intel distinctive unit insignia above his Thai jump wings. My bad.

  11. MAJ Arkay says:

    Granted, I’ve been out a while, but since when would the Intel School allow beards at Huachuca or Goodfellow?

  12. sean says:


    Well, it wouldn’t of course. As an Intel Soldier I went to both Huachuca and Goodfellow – no one has a beard. Its TRADOC, the magical mystery land where your boots and face are inspected regularly. Nothing is done because it makes sense and works better; its done because TRADOC says so.

    Hence, no way in hell the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade would EVER deploy as a unit to any combat zone. I would shit my pants if I was in a TRADOC unit being given deployment orders.

  13. A Proud Infidel says:

    @sean: As soon as I noticed the beard, I counted that as a checkmark in the “POSER” category. I’ve seen Army GI’s with shaving profiles, and his MIGHT be in compliance with one, but the TRADOC patch on the right shoulder flashes out the word POSER like a casino sign on the Las Vegas strip!!