Hanoi Jane to vets: get a life

| April 11, 2013

So The Mr Wolf sends us a link to Fox News in which they report that Jane Fonda tells veterans who want to boycott her latest movie to “get a life”;

This week, Fonda had a simple message for [Larry Reyes, a Navy veteran and founder of the “Boycott Hanoi Jane Playing Nancy Reagan” Facebook page] and the page’s fans.

“Get a life.”

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Fonda said of her casting: “If it creates hoopla, it will cause more people to see the movie… I figured it would tweak the right. Who cares?”

Yeah, she doesn’t sound as contrite as she did last week when she apologized (sort of) to veterans for being a prop in the propaganda war against them in North Vietnam. I guess she figures she ought to fire up her anti-American supporters, because the rest of us aren’t going to see her movie. I can admit that I never saw any of her movies, I certainly wasn’t going to start with this one.

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  1. SFC D says:

    I was but a wee lad of 5 when Jane posed for her famous photo on the AA gun. My dad (LtCol D) was a B-52 EW at the time and more than a little busy. In my eyes, that bitch tried to leave me fatherless. Dad never would watch a Jane Fonda movie, but we did get him to watch “on golden pond” because he was a fan of Henry Fonda & Katherine Hepburn. And when she got slapped, dad let out a “hot damn, I wanna do that!”

  2. A Proud Infidel says:

    @wbm, That b**ch from Texas, you mean Sheehag (*OOPS*, Sheehan)? I remember that she did nothing but tap dance on her Son’s grave for publicity, even a year after we lost him, she still hadn’t even bothered to get a USG Veteran’s Tombstone for his resting place, but damned if she wasn’t still whoring for publicity1

  3. bartdp says:

    Every night when I go to bed I think back over the day and think just how many stupid things did the leftists say today……how many stupid things did leftists do today? I shake my head and go to sleep thinging just how stupid is tomorrow going to be…..they never fail to let me down! At some point in the future it has to stop…………

  4. John says:

    Hey Jane, FOAD, John VN 69-70

  5. I have a great life. 32 years of police service mixed with 20+ years of Army/ National Guard and 2 deployements. I’ll boycott the bitch and feel fine about it.
    and she can kiss my vet ass

  6. SrA Tom says:

    I also have a pretty good life. And so do my parents, who gave 20-30 years of them (I don’t know exact numbers) to serve our great nation, during the height of Hanoi Jane’s foolishness. It fills my heart with sadness, that such a loathsome parasite enjoys the freedoms for which so many have sacrificed. Her behavior shames not only those of her generation who went to war, both willing and unwilling alike, but the sacrifices of the generations that preceded her, and those since. How she was never brought to trial for treason is beyond me, as I’m pretty sure that providing aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States is not protected speech. The WBC could also fall under the same thing for what they did in Iraq prior to the US invasion(Protested US policy and providing propaganda support to a hostile nation, can’t tell you exactly when it happened, late 90’s-pre-invasion 2003), but that is for another time. I foresee much urination and defecation upon the grave of Hanoi Jane.

  7. #34 says:

    This contemptable witch doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as an American Veteran. She is a pig, a dirty communist pig and I will push to boycott anything this hussie tries to do! I loathe and despise her for what she did. She’s a traitor, a communist pig, and I wish she had stayed in Hanoi, where she really belongs. I hope this hag burns in Hell; a slow, long, horrible burning is even too good for her! Rot in Hell you pig!!!

  8. LCDR M(Ret) says:

    @29 When I was stationed at NAS Barbers Point, the exchange actually had Hanoi Jane’s exercise tapes for sale. The only time anyone even touched them was when the store employee dusted them off. LOL!

  9. Combat Historian says:

    Bet you all that when hanoi jane kicks the bucket, she will be buried in the Viet Minh/NVA veterans’ cemetary putside of Hanoi, where the commies will take real good care of her…

  10. docstew says:

    Sparky, that offer apply to current ID card holders? Just in case it happens sometime in the next six years.

  11. Bonnie says:

    The old shit bag ! She couldn’t sell movie tickets today even If she did every scene naked. She never could act to begin with. All she had was the Fonda name. No talent, what so ever. One would have thought that with her parents acting talent she would have inherited something . Guess all the Fonda talent skipped a generation to Bridgette.
    Nancy Reagan IS CLASS. Always will be! Hanoi Jane will always be a TRAITOR and an UGLY AMERICAN B____!!! Let us hope the shit gets flushed down the toilet before the stink
    Gets spreads beyond the latrine.

    Commie of the Century!

  12. joe patone says:

    can she still be tried for treason?

  13. Hack.Stone says:

    Not with the current administration.

  14. NHSparky says:

    docstew–active duty gets HOL privileges. I’m sure nobody would mind.

  15. Nik says:

    The old shit bag ! She couldn’t sell movie tickets today even If she did every scene naked.

    I’d pay NOT to see one of her movies. I’d pay double if she was naked in it.

  16. ken vohs says:

    my grandfather lived after serving in the trenches in france in ww1, my father and uncle survived after serving in the army and navy in ww2. I have a great life because of them. I also have a great life because of all the veterans since the war of independence. god bless America.