Fort Hood’s suspected pimp

| May 16, 2013


Chief Tango sends us a link to The Army Times which reports that the Fort Hood pimp is SFC Gregory McQueen (pictured above).

The military officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is under investigation and McQueen has not been charged with a crime.

McQueen told USA Today he had no comment when reached by telephone.

McQueen was working as a sexual abuse educator, but went through the ranks in the Air Defense Artillery and is assigned to the 69th ADA Brigade, according to records.

Investigators believe that McQueen, 37, persuaded a female private first class to become a prostitute who sold sex to other servicemembers, according to a senior defense official and Capitol Hill staffer who have been briefed on the investigation.


McQueen approached another female private first class, the sources said, and attempted to persuade her to become a prostitute. She refused, and he sexually assaulted her, the sources said. She brought the complaint to military officials.

Everyone seems so sure that this really happened, but they haven’t charged SFC McQueen yet, so that makes me wonder if they really have a case against him.

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  1. Cold World No Blanket says:

    It seems totally unfair that CID would bring in soldiers finger print them,take DNA from them, flagg them and remove them from their current position without having filed charges on SFC. McQueen. How can we hold the chain of command responsible for every soldier action. They should investigate and bring charges againt any and every soldier that played apart of this scandal and not unjustly accuse soldier that he worked for or with. Soldier that have served this country and gave their are being targeted in my opinion so the United States Army can say to the media look we’re doing something.

  2. Mike says:

    Not saying the guy is guilty, well, he’s guilty of being a slob but that’s not a crime. If he is guilty though he should get maxed (reduction to PV1, prison time, BCD). As for the leaking of his name, it would have happened anyway, too many people in the unit knew about it immediately and they tell their friends and family everything juicy. Can’t keep this in the bag for long. I think he will get a fair and impartial trial and they are just collecting evidence judiciously as they should. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. That’s all.

  3. Nik says:

    Dude doesn’t really look like he lives by the book. Looks like he ate the book. And the rest of the dewey decimal system. In order.

  4. Cold World No Blanket says:

    I agree he should be maxed out to the fullest but Im totally aginst taking innocent people thru the ringer. To target his chain of command without having any evidence against them is wrong and unfair. These soldier will be cleared but there will always be someone than looks at them as if they’re guilty or had knowledge of his crime. If anyone of us has co-workers that was accused of a crime is it fair to call us in fingered print and take our DNA because we work together? Do anyone think that CID would bring in FT. Hood post general and take his DNA Because SFC. McQueen is accused of running a prostitution ring and he’s a soldier stationed on Ft. Hood? That would be absurd but this has occured. I’m just saying other solidiers shouldn’t be held accountable for other solidiers actions if they don’t have knowledge of a crime being committed. It’s different if his chain of command had knowledge of what he was doing and tried to cover it up. There’s alot of SFC. in the Army what if you was tied to a scandal that you had nothing to do with simply because of another soldier f***** up actions.

  5. Rodney says:

    Geat comment but like always the army is looking out for the army and if they find you not guilty then they same okay now move on like its nothing it’s not that easy what about all the people the army just hurt they can not even look you in the face . Do not forget all leader are not for you they are for them self please believe that and if you know for helping soldiers some leader don’t like that

  6. Anonymous says:

    This was stationed with me on recruiting duty in Columbus,GA. He was a douche bag then. That’s where he gained all that weight. No excuse never the less.

  7. Info says:

    Why have they not charge him they started this in April at fort hood it only came out because soldiers was going to the news

  8. T.W. Says says:

    I feel that some people are not always guilty as thought of. I have known him for several years and found him to he of the up most professional standards. I feel that someone that enforces the rules such as SFC McQueen did was bound to piss off the someone that did not want to follow the rules. I believe him to not have committed the offenses. But, the leadership is scared and someone will go down. It will be the wrong person that is SFC Mcqueen. Check the unit that is where the proble is…

  9. Info says:

    Yes the unit has let officer off for having sex when they went to korea then they went to Germany and party nightly . I know I am in the unit but ask them why they have not leak the names of the officer they are looking at if you want to know who involved just look at who been move in the last week from corp and those are some of the people the female are in the unit HHBN COC and HHC and the hold chain of command is flag from the DA told them. To do it fThe rumor started out 45 females in the unit the commander had list of about 80 names they turn over to CID. Now we are being told to tell the media no comment but the DA did not do that so why should we most of females rumor to be part of this was in 3cr and 3corp. I will keep you in the loop.

  10. TheOldMan says:

    I’m in that damn Brigade..and let me tell you, it needs help, especially with the BDE CDR and CSM deployed!!!! but I believe this SFC was put here to get him away from III Corps..where he used to work..yes folks…he worked where the Post commander and Post CSM works….both of them are also deployed…BTW I forgot that in the US are guilty till you prove youself innocent…but most of you f@@ks already convicted this dude!!!! IDK about the sister services but in the Army that is how it works..

  11. NHSparky says:

    @60–I’m going through the thread here again, and I’m not seeing where “regular” posters have made up their minds one way or the other, although I’m seeing a number of the “if he’s guilty nail him to the wall” type of comments, which is entirely appropriate if he is in fact guilty.

  12. Info says:

    When are they going to charge him its been going on since April


    Its ironic that SFC. McQueen hasn’t been charged but civilian are now being contacted.SMH


    SMH!!!WOW!!!! It has started again how does others get brought into others drama when they’re no longer apart of the equation. Ya’ll contacting the wrong woman. Scratch me off your list and do your own damn homework/investigation. I’m by no means the only woman you should be contacting. I probably do have some vital information but why would I share that with you? Hmmmm maybe because I was lied on and supposedly checked by the lie being told on me. It ain’t my battle Karma will do its job like always. Watch out ladies you might have to start taking these calls because I’m done good thing I kept your number but I’m sure they got all your contact information. I refuse to get pissed on again like the last time. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.#ladieshandleyourmanbusiness. #becarefulwhoyoulieon.


    HANG-UP 8:38a.m

  16. blinders off says:

    It’s amazing when the Army can’t get you for one thing that they won’t stop until they dig up more s*** to get you on. So all the ones that have been cleared watch out because it’s about to get real.. The ones that’s hiding behind your rank, smile and your swag that you have for the ladies BEWARE. Sometime we have to sit back humble ourselves stop lying, blaming the world for our f***-ups and learn by our mistakes. When the Army will go back damn near 15 yrs up until now to get you that mean they really want you.. That’s some serious hate. I’m freaking amazed how much time and energy goes into saying Im gonna get you one way or another and putting the work in to do just that to get you. .. Sometime we all have to stop and listen even tho we don’t want to. Once you decide to stop and listen you’re left shaking your head saying damn I knew stuff was bad I just didn’t know it was this bad. Wow!!!! Adultery, Fraternization, Inappropriate relationship with lower enlisted soldiers, abuse of power in Iraq and home base accepting bribes by locals in Iraq. I guess the old saying is true you reap what you sow or what done in the dark always come to the light. Its a lot of light being shined right now don’t keep looking in the light soldiers. So its time to sit down and do something some of us has never done in our life and that’s live right because you’re being watched. Wow aint its enough going on in the world that a soldier travel plans and how many times he’s been to the airport and who he’s picking up or flying to see just aint that important. WOW!!! but Thank You Army for stripping my blinder off and they will never go on again. Character and Boundaries mean a lot these days.

  17. Hack.Stone says:

    blinders off@66, can we get a translation of what your attempting to communicate?

  18. USMCBRIT1 says:

    @67-Thanks, he was making me cross eyed.

  19. OWB says:

    Psssst, Hack, it appears that they have mistaken us for the alien space ship that abducted them earlier in the year.

  20. Cold World No Blanket says:

    This case has put a lot of lives on hold. I’m sure the waiting game is the worst. I hope when it’s over the ones wrongly accused will be able to move forward and the guilty ones will get what they deserve to the max. Some of the guilty ones will slip thru the cracks and won’t be punished on this matter but eventually will be caught on something else. WE will never be able to hide from Karma. #karma #photo #stupidity #guilty #liar

  21. Cold World No Blanket says:

    SMH!!!!!!! So much extra stuff still coming out. I’m getting calls every single day. Somebody better check somebody immediately because I have heard enough. Let me get one more call and see what happens. Be careful who you lay with and who you lie on. I’ve been silent but don’t take my silence for a weakness. It’s so funny how people will say whatever about someone else to make them self look like a damn Army hero. You better handle it ASAP!!!!!!! My next move won’t be on this site it’s gonna be on facebook !!!!!!!!!! with names and pics so that all these people that’s been lied to about me can see who is the real liar is.

  22. Retired SFC G says:

    He without Sin cast the first STONE. Not sure if SFC M. Is guilty or not but let the COURT decide and stop being judge mental!!! What happens in the dark will come to the light!