O’Reilly vs Franks

| October 3, 2008

I’m no fan of O’Reilly, but there are times he shines;

But it can all be broken down to one phrase; Franks is a liar and O’Reilly is dumb.

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  1. thebronze says:

    I think BOR is an insufferable prick that loves the sound of his own voice. He could’ve taken the high road and beat Frank with facts, but he had to make a show of it.

    He’s the one that came out looking like an asshole, not Frank.

    However, Frank is a liar and possibly criminally negligent in the Economic Meltdown we’re going through.

  2. richard wheeler says:

    As a Dem I watch FOX news for “the other side” Say what you want about O’Reilly but he’s not dumb.He’s a Repub. who is tough but fair on everyone and he’s always got smart good looking blondes.Dumb would be Hannity,Hume and the other perfect hair empty headed male anchors.Poor Greta lacks both brains and beauty.”Fair and balanced”.O’Reiily is the only one who comes close.

  3. pinandpuller says:

    I’m sick of people putting all of these politicians up on a pedestal. BOR had fairly middle of the road interviews with BO and HRC-fair and balanced. BF is the insufferable prick and he’s lucky he’s not picking up trash on the side of the road in an orange jumpsuit. In that interview he looked like a cross between Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson with Jack Webb’s upper lip thrown in for good measure. May he be voted out of office-amen.

  4. pinandpuller says:

    …but I’ll give you the last word…

  5. Ray says:

    Come on Dick… we all know you’d never give up a night of Keith Overblown’s Obamagasms to ever even watch Greta. As for Fox being “The Other Side”… if you think the other MSM stations are “Centered” you’ve leaned left so long that your right leg is 6 inches longer than your left one. It must be a bitch having to always walk counterclockwise on a hill.

  6. richard wheeler says:

    I’m no fan of Franks but it would be a mistake to underestimate the power he’ll wield over the next few years as Dems increase margins in HOUSE and elect Obama.Fox contributor and conserv. Charles Krauthammer has interesting piece in L.G.F. where he picks Obama to win in spite of faults because of his “superior intellect and temperment”

  7. richard wheeler says:

    ROY K.O. is as bad on left as Hannity is on right.Greta is very painful.You gotta be a NASCAR lovin,country western singin,gun totin,bible thumpin,red neck and proud of it to think Fox “fair and balanced” That you Ray.