Beating Ladner’s dead horse

| June 13, 2013

Our buddy, Randy Travis down in Atlanta sends us a link to his latest report on Shane Ladner;

Ladner’s attorney John Cook issued a statement late Wednesday stating, in part, “This arrest serves no purpose other than to continue to traumatize Shane and Meg Ladner, both of whom are still recovering from last year’s train accident.”

Cook also said, “When all of the information finally comes to light, plenty of people will owe Shane an apology.”

Yeah, but I’m guessing that when it turns out the other way, Ladner and Cook won’t be apologizing to anyone. I think that Ladner is just trying to improve his position for the tournament – you know, because it’s such an honor among valor thieves.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Had this come up a couple of weeks ago no doubt he’d have been seeded much higher.

    As it is, he’s still a freakin tool.

  2. ChipNASA says:

    /with apologies to Jeff Beck.

  3. Combat Historian says:

    Pathetic…just pathetic…simple lesson here, just tell the FUCKING truth next time…

  4. rb325th says:

    What a piece of shit, already been proven by FOIA request that Ladner never was awarded a Purple heart and there is no reason to believe anything he says given the number of lies he has been caught in already.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Reporter Travis says that the attorney maintains that he (Cook) has docs supporting Ladner’s claims. I see. So, despite the public outrage, despite the media exposure, despite the strong liklihood that criminal charges (now realized)would be leveled, Cook wants the world to believe that credible information backing Ladner exists? And he has been sitting on the information? Is that what he wants us to believe? Did he also advise his client that the best course of action would be suffer the indignation of the community and tolerate needless arrest rather than release the corroborating docs? This is ludicrous.

  6. ChipNASA says:

    Can someone be disbarred for being a shitty lawyer??
    I believe yes but does John Cook’s actions (or lack thereof) rise to this level?
    That’s a possible *new* question.

  7. NHSparky says:

    I’m not a “lawer” obviously, but this sounds like a stall tactic. Get the railroad to pay up on the wife’s claim FIRST, then quietly plead guilty and get it all to go away.

    If he goes through court first or if his lawyer says, “Yeah, we’ve got nuthin” then the railroad might well be able to reduce if not eliminate any payment made to them.


  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Ladner wasn’t injured nearly as badly as his wife. He’s a jerk from the get-go, and I wish he’d man up and stop making excuses.

    Such a jerk.

  9. OWB says:

    Bluffing sometimes works in card games but not so much with judges and juries. They really think that it will be better for them to wait before admitting the truth of their having no defense in this matter?

    Just don’t see it that way. This is NUTS!

  10. Hondo says:

    2/17 Air Cav: I’m sure Cook has a copy of that “DD214” for Ladner for which the Army has no record. That “DD214” lists a Purple Heart, and is therefore “documentation supporting Ladner’s claims”.

    Of course, hypothetically speaking that document could also be fraudulent. But at this point it’s still “documentation supporting Ladner’s claims”, right?

    It just might not be legitimate documentation – hypothetically speaking, of course.

  11. ChipNASA says:

    “John Cook “Esq”
    “Thank you for your request to submit a public statement on your behalf. This will be completed and we will debt your account $5,000 upon the release of the statement to press organizations.
    Thanks again SO much.
    “John “CHA CHING!!!” Cook “Esq”
    /even *more* slimy than stolen valor pukes, lawyers, BLAH!!!

  12. Sparks says:

    Ladner can’t man up because he isn’t a man to start with and you need a minimal starting point. I guarantee the railroad will slow their settlement process now and wait for the outcome of Ladner’s court appearance. Anything they can use to cast aspersions for him and his wife even being at the scene will be used to modify the settlement. I am no lawyer here either or an insurance adjuster. But insurance companies don’t hand out any more than they have to. His lawyer is just looking for billable hours. That’s his living. And IF it all went wrong and he was acquitted, there will be no apologies from either of them. 2/17 is right. If his lawyer were ethical he would tell Shane, you don’t have a snowballs chance of beating this, just tell the truth, throw yourself on the courts mercy, plead out, take your lumps and go on. Both Ladner and his council are in a dream world, IF they truly believe the bullshit they are handing out. It has become a three ring circus.

  13. pete says:

    owe him an apology? ok,,i apologize for this shitbird not getting caught earlier!

  14. Sparks says:

    @13 I did not mean anyone here will ever owe him an apology. Certainly not from me! I was referring to HIM apologizing for his actions if he beat all the charges.

  15. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Look, IF Ladner had bona fide documentation, it would have been provided to the investigators. You wouldn’t withhold exculpatory information. In fact, a prosecutor would say, “Please, if you have it, let me have it.” Not even a moron would say, in response, “Oh, I’ve got it but I’m not going to show it to you. Na-na-na-na-na-na!” His atty will try to defeat the charges on various grounds, including attacking the MVA (or DMV) procedures and the document Ladner submitted for the tags. IF the atty is successful, he will use the tossed charges or not guilty verdict to say, “Now, you all owe my client an apology.” And that’s patent bullshit. The line forms behind OJ Simpson.

  16. yslick24/7 says:

    john cook says …all along,our investigation has shown , in fact shane did receive a purple heart for injuries received in service to his country. what is this guy looking at ? Ladner would do better to get a defense attorney !! Right now it looks like he has a personal injury and a D U I lawyer. it seems pretty stupid !! But lying about receiving a purple heart and not saving your wife from losing her leg is pretty dam stupid !! Keep up the good work …DUMB ASS !!

  17. Just An Old Dog says:

    Let’s see this dumb ass “lawer” whip out the forged DD214 and other documents that shit-stain gave him.
    I bet Ladner’s asshole is puckered up so tight you couldn’t drive a needle in it with a sledge hammer at the thought of the additional charges that would bring.
    Lying on the application form for the plate is bad enough. Having forged a DD214 is a whole new ball game with a different prize.

  18. Retired Colonel says:

    Can anyone guess where Ladner found the attorney representing his wife for the train accident? And now representing him for his lies???? In the emergency room at the hospital in Midland. I was there helping some of the victims. That tells you what kind of attorneys they are. I’ve heard they have flown to Atlanta several time to visit with his wife and tell her his name will be cleared!!!! They even “gave” her an IPad. Wish she would use it to read all of the news about her husband. BUT, I wonder is she allowed??? His poor wife is paying for all the trips and gifts and also for the criminal representation for that honored purple hearter. Even people here are beginning to talk. What does she know!!!!!!! Are there no ethics class taught in Texas?

  19. Military Supporter says:

    Maybe he’ll volunteer to run with the deer for the next Hunt in Midland by Show of Support.

  20. Combat Historian says:

    Goodness gracious, Ladner is literally being represented by literal ambulance chasers…this is not going to end well for our boy Ladner

  21. USMCE8Ret says:

    I wonder if he still wears the “FEELING LUCKY” shirt he was wearing in the news report?

    Obviously, I wasn’t there – but how many soldiers took part in the Black Hawk down debacle? With so many people claiming that status like Ladner, one would be led to believe there were tons of U.S. forces on the ground that day. They’re fuggin’ coming out of the wood-work!!!

  22. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @18. If that’s true and any attorney was at the hospital looking for potential clients or soliciting to represent them or to meet with them regarding the accident, that is a violation of Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct 7.03—just for starters. If you have first hand knowledge of what you say, and are not assuming that an attorney was there at the hospital only for the purpose of soliciting business, contact the Texas Bas Association , Grievance Information Helpline at 1-800-932-1900 and ask for some direction. Failing that, the AG should be able to help. Ambulance chasing IS NOT acceptable conduct.

  23. Hondo says:

    Just An Old Dog: actually – and unfortunately – he’s in more trouble for falsely swearing he had a Purple Heart. That’s a felony in GA. Forging/possessing a forged DD214 appears only to be a Federal misdemeanor.

    But it would potentially be a second trial, as well as a second stint in prison.

  24. LostOnThemInterwebs says:

    @Hondo so that new bill the POTUS signed it wouldn’t be applied retroactive or something? if its not that’s a shame ..

  25. Let’s see; Ladner has no job.
    He has an attorney who is not working “pro bono”.
    This attorney is being paid/will be paid by the settlement for damages to Ladner’s wife. How big a sucker is that woman? Whether she is paying out of money she already has, or with the settlement that she will get, she is financing his dumbassery. She should have put his shit on the curb long ago.
    Poor woman has to deserve better than him.
    Shane Ladner is one first class puke. Scrue him.

  26. Military Supporter says:

    @22 – think they would care if the attorney is also lying saying Ladner is going to clear his name with the his new and improved documents. The joker was on the Today Show on November 16th sitting next to one of his new clients he signed up in the hospital and the guy was in the hospital bed. I will look into calling the 800 number.

  27. Military Supporter says:

    #24, I thought about that – he’s still claiming purple hearts so I’d think it still applies, at least as long as he keeps lying. His attorney says he has the papers and can prove it and all will apology to Ladner. Right now it’s on going.

  28. OWB says:

    On the other hand, he cannot ever produce the forged DD214 because it would just prove the lie. Unless he has some sort of magic ability to produce a nonexistent clerk who didn’t actually produce the forgery, he’s SOL.

    Yeah, all that is needed is his claim AFTER the new bill was signed to subject himself to prosecution under the new law. Any odds on his lawer having at least advised him to not make that claim now??

  29. Hondo says:

    LostOnThemInterwebs: the Constitution rules out making the law retroactive with its ban on ex post facto laws. However, it would indeed appear that continuing false claims of having received a Purple Heart for the purpose of avoiding a fine or jail time might indeed be construed as a false claim to obtain a “thing of value” (e.g., avoid a fine or retain freedom). Hopefully the US Attorney for Georgia will decide it’s worth his time and effort to investigate both that as well as the possibly forged or illicit DD214 Ladner appears to have obtained from persons unknown.

  30. slick24/7 says:

    bingo persons unknown !! that’s coming up next just wait. he can’t be the only one with a forged dd214.

  31. Green Thumb says:

    I would love to chisel a PH tattoo on his chest.

  32. Green Thumb says:

    Could the attorney be disbarred if he had prior and ongoing knowledge of fraud and associated issue of misfeasance?

    A question for you JAG types.

  33. pete says:

    @14/Sparky,,i was referring too what the lawyer stated in the article! lol,,not you bro

  34. Fen says:

    Lawyer: “This arrest serves no purpose other than to continue to traumatize Shane Ladner”

    Traumatize? Ha. Wait till his cell block finds out what he is.

  35. 2/16 says:

    He will get the Red Ass Medal (RAM) along with a Hand to Gland Combat Ribbon while behind bars…

    and what about the real recipients of the PH?

  36. 2/16 says:

    @ 1:29 I cannot tell if that is the VUA or the BSM he is wearing on his hat…

  37. Sammy says:

    What about his poor wife? The trauma of the accident, loss of leg, knowing her phoney husband got himself off the float saving his sorry ass and leaving her to fend for herself. Now the trauma of paying attorneys to defend this poser. He and his low life buddies are living off of this poor woman. Where is her family or some one with brains to help her. I see her around town and want to help. They (Ladner and low life buds) have stolen money from people in town via fund raisers proclaiming he has 2 Purple Hearts and been to every war zone possible. It appears its all a lie. I would think besides the Purple Heart license plate that getting money from people via fraud is against the law. He should be prosecuted for that too. All of the media stories before this broke – he loved the camera, even cried, what a loser. His poor wife….is she drugged and unaware of what’s happening? She needs help.

  38. J.E. Endicott says:

    I think the attorney is hoping that a jury knows nothing about military records; that they will be led to believe the military is so disorganized and that paperwork gets lost all the time, records get misplaced, and no one can for sure know what is and what is not in Ladner’s record. I actually don’t think jury’s are that stupid and can be shown record keeping in the military (especially now as compared to 30 years ago) is actually pretty good.

  39. Military Supporter says:

    No 38. I’m pretty sure the attorneys for Union Pacific had the Ladner’s sign medical, military, employment authorizations and probably have all of the dirt on Shame Ladner. They could probably tell us more than Randy Travis. This poser couldn’t hold a job. Lived off of his wife even when he worked as a deputy. I guess had to lie to make himself look better than he and everyone saw him as nothing but a lying jerk. Everyday I see something else he lied about and now John Cook (is he really an attorney?). I thought attorneys weren’t supposed to lie when defending or he he just stupid? The defense will be ready for this claim.