Flagwaver: Obama Gives Himself Control of all Communication Systems

| July 6, 2013

Flagwaver sends us his thoughts on an article in World Truth TV entitled “Obama Gives Himself Control of all Communication Systems in America“;

I’ve seen this movie before. A supposedly pliable senator is elected into a position of command by his friends in the senate, believing him to be easily manipulated. When he is in charge, he sets the senate against themselves by doing "what needs to be done" for the people.

Some question his motives, but they are shouted down by others who claim they need to look at the bigger picture. When they question the bigger picture, they are shouted down as being against the man and not the policies.

Eventually, during the crisis that has arisen, the leader creates a private army. This army is different from the regular military, as it is answerable directly to the leader and nobody else. This army is well armed, well trained, and responsible for upholding the peace and security of the Republic during the turbulent times.

Some question why he would need a non-military fighting force, but he calms their fears by telling them it is just for the crisis and he will return the power to the senate when the crisis is abated.

Time goes on, and the leader begins unilaterally voting himself ever-increasing power. Some question him, and are shouted down by his supporters who are reaping the benefits of that power. The people question him, but they are told that they are being kept safe and should just go about their lives.

Their safety is taking a more drastic change, though. No longer are they able to go where they want, when they want. They must not be screened by the private army and carry their papers with them to provide whenever they are asked. They lose their freedoms and are subjected to random searches that are for "safety" of both themselves and their homes. Their weapons are confiscated and their persona violated by this army.

Some see the truth and attempt to intercede in the course of events they see coming. They are the learned, the patriotic, and the vigilant. However, the leader sees them and tells the Republic they are the threat. The true threat, which was at one point a threat, is quickly forgotten in lieu of this "new enemy."

That is when the leader, whose origins and motives are far from the safety and security of the republic, makes his move. Overnight, due to a crisis that he caused through covert action, takes complete control. This event is so horrific as to put the past horrors by the forgotten enemy to shame.

The leader moves in to protect the republic with his army. The "new threat" is blamed and the army arrests them. Those who support the "new threat" are informed upon by their friends and neighbors, to help the leader maintain peace. The army, now tasked with leading the law enforcement and military, clamp down on them all, arresting those who stand against the leader’s grab for power.

Now, the senate can see what they have created, but it is too late. They have no power; it was all given to the leader. They are disbanded by the leader, as one more step to security of the republic. However, there are still walls in the way of the leader.

He reorganizes the republic into something different, with him as the supreme ruler. The constitutions of the republic are sent to a museum as he decided what freedoms are given to whom. The people, like sheep because of social welfare programs, support him as long as he gives them what they want. His supporters are rewarded with power over the new regions within this new political monster. And freedom, that which he claimed to support, are taken in lieu of his new found power.

This may sound like something from Star Wars, and it really is. However, it is also from history. Hitler’s rise in the Weimar Republic to become the Third Reich. The Caliphs rise in Byzantium to become the Ottoman Empire. The Caesar’s rise in the Roman Republic to become the Roman Empire. And now, it appears that our President is going for the same thing.

Then again, I am just one of those who is targeted as a malcontent. I am a veteran of the military, a member of a subversive political organization (Tea Party), and an owner of firearms. I know that I am on the target list and will be one of the first to be taken when the power grab happens. But, what about you?

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  1. CR says:

    It’s coming. Be prepared. The usurper is running out of patience.

    SSgt, USMC

  2. Anonymous says:

    How long before a ‘whistleblower’ releases this to the MSM?

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Yeah, well, we have a list too. And that’s all I am willing to say about that.

  4. A Proud Infidel & Patriot says:

    I’d rather die fighting than live life on my knees to a tyrant.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:


  6. blinduser says:

    I’ll be prepared when the time comes…the writing has been on the wall for quite some time yet the sheep just look the other way and wait on their checks to come and for their benefits to be loaded on their cards…sad state of affairs

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here’s a quote from January this year:

    “Even among the president’s supporters, one is hard put now to find anyone who doesn’t recognize that Mr. Obama’s original appeal to hope and change has given way to search and destroy… The original argument for the Obama presidency was that this was a new, open-minded and liberal man, intent on elevating the common good. No one believes that now.” – Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal, January 31, 2013.

  8. CR says:

    Obamacare was jammed thru on a strict party line vote. It is quickly turning out to be the disaster we all knew it would be.The NSA snoops on US citizens and allies.The Middle East is worse than it was Pre- B.O., if that is possible.The US Economy is a mess under this AdministrationWe have drones flying over the U.S.Dems and Republicrat crossovers are trying to jam in 11-20 million illegals and reward them with our most precious gift…citizenship and the right to VOTE. The “marriage” of people other than a man and woman, a system (and Sacrament) that worked really well for thousands of years and has been regarded as the rock that ties families together and produces a civil society, has been overturned by 5 Supremes, dismissing the democratic vote of Californians.The IRS was set loose against what the President and his idiot savants called the “Teabaggers”. Government itself has blossomed under this Administration to the point where they throw themselves lavish parties and bonuses, as the average taxpayer is fading fast.Race and gender is constantly hyped as a political wedge when “most” of America moced past this decades ago.We are supposed to surrender all that we knew all our lives, and totally upend the society that has served the US, and the free world quite well since our founding, because the “progressives” have liberated and enlightened our “thinking”?And that the 4th of July should draw us together?Maybe these clowns should research exactly how the 4th became our day of Independence from tyranny and gave us freedom? This is what we are supposed to put aside our differences and unite under the Rainbow flag for? This Marine doesn’t think so. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

  9. Devtun says:

    …but, he’s such a clean black man w/ no negro dialect.

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @8. Well said. His supporters, as I occasionally point out, have voluntarily disarmed and are altogether at his mercy. The Dems and Reps are using separate oars but rowing the same boat in the same direction. I’m a latecomer to that viewpoint b/c for many years there at least seemed to be SOME significant differences between those parties. No longer–and they are making it damn near impossible to establish a third party. The Supreme court is not to handle “political questions” but now does so regularly. With regard to obamacare, ONE STUPID BASTARD on that court, John Roberts, decided that the mandate was a tax. ONE FREAKIN’ MAN tipped it. We no longer have three distinct and separate branches of government and the states surrendered their independent status long ago in exchange for federal taxpayer dollars. These clowns are in it for the long haul and a single election is meaningless. When one can scahnge the substance and the procedures, it matters not one whit who occupies the WH or any seat in Congress. And that’s the end game. It’s happening before our very eyes with the tacit approval of the sheep–who can name more Almerican Idol contestants than they can members of the Supreme Court or of el presidente’s cabinet.

  11. Sparks says:

    I began to see this coming before I retired from the telecommunications industry. More and more “Government” circuits and equipment installed. Big cities like San Francisco, which is one of the places where the fiber from the far east hits land already has government equipment and access to all fiber traffic in and out of those fibers in the ATT building. Obama just put his signature on the end of privacy as we knew it. I am not a conspiracy theorist or whacko. They can listen to anything I say on the phone. It is just knowing they can that bothers me. Reminds me of sci-fi movies where all the TV screens turn automatically, not just to the EBS, but to what ever the government wants you to see. Or phones all ringing to give you an “important message” That all sounds far fetched but the capabilities are being installed nation wide as fast as the government can do it. This signature from Obama is just the official approval to say full steam ahead, money is no object.

  12. Azygos says:

    I plan to be one of the first to put his brown shirt on. Don’t ask just round up the usual subjects.

  13. Azygos says:


  14. JD11b says:

    OMG, please tell me this site isn’t going to devolve into talks of FEMA death camps and black helicopters – I was really starting to enjoy the conversation here. How come we are skeptical on claims of military heroism (and rightly so)yet seem so credulous when it comes to negative claims about our political opponents?

    Look at the EO Reagan signed on the same subject https://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/eo/eo-12472.htm . Much of Obama’s is verbatim with updates for current agency and department responsibilities. Oh and the basic statutory authority is based on a 1934 law. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/47/606

    This is not to say we shouldn’t be cautious and engage our critical thinking skills in evaluating government claims. But it is critical thinking skills not fear mongering we should be using.

    For the record I didn’t vote for him and don’t support most of his agenda.

  15. B Woodman says:


    Yeah . . Right. . .NOT!
    Got alternate communications? Marine band? Ham radio? Teh FCC may try, but I don’t think they can jam all the airwaves at once.

  16. Flagwaver says:

    @15, the military can do it with a little box installed on most HMMWVs for over 100 meters. Hooked up to enough juice, it can make even SETI blind.

  17. Thunderstixx says:

    In my mind I understand how people can feel threatened by all the crap the gov’t is pulling and has been pulling especially since 9-11.

    Myself I am thoroughly convinced that all those in ovomits private armies are incompetent, corrupt and inherently cowards.

    It is a true wet dream of almost all libs to round us all up and put us in re-education camps and morder tens of thousands of us simply because we disagree with them…

    Here’s the kicker…

    Ovomit has thrown many of the best and brightest out of the military and all those people are not only pissed about it, they are also well heeled in the art of warfare. If you watched the debacle in Boston you could plainly see how incompetent they really are.

    The government really doesn’t worry me that much about taking over our country, what does concern me is the lack of learning anything at all displayed by the stupid libs about anything they are foisting on our country.

    I honestly believe that ovomits election was the opening shot in the dissolution of the United States as the talk of secession is getting louder in areas like Texas, OK and many other areas.

    That would be a terrible thing to do but I do feel that because ovomit is so stupid he will attempt to confiscate firearms in some city and that will trigger a general uprising that once started cannot be restrained. It is obvious we are winning the war with regard to public opinion, but the libs are sooooo fucking stupid they cannot see it or just ignore it to their own peril…

    I trust all my Veteran friends to keep their heads in anything that ovomit throws out !!!

    Fuck ovomit !!!

  18. CR says:

    I see very dark days coming if we fail, in 2014, to turn things around. For the good of this nation, this train wreck of a President, his entire administration, along with many of his judicial appointees, need to be derailed! Should we fail to do that, between now and 2016, I fear it will take all of common man’s wages to satisfy the government’s demands, forcing us all into the welfare lines, at which point Obama’s mission will have been accomplished.

  19. CR says:

    “OMG, please tell me this site isn’t going to devolve into talks of FEMA death camps and black helicopters”- JD11b

    Or like TWA 800? You know, the one that was just a “conspiracy theory” for the tin-foil hat wearing types. The one that is now finally coming to light, too many years too late? No offense, but it’s folks like you who make their job soooo much easier. I suppose you believe that WTC7 just decided to fall to the ground on 9-11?

  20. Sparks says:

    @14 Mine was not the posting of a conspiracy nut. It was from years, especially my later years in telecommunications that I saw the Central Offices equipped with more and more black box equipment. The bigger the metro area the more equipment. The Emergence Broadcast System can take over the airwaves now. You can buy a cell phone blocker for a short distance, cay a movie theater online. It is not my fears speaking, it is reality. Now that Obama has quietly signed this document the NSA and HLS will be full speed to fill any holes or gaps they have left in the communications arena. Your comments sound like “don’t fear big government, their your buddy, their your pal, it’s all for your own good”. Please tell me you have more common sense than this. Our government is out to control and get and keep the populace in line. Their line. I just am saying there is FAR more about our governments capabilities than we know or will ever know.

  21. Sparks says:

    Pardon some of my misspellings in the previous post.

  22. EODguy says:

    @14 The arguments that ‘Your guy did it, so it must be OK’ or ‘Laws like this have been on the books for a long time’ are completely invalid. It wasn’t OK then, and it’s not OK now.

  23. Ex-PH2 says:

    What? You guys never heard of short wave? Citizens band?

    If you want to talk about gumming up the works, when Martin Luther King was killed, we were all sent home early. Washington, DC was burning. I got back to my apartment after a wasted hour and a half taking routes away from DC traffic and tried to get a phone line out from Arlinton, VA, where I was living, to my parents in central Illinois. I could not even get a dial tone. I could hear other people on the line trying to simply get an operator to put a call through. I left my apartment and went out to Centreville to stay with friends until it was over.

    The phone lines were all landlines then. It was 1968. There were no cell phone networks or internet. All it takes to jam the cell and WiFi networks is a major event that disrupts normal traffic. Even the so-called government bureaus can’t control that.

    Bodaprez is such a dilettante, I doubt that he has a clue to anything as primitive or ‘unpopular’ as ham radio/short wave communications or CB bands. And yeah, people still use those. You don’t have to dial a number to do so.

  24. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @14. “How come we are skeptical on claims of military heroism (and rightly so)yet seem so credulous when it comes to negative claims about our political opponents?” Huh? It is entirely consistent that many of us who are skeptical and distrustful of certain claims and claimants related to SV are similarly skeptical and distrustful in other arenas, including the federal government. No wild imaginings are necessary. As for prior-existing statute, the issue is how the law is misused and contorted post passage. For me, the matter has little to do with this particular law and everything to do with the increasingly dangerous distance the country (i.e., the federal gov’t) is putting between itself and the Constitution. We now have rights that are nowhere to be hinted at, let alone found in, the US Constitution and branch distinction and responsibilities are corrupted and confused. How else do we explain the comfort of a Chief Executive who himself declares that a particular is unconstitutional and further states that he will not enforce it? This isn’t the aluminum foil hat club. On the contrary, the skeptics and distrustful citizens seem to me to be the only ones with their heads screwed on properly.

  25. OWB says:

    @ #14: Ditto what AC said. To which I can only add that you really are in no position to know who my political opponents might be. But to clarify – we would not be in this mess without the cooperation of all those in DC without regard to party affiliation. They seem to have an utter contempt for individual citizens and the states within which those citizens reside.

    Might have been different were the states still appointing Senators to represent the interests of the states instead of having all those clowns in Congress now being elected by the populace.

    Speaking of Congress, has anyone else noticed that they are on track to set a record low number of billed passed? Sounds like a very good thing. The less they meddle, the better it is for the rest of us.

  26. streetsweeper says:

    Obama has the liberal software companies in his back pocket. Twitter, MeetUp, NING, Goggle, Microsoft, Sun and every other software/hardware manufacturer have billionaire’s with nothing better to do with their money than foment the Middle East/Arab spring unrest. First indicator was back when Iran tried shutting down net access, 2009 I think, DC raised hell until it was turned on again.

    Egypt did the same thing and Obama himself raised three kinds of hell with Mubaric or whatever his name was. All the US based marxist groups headlined by CODEPink were boots on the ground along with Goggle and MeetUp’s billionaires. Those jackwagons got in a nine line bind with the Egyptian military having to bail them out of the square.

    The DoS is heavily involved in this as you would expect, with a former DoS employee sitting on the boards of Twitter, Yahoo,Goggle,MeetUp yada yada. They are using high tech means verse’s the traditional methods of years gone by. So, no it isn’t a conspiracy, it is a real deal ongoing effort by our DoS to bring “democracy” to middle eastern butt wipes stuck in the 7th century.

  27. streetsweeper says:

    Facebook is heavily involved by the way. That is why you read about conservetive groups beig silenced over there but rapists, murderers and other low life like our old pal (Kimberlyn) from Velvet Revolution have free rein.

  28. Jilly says:

    Ham radio is great but there is a morality clause that the FCC could use arbitrarily & the gov’t took away radios from Italian-Americans, etc during WWII….

  29. A Proud Infidel & Patriot says:

    At leas tens of thousands of new USG regulations have been put into place since B. Hussein 0bama & Co. have taken the helm, don’t think for even a split second that they won’t use them to micromanage US Citizens’ lives at every given opportunity. There’s a reason why the 0bamatollah has made the IRS a central figure in administrating 0bamacare!

  30. A Proud Infidel & Patriot says:

    Hitler had the SS, B. Hussein 0bama has the IRS!

  31. Perry Gaskill says:

    #14 JD11b –

    Having fired up the ol’ critical thinking skills and reading the two documents, it seems to me you might be missing a couple of critical points:

    The 1934 act applies to presidential powers over telcomm granted to him during time of war. It is up to Congress, and not the President, to actually declare when a state of war exists. The President can’t, on his own hook, declare a War on Terror, or War on Drugs, or War on Rap Music just because he feels like it, and have that fall under the same criteria as a real declared war.

    The Reagan executive order is similar but applies to a state of emergency. So far, nobody has declared that a perpetual War on Terror, etc. qualifies as an emergency which, by definition, is a temporary set of circumstances.

    Sparks makes some valid points, but it’s difficult to connect the dots in some of this. From my own perspective, there’s a real complex backstory that needs to be considered including the break-up of AT&T under anti-trust, the re-consolidation of the Baby Bells into AT&T and Verizon, the CLEC/ILEC wars around 15 years ago, and other issues.

    You can chalk this up to tinfoil hat apparel, but the fact remains that there is strong evidence to suggest that some kind of, at least tacit, quid pro quo has gone on between telcomm providers and the government. Whether that has resulted in regulatory capture as a trade for surveillance is an interesting question.

  32. JD11b says:

    @ 22 For the record Reagan was my guy, not Obama.

    @ 24 My point was not about a lack of skepticism on government claims (that is healthy in a democracy). But rather the lack of skepticism on apparently agenda driven claims of government/politician misdeeds. Here the EO in context, to barrow, a phrase from Lincoln is “pretty thin gruel” for a vast government conspiracy to seize our rights, Read the EO and it’s authorizing legislation in context. It’s fairly clear that it is about government communications for continuity, emergency, and interoperability. I find it interesting the restriction on government spectrum contained at 5.2(d). Does anyone here recall the issues on 9/11 due to lack of communications interoperability? (Or Katrina for that matter.. not to mention Grenada and military interoperability) Having worked on emergency communications plans prior to the Obama administration I see nothing revolutionary here.

    I suppose since the FCC has controlled spectrum allocation since its creation in 1934 we can technically say all Presidents have “controlled” communications since then. (Why quibble about the FCC’s independent agency status)

    Oh and CR @ 19 I don’t believe WTC 7 “just decided to fall to the ground” No I believe it collapsed due to fire and structural damage caused by the twin towers collapse caused by Al Qaeda terrorists flying planes into them. See http://www.nist.gov/el/disasterstudies/wtc/. As to TWA 800 let’s see do I tend to believe multiple agencies’ investigatory results based on years of experience. Or a documentarian with financial incentives for pushing his latest project whose star witnesses do not say a missile brought it down but rather the investigation wasn’t complete. HMMM? I am open minded enough to reconsider these conclusions in light of additional evidence.

    “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence” Carl Sagan

  33. JD11b says:

    @31 I agree that the current EO incorporates emergency management into it’s language unlike Reagan’s EO. Given the overlap of PLANNING and EQUIPPING communications for war and disaster response, I don’t see this as necessarily a bad thing. Read as a whole it is fairly apparent that it is looking at resiliency and interoperability of GOVERNMENT communications not control of private communications.

    The whole interoperability of communications in disaster response is an overlooked yet critical piece in disaster planning. I just had a visit with a metro county emergency operations center after it dealt with major flooding. We got to talking about how FCC reg’s could be improved to allow cross-banding during emergency operations. Currently there are technical violations of FCC regs when you crossband mil radios into emergency responder freqs. (No I really am an infantry guy not a 25 series.) Again I see nothing in the EO that has not been on emergency planners (fed, state and local) agenda for the last decade.

  34. JD11b says:

    For all, just so you understand why I am being a doubting Thomas here. First, having worked on disaster planning off and on for the last decade I do see the need for improving Government interoperability and resiliency in communications.

    But more importantly I’ve saw how conspiracy minded news stories destroyed a great training opportunity for soldiers in my BN before we deployed to OEF. Here’s the gist:
    The outgoing Co CMDR had arranged with a small town to conduct a cordon and search training mission. Great training opportunity – get locals support for the upcoming deployment and get them involved. Save training dollars etc. Well as the event got closer the local paper did a story interviewing an NCO that was setting up the training. In an aside he said the soldiers would be looking for an arms supplier. Just like we did in theater. Next thing we know It’s on network talking heads we are training for gun confiscation. BTW the Co CMDR that set up the training is an NRA member and has more guns than most. Needless to say the powers to be decided it was better to cancel the training opportunity than risk a bunch of conspiracy nuts showing up and disrupting the training event.

  35. PintoNag says:

    @34 Seriously? You think it’s okay to hold a “training exercise” in a real town? All it would have taken was one person who didn’t get the word or who didn’t want to play, and your training exercise would have ended up on the 6 o’clock news.

    If I got word of something like that happening where I live, I’d go rent a cabin until it was over.

  36. JD11b says:

    Population of the town was under five hundred, The exercise was a year in planning with multiple meetings and outreach with locals. And fairly clear rules on who was in play and who wasn’t.

    BTW aren’t locals involved in part of the SF Q course? Robin Sage if my memory doesn’t fail me.

  37. Flagwaver says:


    Apparently, the White House came out and made a statement. You will notice that they made this statement only AFTER people found what was going on and called them on it.


    So, DHS is able to shut down all forms of communication within the country at their whim, to include news, phone, and internet. Tell me, if you live a life of freedom within a box, is it still technically freedom?

  38. PintoNag says:

    What possible good could it do to shut down nation-wide communications in an emergency? Wouldn’t they want to make them more available, not less?

  39. OWB says:

    Welcome to the party, JD11b! Even if your measly decade of experience hardly qualifies you to lecture the rest of us on the topic.

    What do you have against freedom, son? If communities want to have systems in place with which to communicate with other communities, they can and will do so without some fed telling them that they must. They have, after all, been doing it for a lot more decades than you have been around it.

    This is just one more example of an out of control federal government taking yet more choices away from the citizenry. What works for Community X may or may not work for Community Y and should never be forced upon them.

  40. JD11b says:

    @38 What section of the EO do you believe conveys that exact authority? I do not see that explicitly in the text, but I may be overlooking something. Granted one could argue that it is implicit in 5.2(e) but given the other language in that section about restoration, prioritization and emergencies I am not convinced that’s the best argument. But for the sake of argument let’s assume that it does authorize “a shutdown.” How about a North Korean Cyber attack stealing American bank funds? http://www.komonews.com/news/tech/Studies-Cyberattacks-targeted-South-Korea-US-military-214602141.html

    @39 Sir who are you to assume I am anti-freedom based on what I’ve posted here? Yeah I guess my 27 years wearing funny green suits means I really don’t think that the USA is the best bastion of freedom in the world. (by the way what are your expeiences?) I am actually very Lockeian in my conception of freedom. (If it doesn’t create a breach of the peace it is of no consequence for the magistrate). I think it a stretch to see some standard house keeping order divining up duties and responsibilities among federal agencies as an evil usurpation to right to listen to Alex Jones. BTW I see nothing here forcing local authorities to follow any federal interop or resiliency standards. (with the possible exception of frequency allocation.)

    But lets propose two competing hypothesis here,

    1. Obama is going to use this order to prevent us from exercising our freedom of speech. (You can amend this to make your point more explicit)


    2. Obama is going to use the order to better facilitate emergency government communications.

    As a good skeptic I will look for nonconfirming evidence in support of the latter in order not to fall prey to confirmation bias. So what would be non-confirming evidence in the case? The administration using this EO to stop political opposition speech would be one. I can see other things that would disconfirm the second hypothesis. (Don’t go to the IRS scandal I believe that does need a through investigation, but it is directly involved in this EO.)

    What would you accept as disconfirming evidence of your hypothesis?

    BTW if my disconfirming evidence appears I will be in the street protesting.

  41. JD11b says:

    CORRECTION @ 40 (Don’t go to the IRS scandal I believe that does need a through investigation, but it is NOT directly involved in this EO.)

  42. Jilly says:

    @37 both that response and the signing statement are a year old FYI

  43. OWB says:

    Oh, that is just too funny, JD! Your response rather proves my hypothesis. Then again, you probably have a differing opinion about what that hypothesis might be. Here’s a clue: It isn’t based upon assumptions.

  44. JD11b says:

    OWB a 43 why don’t you succinctly state what your hypothesis is?

    Yes a hypothesis is ” a tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical consequences ” or so says Merriam Webster. I’ve made my hypothesis such that I can logically test it. Because I don’t automatically assume my off the cuff opinion is correct.

    BTW you didn’t answer any of the questions I posed? Why is that. I am not going to assume anything about based on lack of information but you appear to assume a whole lot about me. Why is that?

  45. JD11b says:

    @ 44 errata correction.

    BTW you didn’t answer any of the questions I posed? Why is that? I am not going to assume anything about you based on lack of information here. but you appear to assume a whole lot about me. Why is that?

    Damn cat on touch pad.

  46. JD11b says:

    OWB, I apologize I am making one assumption about you. That is you are capable of logical, rational and evidence based dialog. My disconfirming evidence would be another ad hominem attack by you.

  47. Sparks says:

    A link to a CNET article from yesterday on this subject if you are interested. It was a good read.