A Sad State of Affairs

| September 3, 2013

Indeed it is when I find myself lending more credence to Vladimir Putin than I do this dithering, incompetent cowbird the Democrats put in our White House. One charge you most certainly cannot lay on the serving President of Russia is incompetence and our clueless Prez is about to learn that lesson first hand when he travels to Moscow this week for the G20 Summit. I wonder what lines the Vegas odds makers are laying on our permanent campaigner/dedicated duffer coming away from that conference with anything more than his tail, and, by extension, America’s, between his legs. Think about that matchup: we send a former community organizer to lock eyeballs with a former KGB colonel. Good grief! Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight! And it’s a liberal-approved, school-safe, rubber knife at that.

Don’t kid yourself that there aren’t plans afoot in the Kremlin to take every advantage of Barack Obama’s crumbling credibility and by now globally recognized ineptitude. Russians have long experience in how to deal with an inexpert opponent who foolishly ventures onto the thin ice. Worse, there is probably feverish planning going on in world palaces and foreign ministries all round the world, from major allies to tinhorn despots, seeking ways to exploit the bumbling, fumbling disaster that is the Democrat foreign policy as expounded by Obama, Hillary and Kerry. It’s enough to make you want to push your index finger right in the collective face of the Democrat power structure and scream, “See? See what you get when you sacrifice good governance of our country for pure political expediency?”

I’m almost to the point of wondering if we might not be wise to run John McCain again in 2016. Let Hillary landslide bury our own RINO bumbler and inherit the mess that Obama will most assuredly leave to whoever follows. Let Hillary deal with the crumbling economy, the disaster of Obamacare and America’s third-rate diplomatic status compared to Russia and China on the world stage. Give Hillary four years to make things even worse with her own discredited socialist programs and then run a strong, conservative Republican in 2020 to set things right once again. It’s the old “Give ’em enough rope…” ploy. And make no mistake, the Democrats with their unworkable socialist policies are committing a slow form of political suicide.

Let’s just hope they don’t kill our country in the process…

Thereby threatening Israel’s existence.

And possibly plunging the planet into global war.

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  1. rb325th says:

    Putin already viewed Obama as a weak leader and man, then he went and insutled Putin not all that long ago before we got all up in arms about Syria…. The Syrians and their Allies in Russia and Iran are laughing at this idiot in DC.
    The fact that it is Obama in charge right now, is the only thing that gives me any great deal of hesitation about bombing the carp out of Syrias WMD supplies. it is also what is giving our “allies” hesitation as well, and why Obama cannot even get a coalition of 2 nations to go along with him.
    We are truly now sinking below Russia and China in World Stature, due to the absolute incompetence and arrogance of our Emporer.

  2. Heidi says:

    Well he is meeting with the very important lgbt people over there, so there is that. Which will teach Putin a lesson, and put him in his place. (yes dripping sarcasm)

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Yeah, this ought to be good, another proud moment for the USA. Obamaman has asked to meet with some Gays and Lesbians while there because Russia passed some “anti-gay” laws several months ago. That’s the stuff that made this country great! Sure the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but obamaman wants to press for LGBT tolerance in Russia. You just can’t possibly make this shit up. Can’t be done.

  4. Combat Historian says:

    Putin versus obamao, somewhat akin to The Rock versus Tiny Tim…

  5. A Proud Infidel says:

    More like a steel toe boot vs. a cockroach! Putin is no fool, he knows how to manipulate people and situations to his benefit. B. Hussein 0bama never cares about anything other than his next round of golf, fundraiser rally, or vacation!

  6. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Poe … Well put. I just hope that the rest of the US can read and UNDERSTAND what you have articulated here.

    Sadely, some 40 percent of our population is lining up for free handouts today, most can’t tell you who the first president was, what the Constitution or Bill of Rights is and what it means, or what hard work results in.

    Today, my 7 year old (who is still on summer break) is learning how to change oil on a car and sharpen a lawn mower blade … He knows more Russia (our enemy) and Syria (a true dictator caused shit hole of humanity) than his school teachers and he does not play video games!

    Keep up the fight with words … Some people are understanding. I believe a new generation has been born since Sept 11th. Coupled with todays vets, their children, and extended families, we have a opportunity to reshaped and return to the basic principles of our Founding Fathers!

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hey, did you know that God is back “in” in Russiaville? Putin attends Church regularly, the gov’t televises services, and the government is boosting family values. In other words, Ivan is more in tune with middle America than Barrack.

  8. PintoNag says:

    I will not vote for McCain. Ever. He’s unstable — take that anyway you like.

  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @8. I take it this way: He’s off his rocker, a section 8, a nut case, a dimentia cupcake covered in stupid sprinles.

  10. OWB says:

    It has been lately with increasing regularity that the only adult on the world stage seems to be Putin. Who knew that we would see the day when the leader of Russia would be the last one in the world to advocate traditional American values, while everyone else, including our “leaders,” were pushing old fashioned Soviet style Communism?

    Guess the Russians, and to a large extent the Chinese, figured out that embracing liberalism/communism/progressivism/whatever is a certain suicide while our idiots in charge refuse to learn from the mistakes of others. Mostly because they simply care about nothing but themselves?

  11. Well put, Russ. Good post, and spot on.

  12. Green Thumb says:

    Guys, I deal with this stuff everyday from both students and faculty.

    If you speak up, your oppressive.

    If you disagree, you being discriminatory.

    Gets old.

    But the irony is, he (Obummer) is losing support amongst this group that put him in office. The gays are pushing for special rights being not satisfied with equal rights.

    Grant money is drying up. Enrollment across the board is down. Wages are being cut. Student debt and unemployment continues to be high. The only problem is that they do not know any better.

    Very sad, indeed.

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Good article, POetrooper, but ‘cowbird’? ROFLMAO!!

    Hillary was able to ‘make friends’ with a lot of foreign heads of state when she was SecState. She has a knack for it. But stop and think for a moment: what if she’s already decided she doesn’t want any part of it any more? She’s been pretty quiet lately.

    McCain is ‘too old for this shit’, to quote SGT Hulka, so I’d hope the GOP uses the common sense approach and picks someone who will present himself/herself as also having some serious common sense, and will appeal to the more conservative voters from the democrats.

    Or they can wait until this mess is over with and pick up the slack.

    Whatever happens, Bodaprez is more and more inept and inconsequential, and everybody knows it. And when he made that ‘speech’ about Syria in the rose garden the other day, was there anyone there besides the camera crew? Usually, you can see peopl reflected in the French doors behind that podium, but I saw only the camera crew. He kept doing that CYLON right-to-left scan. Was there anyone else there?

  14. valerie says:

    You had me with you, right up to this point:

    “I’m almost to the point of wondering if we might not be wise to run John McCain again in 2016. Let Hillary landslide bury our own RINO bumbler and inherit the mess that Obama will most assuredly leave to whoever follows.”

    That attitude is why the Republican candidate lost in the last two elections. If you don’t plan on giving it your best, you don’t deserve to win, and you won’t win. If the party isn’t made up of, and supported by, people prepared to assume the very real burdens of governance, it deserves to lose.

    Right now, the Republican Party has a strong class of governors, the only black US Senator, and a fine crop of theoreticians. The Republican Party at its last convention presented the diverse, positive, optimistic view that the Democrats like to say they have. The Democratic Party, meanwhile, has alienated every intelligent person in sight. The Democratic Party is as vulnerable right now as it is ever going to be, because it has been taken over by the non-math-major, Orwellian, mean-spirited, racist-yet-politically-correct wing.

    Assuming the Repubs and Independents take the Senate, keep the house, and get the presidency, you will still, at best, get about 70% of what you want. That is a wonderful result. If you insist on staying home because you can’t get 100% of what you want, you will lose. Every. Time.

    70% is good. 70% is enough to get our country up, rolling, productive and happy again.

    Take heart. Your friendly neighborhood Liberal is telling you that you have more friends than you know.

  15. rb325th says:

    And surprise surpise… Boehner jumps on board Obamas War train.

  16. NHSparky says:

    @15–and people wonder why I bristle when they call me a Republican. I haven’t been one of those for years. No, boys and girls, I’m not a Republican. I’m a CONSERVATIVE.

    Note the difference.

  17. PintoNag says:

    What valerie said. Stop trying to work the stats, you’re not betting on the ponies!

    Two things need to happen for the Republicans to get back in power. They need to field a viable candidate, and they need to get access to mainstream media. The MSM has aggressively worked against the republicans in the last two elections; this next one may be different, I don’t know.

    It would also help if the Republicans would hammer flat the mangy old white bastards who make “woman can’t get pregnant from legitimate rape” statements. They were the ones who got all the air-time in the last election, and they are part of the reason the Republicans didn’t win the way they should have.

  18. Wx Guy says:

    I could agree with your plan of running the RINO of RINO’s against Hillary and give them four more years to come to the end of their rope… except that by then this once great country would be in even more chaos and I’m afraid the the Gestapo – I mean, DHS Armed Forces – would be out on the streets enforcing martial law!

  19. David says:

    Have to agree with the ladies – while schadenfruede is nice (let’s nominate McCain and let Hillary stomp him – that’ll show everyone) it’s a recipe for national disaster. Let’s face it, he blew straight into senility about the time he picked his VP and has not improved since.
    PintoNag specially nails one important point – if the Republicans are going to win ever again, they need to take a realistic look at the costs of maintaining the creationist women-are-chattel no-compromise EVER positions. No-compromise is always a nice rallying cry – but rarely works in the face of reality. You don’t need to appease – but almost guaranteed, there is some grounds of validity on both sides of some of these questions.

  20. NHSparky says:

    David–conservatives treat women as chattel? Oh, dear boy, I could give you endless examples of the Democrats treating each and every one of their little special groups as such, and woe be unto those who dare stray off the plantation!

  21. NHSparky says:

    They were the ones who got all the air-time in the last election

    Of course they did. And had Todd Akin said that BEFORE the primary, he would have had his dick hammered flat by his challenger. The fact that he wouldn’t step aside even after he made these comments is what a liberal-leaning (to put it kindly) MSM was going to fixate on.

  22. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @10. The world is upside down and inside out. No doubt about it. Those of us who grew up with and were in uniform during the Cold War are, understandably, a tad confused about now.

  23. Mike says:

    The Middle East is turning into one big blob. Country names don’t even matter to Obama anymore.

  24. David says:

    Sparky – seriously, how many “they dressed provocatively so they deserved to be raped”/”barefoot-pregnant-in-the-kitchen” comments came from Republicans vs. Democrats? Yes, I know some of them were inadvertent minor gaffes blown up to outsized proportions – but the perception is still there. I know the only thing worse than a conservative pissing off the press is a liberal straying off the reservation or failing to toe the party line – but you have to admit, for people who want to get elected to not just say some of the unpopular stuff they do but some of the downright STUPID stuff (women don’t get pregnant from rapes, anyone?) is crazy.

  25. Poetrooper says:

    @14 Valerie and @17 Pinto Nag-ladies please note the qualifying weasel words, “I’m almost to the point of wondering,” which should tell you I’m not serious. The fact that I threw McCain in there as our candidate should Serve as warning that I’m not seriously proposing such a thing.

    And as for you guys who think your vet status will save you from the long arm of the ticket writers, keep hoping. I share that hope. It used to come in the form of, “I sure hope he’s a Vietnam vet.” With time that became, “I sure hope his dad was in Vietnam.” Nowadays it’s, “I sure hope his grandpa was a Vietnam vet.”


  26. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Pinto, spot on…as long as the republicans can’t present any image of their party other than the ones the democrats present of bigoted old white guys the republicans will struggle to present a viable alternative.

    The democrats however are also fragmenting as their liberal left is starting to devour their president over Syria.

    It’s a good opportunity to present someone interesting, but I suspect that there won’t be anyone interesting from either side. Just more of the same with a slightly different color (pant)suit.

    Everyone talks a good game about not liking what the legislature does and how everyone in DC is a worthless sh1tbag, until it’s time to pull the lever. Then everybody pretty much votes for the party they are registered with, and then hunkers down to see what the independent voters might do. Presenting candidates that appeal to your voting base but not the independents is not a path to success.

    Folks can pretend that American politics doesn’t work that way, but election day seldom produces amazing surprises.

  27. FatCircles0311 says:


    I wonder when Obama and Putin meet if Obama keeps his security with him during personal meetings because Putin could literally whoop dat ass.

  28. USMCE8Ret says:

    @27 – Maybe Obumbles will go to the G20 Summit and try to get Kraft’s super bowl ring back.