Joel Eric Lisson; yet another SF phony

| November 15, 2013

Team Sergeant from Professional Soldiers sent us some stuff he got from someone who was curious about someone they knew who was telling some tall tales;

He states [he] was at Fort Bragg and Hawaii, also was a “wilderness survival” instructor as the JFK Special Warfare Center and School. As well as special ‘classified’ missions during Urgent Fury, walked up and down the mountains of southeast Asia and counterinsurgency in El Salvador.

He not only states [he] is was a green beret but that he was a 91b combat medic, but took over sniper duties when their sniper was killed and ‘career’ ended with a machete cut and 2 (sometimes 3) handgun and rifle rounds which landed him at Walter Reed for 15 months before a honorable medical discharge.

What? You don’t believe him? He has trophies and everything;

Joel Lisson trophy

If you can’t make out what the brass plaque says, he was awarded the one for being on the Gabriel Demonstration team. Besides, he has a shadow box and everything;

Joel Lisson shadow box

And a Special Forces certificate;

Joel Lisson+4-1

So, he’s totally legit, right? Not according to Team Sergeant who says he was a regular old 91C hospital medic and got out of the service as a SP4. The Special Warfare Center never heard of him either. But it looks like he has a job teaching his ghosting and snackbar patrol base operations to others at the Oregon Firearms Academy.

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  1. Jilly says:

    the wilderness page at the Oregon Firearms Academy website says that this imposter, Joel E. Lisson KF7OMN is also a youth pastor. :/

    their FB

  2. O-4E says:

    “Joel E. Lisson KF7OMN is also a youth pastor”

    Why isn’t that the least bit suprising

  3. HS Sophomore says:

    Confucius say, “Too much military bling maketh people who know stuff suspicious.”

  4. NHSparky says:

    That shadow box looks like an Army-Navy Surplus Store exploded inside of it.

    And the fact he’s posing with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart makes me want to see him eat a snake.

    In New Hampshire.

    In January.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    How about a Joe Teti special cocktail?

  6. Warhammer 9 says:

    5th Special Forces Group with 19th Special Forces Group background trimming, eh? What a winner.

  7. HS Sophomore says:

    What really surprises me about this one (even more than usual) is just how many people he managed to fool with this schtick. Looking at his company website, the course pretty much seems to be limited to LEO’s and Military, as well as people who have valid CCW permits. It just seems amazing that none of those people called to call on his phony SF stuff. Of course, he might have had people working for him who basically did all the work, and he never had any real contact with the students themselves. Still—wouldn’t they know enough to suspect him, at least after a while? Dunno, just idle speculation. All I can say is, he must have been a REALLY good salesmen to pull off a scam like that. Jerk.

  8. OldSargeUSAR says:

    Joel Eric Lisson, Special Forces Fraud and Liar (Google hit !)

    Total bullshit artist.


  9. Jeffrey Thomason says:

    The patch under the “Jungle Expert” tab looks remarkably like the 525th MP Battalion stationed at Gitmo…..

  10. Andy says:

    @9, that was the Jungle Warfare School in Panama. If you watch the movie Ghostbusters, at the end one of the soldiers is wearing it on his breast pocket. I guess sometime in the 80’s they closed the school and the patch was no longer authorized for wear. This guy did do some research, and spent some money on his “I love me” stuff. The fake soldier of the year statue is fucking hilarious.

  11. USMCE8Ret says:

    The add says:

    Wilderness Skills for a Potentially Hostile Environment
    Level 1, $400 per person, 48 hour course

    His intro goes like this:

    “I’m Joel Lisson, survival instructor here at the Oregon Firearms Academy! After 48 hours with me in the field, you’ll be prepared to survive in the harshest environments with the STRENGTH of a grizzly, the reflexes of a PUMA, and the wisdom of a man.”

  12. Tim says:

    Shit,a local.

  13. sarah mccalf says:

    I have trained with React Training Systems, out of Oregon for several years now. Joel lisson was a co-owner of the company until a month ago. I have spoke with Shawn Jewell who has become a friend, and is the original founder and owner. Altho Joel was linked with react I have never personally done any training with him, only with Mr. Jewell. After speaking with Mr Jewell this evening I am realizing the affects that Joels fraudulent credentials have had on Mr Jewell personally. It is unfortunate because Joel was respected and honored for his service and not questioned until recently. Mr Jewell has been in business legitamently separately from joel for 25yrs and will continue on teaching but has made it very clear that Joel Lisson is not and will never be part of React, that Joels actions and lies are very disrespectful to the men who have laid down their lives for this country as real SF. Also that Joel has been under investigation by react for some time now and react plans on pursuing actions against Joel. These turn of events are devastating for some but we all feel it necessary that Joel be exposed for who he really is! A LIER! A FRAUD! A THIEF! AND SIMPLY SCUM..

  14. E-6 type, 1 ea says:

    I wonder what goes through his head every time he looks at that shadow box, knowing everything in it complete BS. I know it’s a rhetorical question, but honestly, how do these guys sleep at night? I think these guys get so wrapped up in the lie that they don’t know how to end it, so they keep going and going until they get busted. Crazy.

  15. B Woodman says:

    #1 Jilly
    KF7OMN That’s a ham (amateur) radio call sign. I wonder if there’s fraud involved with this as well. Tip of the iceberg, etc.
    I’ll see what I can find out and report back to Jonn in a day or two.

  16. Scubasteve says:

    The trophy plaque says “*unreadable #* Special Force Group Soldier of the year *unreadable date*” The date looks like it ends in a 3 or a 5.

  17. A Proud Infidel says:

    A Special Fucktard indeed. Do these as swipes TRY to be stupid lowlifes, or does it come to them naturally?

  18. Jas says:


    The plaque says:

    Presented to

    Cpl. Joel Lisson

    For dedicated Service

    JFK Special Warfare Center

    Gabriel Team “Bravo”

    Fort Bragg North Carolina


  19. Jas says:

    And the trophy says 5th Group in 1983

  20. trapperfrank says:

    Once again, a special kind of fucktard. He got out as an E4 91C, if I remember correctly, that was a difficult course. What should really set off alarm bells is the Meritorious Service Medal in the shadow box. Never saw one handed out to anyone below an E7.

  21. MSGRetired says:

    Info from a call sign look up. He is only a Technician so has very limited HF privledges.
    Joel E Lisson
    1307 NE Pilot Butte Dr
    Bend, OR 97701

  22. Beretverde says:

    “He has trophies and everything”

    As for the Gabriel Team…I am beyond pissed. My “Buddy” was the team CDR in the early 70s of the Gabriel Team. I’m sending this to him. Maybe I shouldn’t…BD would catch a flight, hunt him down, and Lisson would get his clock cleaned. Unfortunately my buddy would wind up in jail for doing the right thing. Those who were in Group at the time know who I am talking about.

    @5…Teti was SF qualified. I don’t get the correlation.
    @6…background trimming? Do you mean oval? If so, it is 5th Group’s (old), not 19th.

  23. Beretverde says:

    @6…I meant flash…oval depicted is SF as well, but NOT 5th Group. SF in general.

  24. USAF_Pride says:

    @1. Seems the Oregon Fire Arms Academy no longer offers a “Wilderness” class. All reference to this loser has been erased from the active webs. Good thing Al Gore setup the Interwebs to never forget!!

  25. lucasbrocas says:

    Hey Beretverde, that would be a bad idea to bust in Joels door…. Ull be met with a hollow point. He has guns everywhere and puts them together in his shed in the backyard….. I’d prefer ud do so but…..

  26. marie says:

    I know Joel personally, as well as trained with OFA. Joel is a sociopath in my opinion, he has in fact decieved some very innocent people including ofa, however in support of OFA all ties with Joel were severed to my knowledge back in 2009. They are a very solid business and for their own reasons seperated from him before the knowledge of his fraud. I no longer recieve training at ofa and do not gain anything out of posting this just want to show my support for the innocent people and buisnesses joel scum lisson effected. But I want to make it clear I DO NOT support Joel lisson! He deserves every bit of shame that comes his way, what he did and has done to so many people is unfortinatente to say the least. I served myself and his actions erase anything honorable he ever did in my opinion. His actions are completely dishonorable and he lost all my respect.

  27. Jim Steever says:

    This guy is a scumbag of the highest order. Please don`t let that reflect on either Oregon Firearms Academy ( which is run by retired Oregon Police) nor REACT. Joel has not contributed anything valuable to either organization. Both schools have severed all ties to this individual judging by their respective website and Facebook statements. Both schools have to deal with the aftermath of the damage caused by this fraud.
    I have had the pleasure of knowing and training with OFA owners and REACT founder numerous times in the last 8 years or so. Joel was never leading any classes ( unsurprisingly now) nor involved in teaching them. He had false credentials, he had false stories. I personally never doubted him because why would anyone go to the length at which he did obviously go to portray a ‘hero’ ? He is a sick individual who caused lots of pain, financial loss , emotional pain and complete disregard for the trust people placed in him.

  28. OWB says:

    Another sicko around children. As a “youth pastor” no less. Hmmm.

  29. Warhammer 9 says:

    Beretverde #22,23;

    Yeah, I meant the airborne wings background oval. It sure looks like the 19th’s, teal with the gold slash through it, like the guy on the right

    Maybe I’m seeing the colors wrong. My brother is colorblind, he probably passed it on to me.

  30. joel lisson says:

    I am a poser who actually would never post anything nagative about myself because I enjoy my false sense of integrity as a war hero who not only got shot by a ak round though the hip and slashed by a machete but I layed there for nearly 2 days in the field while sawing myself up, (I was the combat medic of 5th group after all) before a helicopter picked me up, but as I was crawling to the awaiting heli I just couldnt crawl anymore so the pilot left his post against his direct orders to come carry me to the heli. Unfortunately my arm got slammed in the door during our rise and crushed my arm. I however made it to a hospital in Germany eventually and spent 8 months there while the army and my future wife could not find me which led to my funeral in oregon. Several months later once I was found I was transferred to walter reed for an additional 7months recovering. My career ended with this medical discharge but atleast I saved myself and was given a few purple hearts. The army loved me soo much that I was not just a combat medic tho, because during a classified mission our sniper was killer so I took over his duties. Inbetween missions my commander was so proud that let me continue to do sniper duties and a medic both. I had several confirmed kills but please dont ask me about this because it is very hard to talk about it…during this time I was also elected to teach wilderness survival at jfk, I enjoyed this opportunity because I was flown all over the world and learned different survival techniques to teach at jfk….wait im having a flash back ahhh yeah, just kidding. I was a 91c in hawaii for 3years. Man, I dont know how I got found out. Yes a made up my trophies, plaque, certificate, medals but I showed those to very few people, mainly I just liked staring at them myself everyday. How they get pictures..ohh shit, guess im gonna have to baby my current kidney failure..

  31. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Dudes … He has the certificate.

    “United States Army”
    “Special Forces”

    Then it goes on.

    “Presented to”

    His name is on it and it is signed twice by two important Special Forcerers.

    LEGIT … Period!

  32. Born Yesterday says:

    MCPO NYC USN (Ret.)

    Seriously, SF Certs do not come from office max. Google it…

  33. Brownwolf says:

    @32 Born Yesterday,

    MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) uses sarcasm and humor in his posts. He is one of the top commentators on this site.

  34. Joel lisson 2 says:

    Seriously, I’m a war hero. Rambo has nothing on me. I single handedly won the Vietnam war, korean war, what the hell throw in world war 2 in there as well. I also killed Osama. I only sound like a woman, but that is just a deception tactic I learned from real Japanese ninjas. I’m not bi polar or sociopathic either.

  35. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 32 On behalf of all retardoes globally … Welcome to the club. Your exceptional display of pure retardedom qualifies you for board membership. Well done and welcome aboard.


    @ Brownwolf … Sorry you ACTUALLY had to explain me!

    I thought everyone GETS it!

    He is still LEGIT!

  36. Brownwolf says:

    @35 MCPO NYC USN (Ret.),

    The wolf in me felt like howling-up that trespasser!

  37. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Rog that. Well howled!

  38. Ex-PH2 says:

    For whoever asked about it, Joe Teti was shown in a Discovery channel video drinking his own urine.

  39. steve says:

    I was a 91B and was assigned to a 91C school at MEDDAC Ft. Ord in 1978. At that time there were two 91C courses. They were known as 91C “short course,” I think maybe it was around 20 something weeks and the 91C “long course,” 52 weeks. When you finished the long course you could take a state exam for LPN or LVN depending on the state. The courses were also taught at Ft. Sam. From his rank I would be quite confident in saying he took the the short course. Not a hard course at all. My civilian paramedic course was much, much harder than the even the long course. So no if you can do simple math and fractions, not hard at all. I hope this helps. By the way I commanded the fifth SF group when he was there LOL
    What an idiot and POS

  40. 3/17 air cav says:

    @……35; Tooooooo funny. Maybe born yesterday can get that Retardo Cert at Office Max. Google it

  41. 2/16 says:

    Wow I didn’t know the AFEM had a higher value then the MSM…

    Other than his f#cked up ribbon rack, the fact that he didn’t place the CIB above every other badge, ribbon, or medal tells you right away that this guy is a fraud!

  42. The Real Joel Lisson says:

    I am the real SF, green beret, super secret green ninja JOEL LISSON. You are right I did not fight overseas, instead I single handedly saved the president from an attack on the white house. You know that movie ‘white house down,’ thats a biography about me. Of course they had to keep the white house blowing up classified so they changed my name and picked a taller, skinner, more attractive version of myself for the acting part to keep my identity protected. But yep, its me. I also had another biography made called ‘argo’ but wont go into those details.

  43. SharkUSA says:

    Is this the same person who is named on a web site was being a detector at a Youth school where a student was sat on by his staff and died in Lake County Oregon? It was an open letter to the State Attorney General at the time of the death!!

  44. SharkUSA says:

    Yes, April 2002. Letter said he was a Registard Nurse and etc. At Obsidian Youth School. Did he fool his way and impersonate a R N too???

  45. Anonymous says:

    Yes He was the “program director” according to a inside source, and Claims to have been the RN who did physical examinations of all youth there and reported back to parents. If I recall correctly he only got a misdemeanor charge for involvement…Personally hoping a prosecutor takes this current case in Deschutes County, Stolen Valor Act 2013, there are Multiple sources claiming Fraud and theft..

  46. McD says:

    All of these people just amaze me. Who do they think they’re fooling? That SF “certificate” is hilarious, and any military member worth his salt can tell you the rack is crazy wrong… an AFEM ABOVE an MSM, Army COMM, and Army Good Conduct Medal? Lol… I guess he put that together BEFORE the internet made it possible to look those kinds of details up.

    Some of the sarcasm and humor on these posts make my day though… keep it up, lol.

  47. TapRackNGo says:

    I have taken 10-12 classes at OFA (Oregon Firearms Academy) in Brownsville, Oregon. I have taken OFA’s Basic Wilderness Skills in a Potentially Hostile Environment, 1 & 2 taught by Joel Eric Lisson. At the time ammo was shooting up in cost and we (group of loyal OFA grads) thought this would be a great series. The first couple classes (Basic & Wild 1) were pretty decent had good instructor to student ratio. The classes were filled with daytime and night time activities. The 3rd class in the series we took was horrible “Wilderness 2”. Joel Eric Lisson (lead instructor) and a helper tried to teach the entire class of 15 or so students and failed.

    The class which some loyal OFA students waited 2 years for was severely under staffed by Oregon Firearms Academy. Not only a safety issue, but a quality control issue. The class was horrible and basically just a campout for the advanced students. Oregon Firearms Academy and specifically Dan Abbott took no responsibly for the severely under staffed “Wilderness 2 Skills In A Potentially Hostile Environment” class. We had trained there for years, we considered them friends and were hung out to dry. No make up class, no offer to make it right, just hush up and go away. They weren’t interested in our feedback of the class, or of Joel Eric Lisson. Who slept in the bed of his Toyota pickup at night with a cooler of food by the way during classes.

    All we (OFA grads) had asked for was a re-take of a properly staffed Wilderness 2 class and were given the run-a-round by Dan Abbott of Oregon Firearms Academy. We felt betrayed by Oregon Firearms Academy and especially the way Dan Abbott handled (or lack there of) the Wilderness series taught by Joel Eric Lisson.

    Just adds salt to the wound when we try to spend our hard earned money on some quality training only to find this out. We (OFA grads) knew something was up with Joel he didn’t seem genuine. Just my opinion, but if you are going to employ someone and market them as an “Expert” you outta do some homework on the guy first. What a JOKE.