Did you know that John Kerry was in the Vietnam war?

| December 15, 2013

I’d never heard that before, but the Associated Press says he was in their report of Kerry in Vietnam, again;

As Kerry’s boat eased off a jetty onto the Cai Nuoc River, the secretary of state told his guide: “I’ve been on this river many times.” Asked how he felt about returning to the scene of his wartime military service for the first time, Kerry replied: “Weird and it’s going to get weirder”

On this tour, Kerry was clad in long, drab olive cargo pants, a blue-and-white plaid long-sleeved shirt and sunglasses instead of the uniform he wore as a Navy officer in 1968 and 1969. In a new role, Kerry was revisiting the Delta’s rivers that made a vivid impression on him as a young lieutenant.

Kerry, standing next to the captain and surveying the brown water and muddy banks, recalled the smell of burning firewood as his boat passed through small fishing villages.

At one point, a family in a sampan traveling in the opposite direction smiled and waved. Kerry waved back, and noticing the family had a dog on board, remarked with a smile: “I had a dog, too. Its name was VC.”

No mention of his trip to Cambodia that President-elect Nixon mandated which was seared, seared in his memory, you, know, a month before Nixon took office. There’s no mention of him chasing any unarmed Vietnamese children into the jungle to gun them down. There’s also no mention that he was returned to duty the same day each time that he reported for medical treatment for his wounds which resulted in the award of three Purple Hearts. I’m surprised that the Associated Press didn’t tell us that he he still carries around the grains of rice in his butt cheeks from the time he blew up a couple of sacks of the grain with an M-79 grenade launcher.

Yeah, I believe that he had a dog named “VC” because his tour of duty lasted almost three months, so he needed the companionship through that grueling time. There was barely enough time to get all of those films made of him patrolling jungle and getting his command in enough firefights to earn him the 3 Purple Hearts that would get him an early ticket home. The imaginary dog probably wore the imaginary hat that the CIA operative had given him in Cambodia, you know, on the trip that was seared, seared in his memory.

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  1. Hondo says:

    As I noted above: “. . . . in some units in Vietnam awards were, to be charitable, a joke. The system was easy to game, and often was ‘gamed’.

    Looks like Kerry’s unit might have been one of those, at least regarding selected individuals.

    It wasn’t just a Navy problem, though. Some Army units also appear to have fallen into the habit of rubberstamping inflated awards. See