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| February 16, 2014

Chief Tango sends us our feel good story this morning. The first is from San Antonio, Texas where a fellow tried to rob the wrong liquor store;

Police were on the scene and were investigating the incident shortly afterward. They said a man was trying to rob the store and was shot by the clerk.

The liquor store employee and a couple of witnesses were taken downtown for questioning.

From My San Antonio;

San Antonio Police Sgt. Greg Garvelli said officers responding to a call for a shooting at the Boulevard Spirits liquor store at 5715 Randolph Blvd., around 9 p.m. found the man’s body outside the shop when they arrived.

Garvelli said the man, between 25 and 30, was armed with a Taser when he tried to rob the store. A clerk pulled out a handgun and fired multiple shots, police said, but it was unclear how many times the man was hit.

The next story comes from Cleveland, where property owner Miodrag Bugarcic is cooling his heels in a jail cell because he’s shot at three burglars in the last few years;

In this latest case on Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014 the suspected burglar got shot in the stomach and his butt.

Police say he somehow stumbled off, and they found him a few blocks away.

Another intruder didn’t make it out alive.

In November 2012, police say Bugarcic shot and killed a burglar at a property he owns on Portage in Cleveland.

Three weeks after that, he shot and wounded another burglar.

And last November, police say Bugarcic held two men at gunpoint as they stripped an air conditioner in the same location.

19 Action News also learned Bugarcic had just been to police headquarters trying to get back a gun from an earlier shooting.

This latest shooting he used a rifle to fire shells at the intruder.

It’s not like he’s tempting these criminals into his business, FFS.

Free Miodrag!!!

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  1. NR Pax says:

    You would think by the third one, the cops would just have all his information ready to go. And you would also assume that the local scum bag population got the memo about the man by now.

  2. This latest shooting he used a rifle to fire shells at the intruder.
    Whew! At least he didn’t use the rifle to fire bombs, or marbles, or frozen turds at the intruder.
    Is Ohio known for not allowing one to defend his property?

  3. Hack.Stone says:

    Maybe they will charge him with something similar to the game warden arresting a hunter for setting out bait to lure in wildlife?

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Now, why is Miodrag locked up? Is this to make it easier for thieves to burglarize his place?

    There is a disconnect here, somehow. Free Miodrag!

    Maybe he should post a sign that reads: “Is there life after death? Steal things here and find out!”

  5. MAJMike says:

    Two observations:

    1) When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

    2) Don’t mess with Texas.

  6. Tom Huxton says:

    Don’t mess with Miodrag.

    We should send him a marksmanship award.

  7. A Proud Infidel says:

    @4, Ex-PH2, my favorite home or car window sticker has a sKull & crossbones in the middle of it with the saying “THERE IS NOTHING IN HERE WORTH YOUR LIFE”.

  8. Sparks says:

    I say good for him!!!! What’s the police’s problem? Hell put the guy on their payroll. He’s doing a great job putting a dent in crime in his part of the world. If you don’t want to have people shot stealing, then mandatory CBT on “Don’t Be A Thief, YOU MORON DUMBASSES”. But don’t give the poor guy protecting life and property a hard time for doing himself…any everyone in the neighborhood a big favor. Man, Cleveland must be a rough town.

  9. The Lurker Formerly Known As Curt says:

    Props to Mr. Bugarcic! Word should get around the neighborhood, but it sounds like the Gestapo there want to keep the criminals safe…

  10. Richard says:

    Here is the disconnect.

    At the end, it says, “At the hospital, the man told detectives he was shot outside the warehouse, the report said.”

    So until that is straightened out, he is charged with felonious assault. Nobody seems to be arguing that the bum was innocent, only that our hero wasn’t supposed to shoot him in the ass as he was running away. Seems to me that the problem here is that the bum survived. And it seems to me that he is doing pretty well with that .22, maybe he needs a little larger caliber.

  11. NHSparky says:

    Frankly, if the police are even going to take the word of a thief, we have devolved as a society to an unrecoverable level.

    Even if he was outside the factory, in Sparkyworld, that wouldn’t matter. He was in the process of committing a felony. End of discussion.

  12. CPO BOILING MAD says:

    Never take a taser to a gunfight.